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VELUX Skylights | 4 Common Types

4 Most Common Types of VELUX Skylights

Skylights are a great addition to any home. They provide natural light and help reduce energy bills.

There are many different types of skylights that homeowners can choose from, but the four most common types include: VELUX Skylight, Sun Tunnel Skylight, Roof Window Skylight and Sloped Ceiling Window.

However, VELUX skylights are the most popular and widely used for a number of reasons. Let’s discuss more of that in this post.

What are Skylights?

We’ve all seen them before in maps, but what are they exactly? Skylights are small square holes typically in the ceiling of a room that let in light from outside to light up rooms.

They can be smaller than one tile or larger than 4 tiles depending on how much light needs to shine down onto the player’s tile. The floor under them can be normal ground, or sometimes grates.

Skylights drain water instead of allowing it to fall straight through so they are useful for draining pools without having to build a tunnel.

Before you EVEN THINK about adding skylights to your map, please check the available natural light first!

One square hole in the ceiling does not mean infinite light, in fact you will barely get any light from one hole with the moonlight only.

The amount of natural light available depends on your map size and how far you are from the center.

In a small 4 player map with no obstructing landforms to block sunlight at all there is going to be plenty of sunlight for skylights but in a huge 36 player map there will be no sunlight available at all.

4 Most Common Types of VELUX Skylights

What are VELUX Skylights?

They provide natural light without taking up any floor space, easy to install and maintain, customizable options to meet your needs including blinds or shutters, energy efficient design that reduces heating costs by as much as 50% and offers 100% UV protection.

Velux skylights are usually made out of aluminum with a glazed tempered glass panel that allows plenty of natural light to enter the room, which can be adjusted by opening or closing blinds.

They also come in different models to fit your specific needs and budget such as Velux Sun Tunnel Skylights for those who want the natural light but not all of it.

In addition, they are easy to install and maintain as long as you have a ceiling or roof that can support them. If your house is made out of wood for example there’s no way these skylights will work because after installation you’ll just end up with holes in your floor instead of a skylight.

They do not allow any water to fall through them or snow, so they are very useful for areas where the roof is flat and you want to avoid having a large hole in your floor after it melts away if there’s enough sunlight that day.

In addition, Velux Sun Tunnel Skylights come with built-in blinds and shutters so you can open or close the skylight depending on your needs.

The Most Popular VELUX Models

Now that you are looking to add more lights naturally or even have some fresh air at home, you must consider some of these populate Velux Skylights.

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Here’s a breakdown of some popular VELUX models:

Solar-powered “Fresh Air” skylight

This skylight is vented and also uses solar power for it to open the shutter and close its shutter, so you can have fresh air from outside. It is perfect for those who want to enjoy the beauty and feel of nature inside their home!

It’s rain sensor is acoustic and detects and blocks rain or snow from entering the skylight because it’s not designed to let in water.

This VELUX product is also eligible for a tax credit from the government which gives you a 26% savings on installation and cost of the skylight. You’ll also get ten-year No Leak warranty as long as you utilize a flashing kit from VELUX during installation and nothing else.

Manual “Fresh Air” skylight

This is another yet known product of VELUX that is manually operated. It does have a turning knob to close and open the shutters, thus its name implies “manual”.

The skylight has a filter to protect insects so they could not enter your home. So make sure to never leave it while it is open if you intend to close it before going out.

The same thing, the Skylight is also eligible for tax credit. However, if you don’t choose to use blinds that are solar powered, you won’t have that solar tax credit. You’ll also get a ten-year No Leak warranty as long as you utilize a flashing kit from VELUX’s during installation and nothing else.

Fixed skylight

This skylight is fixed, thus it won’t open once it’s closed. However, it’s one of the best products of VELUX that can give you natural light while not obstructing your roofing system.

The purpose of this skylight is not for fresh air, but to give you natural light as its sole purpose.

The same thing as the manually operated skylight of VELUX, the Skylight is also eligible for tax credit.

However, if you don’t choose to use blinds that are solar powered, you won’t have that solar tax credit. You’ll also get a warranty for ten years as long as you utilize a flashing kit by VELUX during installation and nothing else.

Velux Sun Tunnel Skylight

This Velux model is a roof skylight that uses the sun’s power to allow natural light into your home without having to have any holes in your ceiling. It comes with an adjustable shutter and blinds, as well as a built-in rain sensor. The solar panel on top of this product

Flexible sun tunnel skylight

VELUX’s flexible sun tunnel can be useful if you want to add lights on specific areas of your house, just like your bathroom or your utility room. Because this is not a very expensive one, you won’t also expect it to provide the same natural light as the rest of the skylights.

You’ll find dome mounted acrylic which is installed at the base part of its flexible tube, going down to your roof. At the end of its tube is a diffuser for the light which is designed to be a nice looking circle which looks pretty much like your typical ceiling circular lights.

The dome catches the light which sends down to the diffuser of the light. A flexible skylight with a sun tunnel is the easiest and affordable way to transform your room into a cozy naturally lighted space.

How Much Will a Skylight Cost?

Velux skylights cost anywhere from $500 for flexible tunnel skylights up to about $3000 or more for a solar-powered model. The exact price you pay depends on the size, style and features of your choice.

Skylight Size – The larger the skylight, the more expensive it will be.

This is because more materials are required for its installation and also it takes longer to install a large unit compared with getting two smaller ones installed.

Style – There are many different styles of Velux skylights available, each providing light in a unique way by allowing sunlight through their panels.

Therefore, the more unique styles you choose, the higher your cost will be.

Features – The more features a skylight has, such as solar power or remote opening and closing ability for example, the more expensive it is likely to be too.

How to Choose the Right Velux Skylight for Your Home?

There are several factors that you have to consider when choosing a skylight. Here are some of them:

Size – The first thing is your home’s size. You may need to get yourself two or more skylights depending on where they will be installed in your house.

Style – There are several styles of skylights available in the market today, each with their own unique features and benefits.

Features – The more advanced or sophisticated a skylight is, the higher its price will be. You need to decide what type of features you want for your house so that you can get yourself a skylight that has those features.

Price – The price of a skylight will depend on the factors mentioned above. Some models are more expensive than others, depending on their size and style as well as advanced or sophisticated features they have to offer for your home.

As we have an overview of the most common types of VELUX Skylights, you can decide which will be best for your home or fits your desired features.

If you’re considering installing a VELUX skylight, we recommend taking the time to explore all of your options. Each type has its own benefits and drawbacks, so it is important that you find the one that best suits your needs.