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GAF Shingles Buyers Guide | The Basics & Helpful Tips

GAF Shingles Buyers Guide | The Basics & Helpful Tips

The roof is one of the most essential aspects of a home, so it’s important to take care in choosing the right materials. We give you our GAF Shingles Buyers Guide to help you protect your home with a roof that does the job right!

GAF shingles are durable and easy to maintain, making them an excellent choice for your roofing needs.

This GAF shingles buyers guide will give you all the information you need to know about GAF shingles!

What is GAF?

GAF is the leading manufacturer of roofing and waterproofing materials in America, with 1 out 4 homes built using their products.

GAF stands for General Aniline & Film. They serve more in the United States. GAF has been in business since 1886 and was founded as a Standard Paint Company.

They offer a wide array of products, including:

  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Natural slate roofing tiles
  • Metal roofs
  • Wood shingles
  • Ice & Water Shield
  • Flashing and other roof accessories

GAF strives to provide the most innovative products on the market!

GAF has many certifications from industry governing bodies and is the only roofing manufacturer that unifies all the certifications into a single System Warranty.

This means that when you buy GAF products, you automatically get the warranty coverage. GAF even offers a certification for energy efficient roofs, known as ‘Cool Roofs.’

GAF uses both an independent testing lab and in-house quality inspectors to make sure that all of their products meet or exceed industry quality standards.

To ensure compliance, GAF runs regular factory audits.

Now so much of the overview of GAF, let us discuss further about GAF shingles.

GAF Shingles Buyers Guide | The Basics & Helpful Tips

Types of GAF Shingles

GAF offers a wide variety of asphalt shingles, from basic three-tab shingles to more durable architectural and dimensional shingles.

In general, GAF offers the longest warranty coverage of all roofing manufacturers.

Timberline Shingles

GAF Timberline shingles are a mid-grade, long lasting option. They have a textured shadow effect and come in an array of colors.

In addition to being affordable, Timberline shingles offer excellent performance for your roofing needs.

The GAF Timberline series is an affordable and stylish brand of architectural shingles that provide homeowners with high-quality durability.

Different types are currently available, including black asphalt granules for those looking to give their roofs some extra personality while also protecting them from harsh weather conditions.

Timberline Shingles Pros and Cons:

Pros: Timberline shingles offer a mid-grade quality, giving you durability with style. They’re easy to install and can be used on roofs that are low pitch.

Since they come in many colors, you can find one that matches your home’s style.

Cons: Timberline shingles are best for flat or low-pitch roofs. They’re not recommended for steep roofs, since they don’t have the same quality of dimensional shingles.

By their mid-grade nature, you can expect them to last about 20 years before needing replacement, which is slightly below average compared with other manufacturers’ products.

There are seven types of timberline shingles namely:

1. Timberline AH – GAF’s American Harvest Collection is available in seven beautiful earth tones that are perfect for any home.

The GAF Timberline AH shingles are made with a special technology that fuses the bond between layers.

The StrikeZone Nailing Area provides an installer more space, while also preventing algae damage and ensuring your house stays in wind speed limits without fear of it blowing away!

2. Timberline AS II – The new AS II Shingles are the best in their class.

Not only do they have an impact rating of 4 and wind speed classification as Class F, but also all other desirable qualities that most people look for when buying shingles!

AS II shingles are resistant to algae and come with Smart Choice Protection, which covers installation labor charges as well as non-prorated materials for 10 years.

Available in seven different colors at up to $250 per square foot (the most expensive architectural siding on the market), these GAF products provide you more than just an affordable solution – they’re also covered by guarantees that will keep your home looking great through all kinds of weather!

3. Timberline CS – If you want a roof that will keep your home cool and save energy costs, GAF’s CS shingles are the perfect choice.

Not only do they have Energy Star certification but also reflect solar heat keeping our homes comfortable all year long!

The three color options of these fire and algae-resistant shingles can withstand winds up to 130 MPH, making them durable enough for your property.

The average cost per square foot is about $210 which makes it an affordable option compared with other brands on the market today!

4. Timberline HDZ – The HDZ shingles are a close match to the GAF Timberline series, but they contain some extra features that make them stand out.

The sealant and nailing area both offer improved performance when fastening nails; these aspects were specifically designed for homeowners who want their home improvement projects done quickly without sacrificing quality workmanship.

HDZ shingles are fire and algae-resistant, with a limited wind warranty. HDZ’s color palette includes 16 different shades to choose from at about $110 per square foot – making them an excellent choice for those who want their roof as unique as they are!

5. Timberline NS – The new Timberline NS Shakes are made to resemble the appearance of wood shakes, and they come in 8 different warm color tones.

Plus you can get them with their natural shadow effect for an authentic look that will last year round!

The NS Shingles are fire-resistant and have GAF’s Dura Grip seals, reducing any risk of blowoff.

These shingles can cost around $95 per square foot which makes them one of the most expensive options on this list but also means that they’re guaranteed to last longer than other roofs in high temperature situations where fires are likely present or could break out at any time!

6. Timberline UHD RS – GAF’s UHD RS shingles reflect solar radiant heat and comply with Title 24 cool roof requirements, a specific law in California.

The eight different colors range from white to dark blue-green shades that typically cost about $140 per square inch when installed on medium sized homes or newer construction sites where they can help save up energy costs by reflecting more sunlight back into space rather than absorbing it like most roofs do today which increases their temperature during the day time hours due if clouds blocking out direct sunlight coming down through tree tops onto your home’s surface while you’re away at work!

7. Timberline UHD with Dual Shadow Line – UHD shingles are a thicker, wood-shake look that create this shadow effect.

The Dura Grip can withstand winds up to 130 MPH and features fire or algae resistant qualities as well as the ability to install quickly with 10 warm color tones available for purchase at about $140 per square foot.

Designer Shingles

These are GAF’s most impressive, state-of-the-art architectural shingles that provide a gradient of color by integrating two different colors into one shingle.

They come pre-sized at 8” x 40” to make installation quick and easy even for people without prior roofing experience!

Most of these shingles are recognized by Energy Star so you can have the peace of mind knowing that your home is well-protected no matter what season it is.

Interestingly, GAF offers color-choice matching for certain designer shingles for free!

So if you want two colors that will blend into one another seamlessly, this could be a great option for you and save you money by not having to pay for two different shingles; one in the color you want and another in white.

As for price, GAF’s designer shingles are around $140 per square foot installed – which is more expensive than their basic single-color option because these types of roofs are made with extra protection against all kinds of weather conditions.

There are 6 different types of GAF designer shingles.

1. Camelot II – these shingles are thick and thus are heavy and thus can withstand any weather condition.

Camelot II shingles are the perfect choice for those looking to update their home with a few new pieces of flair.

With an average price tag around $200 per square, these options offer great value and style!

2. Glenwood – If you’re looking to extend the life of your home’s roof, consider installing Glenwood Shingles.

These shingles feature three thick layers that give it a durable multi-textural appearance with an almost wood shake like texture at a fraction of the cost!

When it comes to durability and sophistication, there is no other brand that can compare with Glenwood Shingles.

These beautiful shingles will protect you from fire as well as any type of weather conditions such a heavy rainstorm or snowfall without fail!

A GAF quality product means an affordable price for homeowners who want their roofs looking sleek while providing top-notch protection against even life threatening disasters like hurricanes and will cost more or less $330 per square.

3. Grand Sequoia – These shingles look classy and expensive without the hefty price tag.

Made from a variety of colors, each Grand Sequoia Shingle is coated with a special foam insulation that saves money on energy costs, which in turn means more savings for you!

For instance, if your roof gets direct sunlight during the day in summer time when temperatures can get up to 120-degrees Fahrenheit, your shingles can get so hot they may ignite!

The Grand Sequoia’s special insulation will prevent this from happening! These shingles are safe and efficient so you can feel great about your purchase.

With GAF’s new Advanced Protection Shingle Technology, Grand Sequoia shingles are designed to resist wind and water damage.

This sophisticated textured appearance also ensures a more polished look that your home will appreciate!

4. Grand Sequoia AS – The regular Grand Sequoia shingles are great, but these SBS modified asphalt with enhanced resistance to impact can be even better.

Not only will they last longer and look good doing it – your insurance company might give you discounts too!

The Grand Sequoia AS shingles are crafted with GAF’s Dura Grip sealant to withstand winds up to 130 MPH.

These four different colors will cost about $230 per square, and they’re available now!

5. Stateline – GAF’s Slateline shingles are an affordable alternative to expensive natural slate tiles.

They cost just $175 per square, making them a much better value for homeowners who want the look without breaking their budget! Slateline Shingles are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional shingles.

These healthier, more sustainable products can reduce your home’s energy demand by up 12% and the average family of four will only need two electricity bills per month!

This model also helps protect you from natural disasters like fires or hurricanes with their Class A fire resistance ability while still being resistant against winds at 130 MPH which means they withstand some pretty bad storms without any problem.

The long lasting properties make Slatelines an ideal option for today’s environmentally conscious homeowners who want not just great looks but also safeguarding themselves during times when nature may be throwing.

6. Woodland – If you’re looking for the perfect mix between affordability and durability in your next roofing project, look no further than Woodland Shingles.

These affordable but still incredibly sturdy homes will only cost the average homeowner around $190 per square!

Woodland Shingles are a great way to get the look of natural wood without all that hassle.

They feature larger tabs and oversized shapes, giving them an authentic rustic appeal that’s perfect for any home!

3-tab Shingles

If you’re looking for the cheapest roofing option out there, then 3-tab Shingles are for you! This is a beginner grade shingle that will provide your home with basic protection from rain and snow.

However, due to their simple construction they have shorter warranty periods, so it might be a good idea to upgrade after a few years.

These shingles usually cost around $120 per square and can last anywhere from five to fifteen years, depending on your area’s weather and any natural disasters you may face.

There are two types, the Marquis WeatherMax and the Royal Sovereign.

1. Marquis WeatherMax Shingles – GAF’s Marquis WeatherMax shingles feature the best in class abilities when it comes to resisting harsh weather.

Not only can they handle winds up to 130 MPH, but these shingles also have a Class 4 impact resistance rating which means they can take a beating from falling objects without any damage.

This type of GAF shingles are algae resistant to make sure they don’t start to decay and damage your home even more than it already has.

2. Royal Sovereign Shingles – Royal Sovereign $85 per square price tag is one of the most affordable 3-tab shingles on today’s market.

The material passed both 110 MPH and 150 mph wind tests, making them a durable choice for your home!

Royal Sovereign shingles are tough, fire and algae-resistant. The Color Lock maintains their color with pride!

With a Micro Weave Core that can withstand colder climates for those of us living in more temperate zones they’re the perfect roofing material to keep your home looking good as new under any conditions.

Royal sovereign was proudly awarded one of Consumer Reports’ best roofs available.

Expected Pros and Cons of GAF Shingles

GAF Shingles are usually considered among the best shingles you can choose because of their consistency in producing high quality materials.

They have a variety of products to cover all your needs whether you need to be protected from rain, fire or strong winds.

The main downside is that GAF produces an extensive line of products which means depending on where you are, it can be hard to find the right GAF Shingle for your home.

The sheer variety of shingles can seem daunting but don’t worry. You are sure to find the perfect fit thanks to the years of experience and quality products which have made them a household name among roofers everywhere.

Those looking for the perfect roof will find it with years of experience and high-quality products. With so many different types to choose from, you’re sure to be satisfied!

GAF Shingles Buyers Guide | The Basics & Helpful Tips