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How to Find a Leak in a Metal Roof | Helpful Tips

how to find a leak in a metal roof

Metal roofs are one of the best ways to protect your home from rain, snow, hail, and other harsh weather.

And when you have a metal roof installed on your property, it can last for decades! But sometimes problems do arise – in the form of a Leak in a Metal Roof.

If you notice that water is dripping down onto your ceiling or walls, then chances are that there’s a leak in your metal roofing system somewhere.

The good news is that finding these leaks isn’t all too difficult with some know-how and patience.

What Causes Metal Roof Leaking?

It’s important to find out what might be causing the leak before you go about sealing up any holes or cracks yourself.

Leaks could come from many different sources including: tears, corrosion, loose screws and nails, or even a compromised membrane.

Signs that There’s a Leak in a Metal Roof

To check out if your roof has leaks, you can check out for these signs…

Visible Rust on the Roof Surface

Visible rust on the roof surface is a surefire sign that something has gone wrong with your metal shingles.

If you notice that there are brown or red stains in streaks running down the face of your rooftop, then this could indicate an underlying problem.

And it’s best to get these repaired right away before they spread further along your roof.

Watermarks on the Ceiling or Wall After a Rainstorm

If you notice that there are watermarks along your ceiling or walls after a heavy rain, then this could also be an indicator of problems with your roof.

If left untreated, these leaks can quickly turn into bigger issues and cause extensive damage to ceilings and walls as well as to the interior of your home.

Water Stains on Your Ceiling or Floorboards

Another sign that there is a leak in your metal roofing system is water stains on the ceiling, walls, or floorboards inside of your property.

If you notice these telltale signs then it’s time to take action and find out where exactly this water is coming from.

Fastener Issues

While metal roofs are known for their durability, sometimes fasteners can become loose over time and allow water to creep through the roofing system.

If you notice that the screws or nails on your rooftop seem like they’re coming out of place, then this could be a key indicator that there is some form of problem with your metal shingles.

Unusual Roof Movement

Last but not least, you might want to check out how your rooftop is moving and behaving.

If there’s a leak in the roof, then it could cause irregularities like sagging or depressions on the surface of your home which will need immediate attention.

Visible Holes or Cracks

If you have visible holes or cracks on your roof, then this could be a problem with the membrane layer of your metal shingles.

If these are left untreated they can cause serious problems – not just with leaks but also rust which will lead to even more damage.

How to Find a Leak in a Metal Roof | Helpful Tips

How to Find Leaks in Your Metal Roof: The Spots to Check Out

Once you know what might be causing the leak (and how it’s happening), then finding that pesky hole should be easy! Here are some common spots where leaks typically occur on metal roofs:

In the valleys of a metal roof, there’s always going to be some tears and corrosion.

That’s just part of owning a metal roof system! But sometimes you can get leaks from these areas as well if they’re not properly sealed or insulated.

The same goes for loose screws and nails – it might seem like sealing up those holes would be a pain, but it’s well worth the effort to avoid water damage and leaks where you don’t need them!

If your metal roof has an EPDM membrane on top of that, then chances are good that insulation isn’t going to get into those holes from above.

So try looking for gaps around vents, chimneys, and skylights that could be letting in outside air.

What to Do Once You’ve Found a Leak: Repair Tips and Ideas

If you’re not an expert roofer, then it might be best to call up someone who is! But if your metal roof does happen to have leaks, here are some tips for repairing those holes yourself:

For tears or corrosion, you can use self-vulcanizing tape to seal it up.

If the leak is coming from loose screws and nails, then try tightening everything with a drill (and don’t forget to caulk around those vents).

Finally, if your metal roof has an EPDM membrane on top, then you’ll need to replace the insulation around it.

When You Should Call a Professional Instead of Fixing It Yourself

If your metal roof is severely damaged or compromised in some way, then chances are good that there’s more damage underneath as well – and fixing any leaks might only be the beginning!

A professional can help inspect your roof and let you know whether it’s worth repairing or if your roof system needs to be replaced all together.

When You Should Call a Professional Instead of Fixing It Yourself: The Spots to Check Out

If you’re thinking about replacing your metal roof, then chances are good that there will be some spots where the damage is more severe – and replacing your metal roof with a new one will be the best option.

Here are some common places where you might run into more severe damage:

  • If there’s water pooling in between two different layers, then that means you’re going to have a harder time fixing the problem!
  • If there’s water pooling on your roof and you can see that it’s damaged in multiple areas, then chances are good that you’ll need more than just one repair.
    • It might be best for an expert to take a look before attempting any repairs yourself.

Fixing a Metal Roof Leak

If you find that there is an actual problem with your metal roof, then it’s best to get these leaks fixed as soon as possible.

To do this yourself would be incredibly difficult and also pose some safety risks due to the height of most roofs (not to mention dangerous weather conditions such as high winds).

If you’re not willing to take the risk of repairing the problem yourself, then calling a professional is your best bet.

Therefore, it’s best to call a professional roofing company if you find that there is an actual problem with your metal roof.

They can help repair the issue and also provide ongoing maintenance services for your home in order to prevent any possible problems from occurring again in the future.

How to Find a Leak in a Metal Roof | Helpful Tips