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A Complete Guide For Roof Shingle Colors

a complete guide to roof shingle colors

The roofing industry has changed dramatically over the past few years when roof shingle colors are concerned. You can find roof shingles that are almost any color you want, but what does this mean for your home?

If you want to be trendy and match your roof to the colors of the rainbow, go right ahead!

But if you have a traditional style home, or just don’t feel like choosing from an array of different options, then there’s no need to panic.

There are still plenty of roof shingle colors available in darker shades that will look great on homes with more traditional architecture.

You’ve been considering having a new roof for your home.

Roofs are an important part of the home, and they protect you from harsh weather conditions. However, roofs also need to be aesthetically pleasing to fit with the style of your house.

Many factors go into choosing a roof shingle color for your home, including cost, durability, style, and more.

This blog post will take you through all of these factors, so you can make an informed decision about which colors to choose for your roof shingles.

When it comes time to replace or upgrade the shingles on your roof, there are several things you should consider before making a final decision on what type of material is best suited for you and your family’s needs. 

The following guide has everything you need to know when choosing between asphalt or fiberglass shingles, as well as some other helpful tips like how much they cost and how long they last!

Let us help simplify this process by providing all the information needed in one place!

We hope that this guide helps answer any questions that may arise while shopping around for new materials! If not, feel free to contact us directly.

What are the different types of roofing shingle colors and what do they mean?

1. The most popular colors are black, brown and red. These shingles have an aged or worn look to them that makes your home appear more distinguished than if you used other types of colored tiles on the roofline.

Do not use these three hues together, as they will blend into one another in strong light conditions (they also make a great contrast when combined with white).

2. Black is the most common color because it goes with any exterior design. It’s also an approachable and sophisticated look that can be paired up in many ways to keep things interesting for yourself or your clients!

3. Brown shingles have a rustic look that is very popular in many regions of America.

They come in all different shades, from dark chocolate trending nicely with the browns and reds on our homes today to light scattered mocha if you’re looking for something more modern or even sandy beige which can work well on beach houses!

4. Red roof shingles can be used to create elegant or traditional house-style roofs are rare, but they do exist! Some people might find them too bright for their taste, though.

5.  A blue roof is less common than you might think! Some people don’t like them because of how bright and vibrant the color can be, but others find it refreshing.

6. A green roof is a great way to add greenery and sustainability to your home. These roofs are made from recycled materials, so they have longer-lasting benefits than other types of construction!

7) White roofs are not recommended because they reflect sunlight energy, which could lead to high energy bills during hot summer months when you need air conditioning the most 

8) Grey roofs may seem boring at first, but there are actually a lot of different shades out there, so if you want something neutral then this might be your best option! It also has great insulation properties; gray isn’t just for concrete anymore.

What is the most popular shingle color?

Of all the roof shingle colors, black is by far one of the most popular.

Dark brown and light brown are also very common choices, while dark gray can be seen on older homes or ones with steeply pitched roofs in cold weather climates where ice accumulation would otherwise be a risk for these types of building materials.

A contractor will help you determine which color best suits your needs, whether it’s something as simple-sounding as “What shade do I want?”

Then they’ll provide samples to check how different tones appear under differing lighting conditions before recommending an individual hue!

What color roof is best for resale?

Choosing your roof color can be a difficult decision, but it’s important to think of the future.

Painting over an old and dirty white exterior could save you money in water bills while still looking presentable enough for potential buyers during real estate shows or open house visits!

A buyer may prefer energy efficiency when deciding on what type of home they want; this means picking lighter shades such as cream-colored brick with light-brown trim since these reflect heat better than darker colors which absorb more sun rays (which would then result in higher utility costs).

How do I pick a new roof color?

When it comes to asphalt roofs, the most popular colors are white and black. The darker colors will give you a more earthy and solid appearance.

Unless your house has a very dark color or there’s more roof than the siding, then go with lighter shades for this type of material. The general rule when picking out an asphalt shingle or slate color?

Try going darker than whatever body paint might already cover-up; but if there isn’t any other option, like too much blue sky, then feel free to go lighter on top.

Black Roof Shingles – Pros and Cons

A black roof has some advantages, but also disadvantages. For example, it can cause more energy use during the hottest part of the day because they tend to get hotter than lighter colored roofs do in direct sunlight.

They are prone to breakdown from excessive heat as well, so be sure you know what type is being installed before making any decisions!

Do dark shingles make the house hotter?

Dark-colored shingles can be very useful for keeping your attic and home warm during sunny days, but they also lose heat faster than lighter shades.

To get around this problem of fading away in the evening hours when it’s darkest out there is no sun shining on us all day long, then we use an insulating additive which helps keep things at a comfortable level by filling up any gaps or holes where air may escape from between layers of roof tiles.

What color roof lasts the longest?

In addition to being able to help keep your home’s temperature down during the hot summer season, light-colored shingles also have another benefit.

They can last longer than dark colors, and they reflect more sunlight, which helps us stay healthier by keeping a window from getting too much sun exposure each day.

Light-colored options are often preferable because these roofs reduce heat gain through walls or other surfaces inside buildings where air conditioning systems might be present – but regardless of why you choose them, there’s no denying that both types will provide optimal protection against ultraviolet rays if maintained properly.

Does the color of shingles matter?

Cool roofs are used to keep homes cool during the summer.

One type of cooler, darker colored roof can absorb more heat and make your house stay at an appropriate temperature without becoming too warm, while lighter colors reflect light which helps make houses look newer on top but also saves energy by keeping them cooler!

What color shingles look best with the orange brick?

The best shingle color picks for orange brick exteriors are gray and brown.

Gray’s earthy, yet sophisticated tone pairs especially well with the warmth of an autumn sunset or Thanksgiving dinner table; it also benefits your home in sustainable ways! White-colored siding absorbs more heat than any other shade, so be sure to consider lighter colors that will keep you cool during hot days when AC isn’t enough on its own.

How do you match a shingle color?

When you are trying to revamp your home’s exterior, the colors must balance well with one another.

A good example would be if there were a warm-colored roof in brick red or rusty tan; for this situation, siding should also have some shades close by like browns and tans as they will both work together nicely on their own but can also look great when paired up!

For something different though – say an all-black shingle/tile combination across from them (especially given its cool tones) then maybe go ahead and select green instead?

What type of shingles is best?

Asphalt shingle roofs are by far the most popular type of roof in America, and they’re also easy to install.

As with other types, there’s a range of colors available: some come pre-planked while others need additional installation on top before spanning across edges like plywood or boards; these can be found at larger stores if you don’t want it done professionally,

How do I choose exterior house colors?

The basic components of an exterior design should include a field color that rules, an accent color that brings life to shutters, doors, and other smaller elements, and the trim color.

Once you have chosen an appealing combination of field and trim, make it stand out with an eye-catching accent. Enjoy this article because it is very helpful in choosing colors in the home.

It was so amazing, and I want to visit other articles as well. Keep up the good work, guys!

House Exterior Color Schemes Choosing the right combination of field colors can be tricky.

The Best Ideas for Exterior and Interior Paint Colors Considering your climate and location before choosing exterior paint make a huge difference in how your house looks at the end of the day.

How to choose the right color for your house?

Don’t only test your colors on the wall. Instead, paint a piece of poster board and hold it up against your sofa, table, or other items that will be in the room to see if it goes.

You don’t have to match, but the undertones should blend together nicely. Whether you use a well-chosen color or pattern, the accent wall is an excellent way to add personality and life to a room. 

The best place for attention in a space might be where you want it to go: on the walls. If your answer is the walls, by all means, go big!

If you go wild on the walls, everything else in the space should be rather neutral to avoid having too many things competing. Determine the real color of the wall by using the darkest color on the strip.

This will prevent you from buying paint that is too pink, blue, or yellow.

In Conclusion

So whether you’re looking for a traditional color scheme or want to make your house stand out with shingles in every color of the rainbow, there’s something for everyone.

If you’re still struggling with what kind of color and hue might be best for your home, then feel free to contact us! Our experts are here 24/7 to help answer any questions that may come up during this process. 

We can also tell you about our full line-up of high-quality products and services so that we can find a product outside of roofs if it will better suit your needs. Which color do you think would work best for the house in question?

We’ll be happy to help you find the perfect roof shingle colors that will work best on your home and give it just what it needs!

You can’t go wrong when choosing from our wide range of high-quality options — so get started today! Let us know, as we’ll make it happen for you!