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How to Make a Roof Ladder Hook | Comprehensive Guide

how to make a roof ladder hook

If you have to do work on the roof, it might be difficult since most roofs are sloping. Tasks close to the gutter are simple, while those at the top of the roof, especially towards the apex, are quite difficult.

Because your ladder can’t remain on the apex, you’ll need a roof ladder with a hook or a roof ladder hook to attach to your current one.

Roof ladders are both expensive and time-consuming to purchase since you’ll have to buy one then wait for it to be delivered to your home.

Roof ladder hooks are costly, may not work with your type of roof or ladder, and must be installed. If you find that your roof is leaking during the rainy season, it’s too late.

The remedy to our problem is to make your own roof ladder hook. Use this technique to get up the roof without the danger of falling off.

We have a variety of methods to construct a roof ladder hook, and we’ll look at two below. You may choose one that best suits the materials you have.

Steps for Having a Wooden Roof Ladder Hook

To construct a roof ladder hook using this approach, you’ll need a wooden roof ladder hook.

The following materials are needed to make a wooden roof ladder hook: 

  • A standard 12-foot ladder
  • 4 short boards of plywood (about 1 inch thick)
  • 2 long pieces for the top and bottom rungs which can be upsized if necessary, these should measure at least 36 inches in length before cutting them into shorter sections with your saw or power drill
  • You also need two 3/4″x2’6″ flat stiffeners – one on each side near where it will attach to wall hooks
  • Four nails per foot using 8d common corrugated shingle head screws

How to Make a Metal Roof Ladder Hook

It may be difficult for some to understand how to measure or cut the materials since it entails a lot of measuring and cutting, as well as other operations.

Even for a beginner, I feel it is very safe. If you don’t have a flat roof, you can make a metal roof ladder hook as shown in the following guide.

However, this method has a number of drawbacks. You’ll be working with hot metal, which is dangerous in and of itself. With a little practice, you can pull it off with ease.

The ladder hook is a useful device to hang things from when making repairs or just for storage.

There are many different designs, but the most basic of these has three metal bars connected at an angle so that they form two legs with another piece in between them like shown above 

The following materials will be needed:

  • A steel bar – preferably 1 inch thick and made out iron/steel
  • Clamps if you don’t have any handy Jeweler’s saw (or similar instruments) capable enough)
  • Blowtorch because this needs heat

The Steps In Making a Metal Roof Ladder Hook

1. Prepare your workstation – a flat surface while you cut and drill into metal. That means that the bottom of the V will touch the ground, while the ridge will be positioned at the top.

When you’re utilizing it, make sure the structure is secure so that it doesn’t collapse when you’re not looking.

2. Bend your steel – the easiest way is to use a vice and heat it until the steel becomes softer enough for you to bend. While there are numerous different metals to choose from, steel is the most dependable.

When the ladder is weighted by the user, other metals may bow under strain. On one side of the V form, attach the steel rod so that at least half of its length hangs over the apex of the V form.

You may hold the metal with one of the metal clamps for a solid grip.

3. Add the handles – To keep the ladder from sliding, you’ll need to add grips to the hook so it can hold the roof and ladder on one end and the ground on the other.

Simply use the blow torch to warm the hooks’ extremities, then bend them into handles as desired.

To prevent harming the roof with the hook, you may cover it with rubber or cloth on the end in touch with it.

4. Get the hook settled on the roof – when all of the steps are done, get the hook on the ridge board. Make sure you can move it up and down with ease.

You may even put another small hook on top of this one so that you can hang more than just ladders from your roof.

Please note that while it is easy to bend metal into whatever shape you like, you may not be able to get it into the exact shape you want.

Metal roof ladder hooks are fantastic devices that let you do things on your roof that you might not have been able to before.

What’s more is that they’re all but obvious to anyone looking at them, so there’s no need to worry about others being disturbed.

If you wish to add something like this on your roof, you can make it yourself with no need for any previous experience in metalworking or carpentry.

You’ll be able to use the hook with ease and still benefit from its abilities with only a little bit of preparation and careful execution.

The ladder hook can be mounted on the ridge board when all of the steps are done. Make sure you can move it up and down with ease.

You may even put another small hook on top of this one so that you can hang more than just ladders from your roof.

By utilizing a metal bar, common tools, and some patience, you’ll be able to make your own metal roof ladder hook with ease.

Add this to your tools and you’ll be able to do things that would have otherwise been impossible without the aid of an expert.

The Steps In Making a Wooden Roof Ladder Hook

1. Measure the wood per piece – this is the board you will use for the feet. Second, cut two boards for each one foot section of wood you have cut.

Then, drill holes on the bottom piece to fit your screws. The first rung needs to stand about three inches from the ground and should be around 30 inches wide with flat stiffeners added to each side.

2. Get the wood positioned on the ladder – the first board should be one foot from the ground, and the second just above it.

To get started, you will need to cut your stiffeners – measure them so that they’re not too short or too long, using a flat screwdriver or drill to attach them securely into place after measuring the corresponding holes on the proper boards.

3. Drill the wood and the ladder – drill a hole in the wood and ladder that fits your screws tightly.

The screw needs to be in there tight because it will be holding your weight when you stand on the ladder.

And then when you’re ready, follow through with similar steps for the second rung’s board – do not drill until all screws are in place and secure right now.

4. Get the angle of the ladder and the wood – use a level to make sure the ladder is straight. Then, get the angle of the wood by using your drill or screwdriver so that you can attach it with screws securely at about 90 degrees.

5. Get the angle locked – use roofing nails to secure the angle of the ladder using your drill.

The nail with head should grip tight into the wood with no movement, and it will be stronger than before.

And then continue to follow through on similar steps for the second rung’s board – do not attach until all screws are in place and secure right now.

6. Add the reinforcements – to add the reinforcements, use nails to secure them into position with your drill. The nail should grip tight into the wood.

Remove all screws before doing this step to make it easier. Then, follow through on similar steps for the second rung’s board – do not attach until all screws are in place and secure right now.

7. Place the ladder then unto the roof – get your ladder and stand on it, then step onto the roof.

The nails should hold fast into the wood because of the screws – if they don’t, add more until you get a tight fit that holds well.

You can then climb up to attach the remaining part of the hook in place with nails or screws.

Now that you have made your hook, it is time to attach this onto something that will hold fast when weight is applied.

You may choose between screwing into a wall stud or another support beam for this roof ladder hook method. Make sure not to over tighten – just enough so there isn’t movement.

What is a Roof Ladder Hook?

Do you ever wonder what that small hook is on the ceiling right next to the ladder when you are in your attic?

What sticks out of your garage wall up near the roof? Maybe even inside of your gable vent on your roof itself?

Well, these are all components for a roof ladder hook

Much like how some people don’t understand what a gable vent is, there are many who don’t realize the actual use for something such as this. 

A roof ladder hook is used to hold down and secure your roof ladders when they are not in use so that they do not flap around and cause any damage or injury.

What does it look like? A roof ladder hook looks like a metal loop that has a piece sticking out of the ceiling and coming back down to the floor, creating an “L” shape.

The end with the horizontal bar is inserted into your gable vent or garage wall and then fastened in place.

The vertical part of the “L” is what sticks up through the center of the hook portion. This is what attaches to your roof ladders when they are not in use.

What Does a Roof Ladder Hook Do?

When you have a roof ladder hooked up, it keeps the ladder from moving around and hitting the side of your house or garage as well as knocking off shingles or breaking window panes .

Not only that, but if you have a ladder hooked up to the roof of your home and it is not secured, there is potential for someone to fall off. This could result in serious injury or even death.

How to Use a Roof Ladder Hook?

A roof ladder hook is very easy to use.

First, you take your metal piece that comes with the ladder and screw it into your gable vent or garage wall wherever you intend to keep your roof ladders.

Then remove one of the hooks from your roof ladder, insert it into the loop that you put into the wall and tighten it to secure. That’s all you need to do!

Where Can I Buy a Roof Ladder Hook?

Roof ladder hooks can be found at almost any home improvement store such as Lowe’s or Home Depot, not only that but they are relatively cheap, usually around $10 or less for one hook. 

You will need to make sure whatever home improvement store you shop at sells the type of roof ladder hook that you want.

Most of them come in either V-shape or L-shape hooks that come in different sizes depending on how thick your ladder rung is.

Why Should I Use a Roof Ladder Hook?

Now that you know what a roof ladder hook is and how it can help you, why not decide to use them? When thinking about it, there really isn’t any reason that you wouldn’t want to use this helpful addition for your ladders. 

It keeps the ladder from moving around and hitting things and potentially breaking or injuring people or pets.

So, next time you go to use your roof ladder, make sure that it is hooked up and secure to the roof, or better yet, make a point of hooking it up beforehand!

What is a Better Materials for a Roof Ladder Hook – Wood or Metal?

The use of a roof ladder hook can be a great added safety measure. You should make sure your home has several roof ladder hooks before attempting to climb onto your roof.

Keep in mind there are different types of materials for ladders available, wood and metal. But which one is better? Which one is safer? Which material will last longer? Read more to find out.

Wood or Metal?

Typically metal ladders are more expensive compared to a wooden ladder, but this does not mean they are better.

A metal roof ladder hook is usually made from galvanized steel while a wooden roof ladder hook is often made from cedar.

Both materials hold up well on their own and can endure harsh weather conditions. Metal has the advantage of lasting longer without rotting while wood is more aesthetically pleasing.

But why does it need to last long? You plan to replace it soon anyway, don’t you? Yes, but metal attracts rust which can make your ladder unsafe.

The surface can become very slippery once corrosion begins to appear on the metal. Wood tends to last longer with no visible signs of wear-and-tear, but that does not mean it is better.

Wood can become dry and even rot after long periods of being exposed to water or harsh weather conditions. When the wood begins to rot, it becomes weaker and more dangerous for you climb onto the roof.

Metal is often more expensive than wood, but the extra cost is usually worth it in the end. The money you spend on a metal roof ladder hook can save you from ruining your roof.

What makes this even better is that metal roof ladder hooks are not much heavier compared to wooden ones.

You might not notice any added weight when carrying the accessory up the ladder, so you shouldn’t have to worry about back pain.

However, if your roof is particularly high and you are afraid of the added weight of the metal roof ladder hook, go for a wooden version instead.

Putting on or taking off the accessory will take longer with a wooden roof ladder hook since it cannot be easily turned into different positions like the metal one.

Both metal and wood are good materials for a roof ladder hook, but if you have to choose one, go with the metal roof ladder hook for safety purposes.

Safety Measures with Using a Roof Ladder Hook

Aside from the measures while climbing a ladder, you should be careful when constructing them using any of the methods described above. You should follow the following guidelines:

  • Make sure to use thick gloves – on the roof, it is important to protect your hands from injury.
  • Do not attempt to climb on a ladder with wet or slippery shoes on. It’s likely that you will fall and be injured, which could mean losing your job or even worse.
  • Keep away from power lines – while working on the tiles, make sure that you keep away from any power lines that might be on the roof.
    • They are dangerous and could lead to electric shock or even electrocution, which can cause death.
  • Keep a first aid kit within reach – accidents will happen on site, but if you have a first aid kit with you then you can bandage up cuts until help arrives.
    • It is best to get used to doing this, so that you can do it even in the dark.
  • Carry a cell phone – if you have a cell phone with you then you can call for help straight away should anything happen while on site.
  • Avoid going up a ladder distracted – to avoid injury, never try climbing a ladder when you are drunk or distracted.
  • Use toe and heel spikes – these are metal pegs that can be attached to your work boots, which will give you extra grip on the roof tiles.
    • It is important to buy them beforehand so that you know they fit your shoes perfectly.
  • Have someone help you up – if possible, have a friend accompany you to the site so that they can help you up.
  • If you follow all of these recommendations then it is likely that your time on the roof will be a safe one, and that you will not have to worry about being injured excessively.
  • Make sure to use your nails and hammers properly so that you do not have to worry about the roof giving way under you.
  • If you are required to fix shingles, then be careful when using them by applying the adhesive only in the center.
    • This is because if it falls on both sides, then it can come undone due to pressure from its weight.
  • Use a harness – if the work you are doing requires you to take risky moves then it is important that you use a harness.
    • They are not expensive, but are well worth the money in case anything does happen.
  • If you have to carry any tools up the ladder, then ensure that they fit into your pockets or tie them securely to your belt. This way they will not fall out while you are climbing.
  • Make sure that your line of sight is clear before attempting to climb up the ladder. If you cannot see well then it may be better to do this task when the light conditions are better.
  • If you have a phobia of heights then this type of work is probably not for you. You can do other types of construction, or find another line of work that will be less stressful on you emotionally.
  • If there are any people below you, then make sure to warn them before attempting anything dangerous.
    • If they see what you are doing and panic, then there is a chance that they will try to help you and could get injured doing so.

In conclusion, roof ladder hooks are a great way to provide access to the roof and allow you workers to easily climb up.

They can be dangerous though, so make sure that you follow all of these guidelines when setting one up yourself.

How to Build a Hook for a Roof Ladder