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Owens Corning vs. GAF Roofing Shingles | Which is the Best?

Owens Corning vs. GAF Roofing Shingles | Which is the Best?

Choosing a roofing shingle can be an overwhelming task. If you are not sure where to start, the following paragraphs will help you decide which product is right for your home.

A few of the most popular products include Owens Corning and GAF Roofing Shingles.

Table Of Contents
  1. GAF and Owens Corning
  2. Owens Corning Shingles
  3. Architectural Benefits of Owens Corning Shingles
  4. GAF Shingles
  5. Architectural Benefits of GAF Shingles
  6. Drawbacks of Using GAF Shingles
  7. GAF Shingle Problems
  8. Properly Installing GAF Shingles
  9. Rebuilding a Roof with GAF Shingles
  10. Cost of Shingles Matters
  11. More Notes About the Cost of Shingles
  12. Quality of Shingles Matters
  13. What Experts Say About Shingles Like Owens Corning and GAF Roofing Shingles
  14. What are Basic Three Tab Shingles?
  15. Comparing GAF 3-Tab Shingles & Owens Corning
  16. What Are Marquis Weathermax Shingles
  17. What Are Owens Corning Shingles?
  18. Comparing Architecture of GAF Timberline Shingles & Owens Corning
  19. Cost Advantage for Owens Corning
  20. Looking At Some Premium Shingles
  21. Major Durability Features of Shingles To Look Into
  22. Hire the Right Owens Corning and GAF Roofing Shingles Contractor

These companies have been around for a long time and offer a wide variety of products that range from budget-friendly options with great performance to more expensive options with better warranties and weather resistances.

With so many choices available, it can be difficult to narrow down which one is best for your needs.

This article will compare these two brands in order to make this decision easier on homeowners like yourself!

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GAF and Owens Corning

GAF and Owens Corning own the largest share of the asphalt shingle market in America. GAF and Owens Corning own the largest share of the asphalt shingle market in America.

There are a few lines of shingles for each brand that don’t fall into the traditional or premium categories, but they’re worth considering too. Compared to Owens Corning, GAF offers a wider variety of shingles.

Owens Corning Shingles

Owens Corning Shingles are the best in the industry. They are known for their durability and excellent warranties, which can be bought on new homes or during a re-roofing project.

Owens Corning Shingles have received multiple awards over the years because of this, including being named “Best Overall” by Consumers Digest and receiving a “Diamond Award” from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

Owens Corning Shingles are made by Owens Corning, which is one of America’s largest building components manufacturers.

The company has been in business since 1938, when they started out making glass wool insulation for commercial buildings.

However, they are now a global company that makes insulation, roofing materials, fiberglass composites, and other building products.

Owens Corning Shingles come in several different colors to match any home’s exterior design style. They also offer wind mitigation options for areas with high winds or heavy snow loads.

Every Owens Corning shingle is a Class A fire rated product, which means it has been independently tested to meet industry standards.

Owens Corning Shingles come with a variety of warranties depending on the specific type that is chosen by the homeowner or builder.

They have different warranty options for new homes and re-roofing projects as well as standing seam metal roofs.

Owens Corning vs. GAF Roofing Shingles | Which is the Best?

Architectural Benefits of Owens Corning Shingles

Owens Corning has been manufacturing fiberglass products for over 60 years.

The company offers shingles that are manufactured using their proprietary processes, which combine both organic and inorganic fibers to provide enhanced dimensional stability, color consistency, UV resistance and physical properties.

Their product line includes asphalt shingles with different style lines and cuts to meet the needs of any project.

Owens Corning shingles are GAF-Elk Certified and Owens Corning fiberglass products have been recognized by industry professionals for their proven performance and long life, durability, and energy efficiency.

With over 100 years combined experience in the industry, Owens Corning Oakridge Shingles deliver an unparalleled level of strength, performance, durability and beauty.

Owens Corning shingles are made with a Class A fire-resistant base mat that provides high resistance to ignition.

An exclusive interlocking design locks out moisture penetration for enhanced weather protection against leaks, wind damage and ice dams.

The patented Dura Grip™ Fastening System ensures that your shingles stay put, even during high winds.

Its tough Armor Edge™ protection with outstanding 25-year limited warranty makes the Dura Grip™ System one of the best you can find on the market today.

Owens Corning Shingles are available in three distinctive style lines – Country Club, Craftsman Series and Oakridge Series.

Country Club Series: The Country Club Series features a multi-dimensional shingle application with four to seven cuts at three different elevations, adding depth and dimension.

These unique profiles produce a distinctive look that reflects light from different angles for maximum curb appeal. The Country Club line is available in rich colors of browns, grays, and taupes.

Craftsman Series: The Craftsman shingles are medium-length three-tab shingles that represent a traditional, time-tested style.

With their unique diamond shape and multiple cuts, they add dimension to your roof. They come in refreshing earth tones that beautifully complement homes with a traditional look and feel.

The Craftsman Series carries a 30-year limited warranty and is available in 11 different colors.

Oakridge Series: The Oakridge series is true to its name with an authentic timbered shake look created from long tabs that have multiple tapered cuts for added depth and dimension, bringing the textures of wood together in harmony in your home.

The Oakridge Series carries a 30-year limited warranty and is available in 9 colors.

Owens Corning Shingles offer a number of benefits:

  • Owens Corning shingles can be used for roofs up to two-thirds the size of an acre and are suitable for steep-slope applications.
    • They provide excellent dimensional stability, color consistency, UV resistance and physical properties.
  • The patented Dura Grip™ Fastening System provides roof protection against high winds.
  • Owens Corning Shingles are Class A fire-resistant base mat and are responsible for providing high resistance to ignition.
  • They are manufactured using proprietary processes that combine organic and inorganic fibers resulting in enhanced dimensional stability, color consistency, UV resistance and physical properties.
  • Their unique three-tab shingle look is perfect for accentuating homes with traditional aesthetics.

GAF Shingles

GAF Shingles are the best on the market. They offer a number of different shingles that can fit any need you might have for your home.

This is because GAF Shingles always make sure to provide homeowners with quality materials, also known as “Lifetime Protection” – this means they will last longer than other shingle brands.

Not only will they last longer, but GAF Shingles also come with a strong warranty that covers defects and workmanship problems.

This means if something goes wrong or you notice an issue (for example: shingles coming loose), the company will fix it for free – no questions asked!

GAF Shingles are great due to their high quality materials and warranty, but another reason they are better than other shingles is because of their installation.

GAF Shingle installers make sure to do it quickly without compromising the integrity of your roof – you can rest easy knowing that your home will be protected no matter what!

It’s clear that not only are GAF Shingles the best on the market, but their installation and warranty make them stand out from other shingle brands.

Owens Corning vs. GAF Roofing Shingles | Which is the Best?

Architectural Benefits of GAF Shingles

When installing roofing, it is important to not only look at the functional qualities of the material being used, but also the aesthetic appeal of the finished product.

One type of shingle that has both exceptional appearance and performance characteristics is GAF Timberline® Shingles which are designed to offer an architecturally appealing look with enhanced energy-efficiency capabilities.

Timberline® offers a wide choice of colors and styles, with the option of an architectural accent strip for added visual interest.

In addition to being available in shingle bundles that include three distinct layers of protection from wind-driven rain, these GAF residential roofing products also have slip resistant features built right into them to prevent shingles from curling up and detaching.

Timberline® shingles are Class A fire rated, which means that they meet or exceed requirements set forth in ASTM E108 and UL 790 for high-intensity flame and wind resistance.

GAF also manufactures the lower grade DuraLast® series of shingles, which do not carry a Class A rating, but which still have a wind warranty of 130 mph.

In addition to installing roof shingles that provide great beauty as well as enhanced weather protection, the experts at GAF also offer other products for enhancing the appearance and safety of a building.

One such product is Timberline® Landmark Architectural Shingles which are designed to absorb less water than other brands.

This helps to reduce the chance of leaks due to ice dams, which can cause extensive damage to a home or business that is not protected by thermal barriers.

Drawbacks of Using GAF Shingles

Although GAF shingles are designed to enhance the appearance of a building, there are some drawbacks that must be considered.

If installed incorrectly or if they are not properly cared for, these shingles can easily lose their good looks and provide poor weather protection.

Timberline® Landmark Architectural Shingles have such an incredibly high level of water resistance that they cannot be used with metal ice-and-water shields or other ice barrier materials.

They also do not feature the DuraLast® warranty, which is less than half as long as the Timberline® product warranties.

Another drawback to GAF shingles is their price, which can be one and a half to two times more than asphalt shingles.

However, when considering the possible replacement cost of roofing materials and the time and money needed to properly install them, GAF products can be a great long-term value that saves money in the long run.

GAF Shingle Problems

Another drawback to using GAF shingles is the risk of installing them wrong.

Shingles are available in shingle bundles that must be installed according to manufacturer specifications which typically call for the product to be installed with a specific side facing up and exposed to weather conditions.

If shingles are not put on correctly or if they are installed over an incorrect base layer, they can fail to perform as intended.

In addition, roofs have a maximum weight limit that must not be exceeded or shingles can detach from the roof and cause problems inside the building below.

Properly Installing GAF Shingles

If a new coating of Timberline® Landmark Architectural Shingles is being installed on a roof that already has the standard Timberline® product, it is very important that a new ice-and-water barrier be installed.

If this does not happen, water can seep under the shingles and cause them to fail prematurely.

When going with GAF products, it is also important to work with a contractor or roofing company that has experience in working with these products.

Newer, more advanced materials like GAF shingles can be very challenging to work with at times and it is important to hire professionals who know what they are doing to avoid wasted time and money.

The average homeowner does not have the knowledge or expertise needed to properly install products like this on their own.

Rebuilding a Roof with GAF Shingles

If you are looking to install a new roof on your home or business, the experts at GAF have spent years creating shingles that provide enhanced weather protection and added beauty through their exceptional color range.

In recent years they have also taken steps to reduce the impact of installing these shingles on the environment by offering environmentally friendly choices.

GAF shingles are available in several series to suit specific strength and durability needs, but all of their products are backed by excellent warranties that protect owners from manufacturing defects for many years.

As an added bonus, GAF allows owners to transfer product warranties into a new owner’s name when a building is sold.

This means that you can buy a home with a GAF roof and rest assured that all of the work that has been put into your new investment will be covered for many years to come.

Cost of Shingles Matters

Here are the retail shingle prices per square foot for GAF and OC across 3 categories.

Royal Sovereign shingles $75-$96
Marquis Weathermax shingles$115 and $127
Timberline NS shingles$90 – $115
Timberline HDZ shingle$90 to $125
Timberline HDZ Reflector Series (RS) shingles$96 and $135
imberline HDZ Reflector (the Series Plus) shingles$99 to $135
Timberline shingles$114 and $125
Timberline shingles with Advanced Algae Protection $115
Timberline UHD shingles$128-$160
Timberline (UHD) Reflector Series shingles$132 – $160
Timberline Dual Shadow shingles$128-$150
Timberline Cool Series shingles $200 and $220
Timberline ArmorShield (AS) II shingles$230-255
Slateline shingles $150-$189
Grand Sequoia shingles$180-$200
Grand Sequoia ArmorShield IR shingles$224 – $244
Woodland shingles$182 – $194
Camelot II shingles$188 and $219
Grand Canyon shingles$238-252
Glenwood IR shingles$320 to $344

The costs of fiberglass shingles can be lower with bulk discounts for popular brands.

There are no bulk discounts for specialty or premium shingle lines. You will need to buy a minimum of 100 sq.ft. in order to get the retail cost per square is for 100 sq.ft

More Notes About the Cost of Shingles

The price of a roof doesn’t include installation, supplies, and other expenses. It will be necessary to buy more shingles than what is needed for the roof coverage if there are multiple dormers and valleys.

  • Installed cost includes the materials and supplies for installation, permits to do work on site, cleanup of old construction material before starting a new project, professional installation that is warranted by the company.
  • Thicker shingles are sold in bundles with fewer shingles, therefore less coverage per bundle.
    • The number of bundles required to cover 100 square feet changes depending on the size and weight of the shingles.
  • The retail cost for shingles is not the total price.
    • Normal shingle prices are per 100 square feet, so it’s important to know what type of roof size you have.
  • Be sure to figure the coverage of a bundle before calculating the price per square.
    • When re-roofing a house, you should be prepared to buy 10% more shingles than what’s needed.
    • The installed cost is the total for shingles, installation materials and supplies, and professional labor.
  • The installation includes shingles, underlayment and other materials. The cost of a job includes building permits, site cleanup.
    • When installing new shingles, the old ones will be torn off and replaced with a tear-off.

When a homeowner is selecting a roofing system, there is the option of purchasing from either one manufacturer or mixing and matching.

Shingles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with several layers laminated together to form a thicker roof.

You can get single-layer or three-tab varieties of shingles, as well as laminated shingles, which have many layers bonded together to create a higher roof.

The shingles are classified by different labels, but they aren’t particularly important.

Quality of Shingles Matters

The quality of the shingles you choose is extremely important. You should look for a company that offers various types of shingle to work with different budgets and customer needs.

Some companies offer warranties on their products, which can be very helpful if something goes wrong with your roof in years to come.

Also remember roofs are long-term investments and the quality and durability of your roof will affect how it performs over time.

So to make sure you’re getting the right shingles, make sure of these:

  • The company you choose should offer various types of shingle to work with different budgets and customer needs;
  • Look for a company that offers warranties on their products;
  • Also remember roofs are long term investments so think about what type of roof will perform best over time.

What Experts Say About Shingles Like Owens Corning and GAF Roofing Shingles

When you decide to invest in new roofing for your home, it’s important to consider the long-term value of shingle brands.

You don’t want to make this decision on price alone; quality is very important when considering which brand will best stand up against weather and time.

Consider these qualities when choosing a company:

  • What is the warranty?
  • What is their reputation in the industry and with customers alike?
  • Can you trust them to be there when something goes wrong, or do they disappear after your purchase.

In addition, every roofer has a list of different brands that work best for the materials they use on each job.

If possible ask around and find out what brands the roofer you like uses.

  • When it comes to choosing a company make sure they offer different types of shingle, warranties and customer service as well as long-term value is very important;
  • Look for companies that have good reputation in industry with customers alike;
  • Choose those who can be trusted when something goes wrong;
  • Finding out what brands the roofer uses will be useful.

Roofers may install either GAF or OC, but prefer to work with the easier-to-install brands.

Owens Corning makes shingles and other roofing products for residential homes that range from the most affordable to the most expensive.

GAF offers a variety of weather-resistant shingles with options for 80 MPH wind and Class 4 Hail Impact.

GAF offers a variety of options to suit different needs. GAF has a wide range of shingles from lighter to heavier with various styles.

Companies that produce composition shingles must maintain a high level of quality to avoid being outsold by competitors.

Roofing contractors and home inspectors generally consider GAF and OC to be good quality.

  • These two brands of shingles are the best option for a shingle roof because they offer better quality and performance than other options. GAF and Owens Corning offer shingles that are of generally good quality, but they are not the highest quality.
  • We would consider CertainTeed and Malarkey for their quality, but we would also take into account the asphalt content.
    • CertainTeed and Malarkey are both producing shingles in the high-quality tier, but their prices reflect that.
  • There is not a direct correlation between “premium product” and quality.
    • Older and more tested shingles often have a better quality than newer, untested shingles.
  • Both GAF Timberline HDZ shingles and OC Duration shingles are well known to perform in high wind areas.
    • This product has a 130 MPH wind rating and is reinforced for fast installation.
    • The two top-selling architectural shingle products are virtually the same.
  • The quality of the installation is more important than shingles in determining a roof’s lifespan.
    • The installation of the roof is by far the most important determining factor in how long it lasts.

Roofing is a big decision, and the best choice to make for this purchase is hiring a trustworthy installer. Finding a trustworthy and conscientious installer is the best roofing choice you can make.

The right installer will help you decide on the best roofing products for your needs. It is recommended to use breathable synthetic underlayment and 3 components of the roofing system.

What are Basic Three Tab Shingles?

Three tab asphalt shingles are the most basic type of shingle. These shingles are made up of three pieces, each about one foot wide and ten inches long.

The pieces overlap one another, with the bottom piece overlapping two above it. Basic three tab shingles come in a variety of color options, but they do not have any granules applied to them.

This means that they are more susceptible to algae growth which can make it easier for shingles to become damaged by moisture.

The shingles are classified by different labels, but they aren’t particularly important. The lower half of the shingle is cut to look like wood shakes or slate tiles. 

The tabs are covered with granules to keep them safe from water and sunlight.

What are Three Tab Shingles Made Of?

Basic three tab shingles are made of natural fiberglass. These fibers give the shingle strength and durability, though they also make it heavier.

They are often treated with a material that protects them from UV rays and wear, though some shingles can be left untreated.

What is the Function of Three Tab Shingles?

Basic three tab shingles serve as roof covering for homes and buildings. The pieces overlap one another to protect the different layers. The shingles are held down by nails or adhesive.

Why are Three Tab Shingles Used on Roofs?

Three tab shingles are used because they are affordable and effective roof covering options. Because they have three layers, the bottom edge of the first layer is doubled up with the top edge of the second layer.

This ensures that any water will have to pass through two different protective layers before it can reach the roof decking. The shingle size also makes them easier for installers to use.

Three tab shingles are used on roofs all across the United States, though they are particularly common in New England.

Benefits of Using Three Tab Shingles

Three tab shingles offer homeowners and other building owners a number of benefits, including:

A variety of color options – While three tab shingles are less expensive than many other types, they also come in a wide variety of colors so you can choose the look that works best for your roof.

Affordable price point – Three tab shingles are one of the most affordable types of shingles.

Easy to install – Because they come in a standard size, basic three tab shingles are easy for roofers and homeowners to install.

Long lasting durability – While asphalt shingles won’t last forever, basic three tab shingles can last decades before needing to be replaced.

What are the Disadvantages of Three Tab Shingles?

Not every roofer installs three tab shingles, which means they may not be an option for homeowners looking to replace their roof.

If you already have a home with three tab shingles on it and want to change the color, you will either need to replace the entire roof or pay for a professional to strip off the shingles.

Not as durable as other types of shingles – Basic three tab shingles are not as resistant to algae, mold, moss, or water damage.

You’ll need to keep your eye out for these problems and fix them before they cause major issues.

Material is not as fire resistant as other options – While asphalt shingles meet the minimum safety requirements, they are not as fire resistant as some of the more expensive types.

Comparing GAF 3-Tab Shingles & Owens Corning

GAF offers two options, making it better than Owens Corning.

  • GAF Royal Sovereign asphalt shingles are affordable and can last for fifteen to twenty years depending on your climate.
  • The 25-year general warranty and 60 MPH wind warranty are the bare minimum for this industry.
  • The warranty on a roof does not cover loss of surface granules, the staining that occurs within 10 years, or cupping at the edges due to climate conditions.
  • Different colors of shingles are available in different areas.
    • People in different regions of the country have access to fewer colors for this type of roofing material.
  • White shingles are more commonly sold in sunny regions because they can help prevent the penetration of solar rays.

What Are Marquis Weathermax Shingles

Marquis Weathermax Shingles are a type of asphalt shingle that has been developed by GAF specifically for use in very high-wind areas.

They have the highest wind rating available: 130 MPH. As such, they should only be used on homes and buildings situated in these areas (for example: coastal regions and mountain ridgelines).

It is important to note that they are NOT water-proof, so they should not be used in low-lying areas or where the rainfall levels are high.

What They Are Made Of

Marquis Weathermax Shingles contain a special additive called Dura Grip Technology which makes them extremely resistant to high wind speeds and powerful gusts of wind.

They also have a fiberglass reinforcement, which means that the shingles won’t crack or break in high winds.

Benefits Of Marquis Weathermax Shingles

Until recently, there were very few options available for homeowners living in extremely windy areas.

Now, with Premium Protection Plans from GAF when you purchase Marquis Weathermax shingles, you can be sure that your home will remain safe in the event of strong storms and high winds.

It’s also important to note that GAF stands behind their products.

That means when you purchase these shingles, you are guaranteed that they will resist wind speeds up to 130 mph for 30 years or your money back (whichever comes first)!

Marquis Weathermax Shingles vs. Asphalt Shingles

The first and most obvious difference between marquis weathermax shingles and traditional asphalt shingles is the price: Marquis Weathermax cost about 20 to 30% more than regular GAF shingles.

However, they are worth the extra cost if you live in an area that is hit by strong storms frequently.

It’s also important to note that these shingles are not meant to last as long as other types of asphalt shingles are.

You can expect them to last around 20 years. If you’re interested in getting “the most bang for your buck,” then you’d be better served by purchasing a different type of shingle.

You can also expect Marquis Weathermax shingles to come in fewer styles and colors than other types of asphalt shingles.

While there are some very attractive styles available, they just aren’t as numerous or varied as the choices that exist for traditional asphalt shingles.

What Are Owens Corning Shingles?

Owens Corning is one of the best known manufacturers when it comes to fiberglass shingles.

Fiberglass shingles are made using a mixture of glass fibers and strong resins in order to create a durable material that stands up well against wind, fire, rot, and other elements.

Owens Corning manufactures its own fiberglass shingles as well as those made from shingles created by an outside manufacturer, which are sold under the Owens Corning brand name.

Owens Corning Fiberglass Shingles Are Made From a Durable Material

One of the biggest benefits to using fiberglass shingles is that they are made from a material that is very hard to damage.

These shingles can be bent and twisted without breaking, and they won’t rot or burn up if exposed to the sun for a long time.

Even after many years of exposure, Owens Corning’s fiberglass shingles will still perform well due to their durability.

Owens Corning Fiberglass Shingles Can Stand Up to Major Storms

Because Owens Corning’s fiberglass shingles are so strong, they can be used by themselves to weather tough storms.

You won’t have to worry about covering your home with a tarp or stowing away outdoor possessions as you wait out a hurricane or tornadoes.

These shingles can stand up to the wind and rain, so you won’t have to worry about expensive damage to your siding should a storm hit your area.

Owens Corning Shingles Are Lightweight

One of the other benefits of fiberglass shingles is that they are not difficult to work with when it comes time to install them.

Because these shingles are so lightweight, they can be lifted into place without the use of a crane or other expensive equipment.

This makes them much less expensive to have installed on your home than asphalt shingles, which must usually be installed by professionals who specialize in this type of work.

Owens Corning Fiberglass Shingles Can Be Customized for Your Needs

You can choose the style and color of Owens Corning fiberglass shingles to match your home’s exterior.

A wide variety of colors and styles are available, so you won’t have trouble finding a look that perfectly complements your home.

You’ll be able to choose from seven different shapes of fiberglass shingles, and you can even choose a specialty option, such as the Fortress shingle, which is made with steel fibers.

Owens Corning Fiberglass Shingles Are Available for Commercial Applications

Many Owens Corning fiberglass shingles are designed for commercial rather than residential use. These shingles are sturdy enough to be used on public buildings, such as churches, libraries, and schools.

They can also be used on the roofs of warehouses, commercial office buildings, and other large structures.

Owens Corning Shingles Are Available in a Variety of Colors and Styles

One of the best things about choosing Owens Corning fiberglass shingles is that you can customize them to suit your needs.

In addition to choosing from a variety of colors and shapes, you can choose the thickness and type of fasteners that best fit your home.

You will also be able to select insulation options that allow you to control the temperature levels inside and outside your home by acting as a thermal barrier between outdoor temperatures and your living spaces.

Owens Corning manufactures its own fiberglass shingles, as well as those from other manufacturers, which are sold under the Owens Corning brand name.

Fiberglass shingles are made from a durable material that can stand up to the elements and be customized for your needs.

Comparing Architecture of GAF Timberline Shingles & Owens Corning

Owens Corning shingles are more expensive than GAF Timberline (Architectural) shingles, but they will last longer and provide better coverage.

There is a division of the most popular shingles from both brands that includes GAF Timberline as well as Owens Corning Duration. Timberline and Duration are two of the highest-selling shingles from any brand.


The Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects and GAF StainGuard protection allows for easy maintenance.

  • If you’re looking for a low-cost architectural shingle, look no further than the Timberline Natural Shadow NS.
    • It’s perfect if your budget is tight and quality matters most in this case!
    • With a lifetime warranty that is prorated at the cost of GAF Royal Sovereign 3-tab shingles, you don’t have to worry about your home’s roof for years.
    • The Timberline NS shingles are designed to look like wood shakes.
    • They’re an excellent choice for those who want the naturalistic, almost organic style of texture without actually having anything on their roof!
  • The GAF Timberline High Definition HDZ is a high-quality replacement for their best selling product, the Award Winning Shingles.
    • This new design has been created to be sleek and modern with an emphasis on value-driven performance that meets all your needs in terms of safety while still maintaining outstanding looks!
    • The newest upgrade from GAF is designed to provide increased safety and performance.
    • The company’s StrikeZone technology features an advanced Dura Grip adhesive strip, as well as a larger reinforced nailing zone that they call the best in its class when it comes down Battlefield ready adhesives!

The StrikeZone and Dura grip are two features that make the shingle more resistant to wind. It’s so much so, in fact they have an Unlimited warranty for it!

These GAF architectural shingles not only give your house a rich, inviting look but they also contain color blends designed to match the authentic wood shake color variations that are found on houses from centuries past. 16 colors available for every homeowner’s needs!

  • You can get a new roof for your home in 7 vibrant colors! The Timberline American Harvest shingles are just like the ones we had before but with some extra features.
    • They’re made of all recycled materials, so they help keep our planet green too – which is always something worth celebrating.
    • Hence, these shingles are also backed by the Unlimited wind warranty when installed as part of a complete GAF roofing system featuring all of our accessories.
    • The GAF American Harvest shingles are known for their dimensional appearance.
    • This means that the tabs on each roof tile will be more varied than those of other brands, giving your home an individualized touch you can’t get anywhere else!
  • The new Timberline Ultra High Definition UHD shingles from GAF are 53% thicker than most other architectural styles and come in 4 bundles to the square.
    • The thicker the shingles, the more visually appealing they are.
    • A beefier look that replicates wood shakes in appearance and produces shadows among them is also produced by these heavy-duty materials – making for a sleeker design than thinner ones would offer!

The construction of the new model is similar to other models with an 130 MPH wind warranty.

The Timberline NS line is less durable and lasts shorter than the more bulky material/asphalt in their product, so it’s actually costlier to maintain.

  • The Timberline ArmorShield AS II can stand against impact, meaning it can withstand damage from objects like branches and leaves.
    • The fact that they are treated with an advanced fire protection treatment process, along with their high UL 2218 Class 4 Impact Rating makes them incredibly valuable assets for any company!
    • The Timberline ArmorShield AS II is the most expensive roofing shingle in GAF’s Timberline series, costing $75-$100 per square foot more than a comparable product from Owens Corning.
    • TruDefinition Duration Flex Shingles fall within this price range and can also be used on homes with high wind speeds or heavy snow loads.

The Impact Rating test is designed to evaluate the durability of roofing materials.

The steel balls in various sizes are dropped onto roofs at 90 mph, two times from 12 to 20 feet high into a spot on each sample that has already been tested for this characteristic twice before – once when it was new and again 6-12 months later with any wear or damage showing up more clearly than ever before

The ULC 2218 Test measures how well your next shingle will hold up against things thrown his way: rocks being splattered everywhere; hailstones pummeling every inch until all you see left over where what used to be there.

The more damage the shingle sustains, the higher its rating will be.

For example: A Class 4 roof is very durable and can withstand large amounts of weight without deteriorating in appearance or performance while still providing excellent coverage against any sudden weather changes that come along!

Owens Corning

Owens Corning’s architectural shingle options come in three different durations: quick and easy, long-lasting or durable.

Shapes include traditional squares as well as triangles that may be used on rooftops with steep pitches for waterproofing purposes.

There are many options when it comes to wind speed and warranty coverage.

The 130 MPH Oakridge or Woodcrest installation with six nails per shingle is more costly than standard 110 mph warranties, but you can get a higher guarantee if your home needs an enhancement including starter and hip & ridge tiles from Owens Corning Company.

Owens Corning’s architectural shingles come with lifetime warranties and an algae stain warranty that they call StreakGuard.

None of them have an impact or wear-and-tear guarantee, so be sure to read carefully before installation!

  • This entry level architectural shingle along with the Tru definition’s Oakridge Shingles (colors that are specially formulated to have bold, high contrast hues) offer up to 16 colors.
    • It competes head on against GAF Timberline Natural Shadow coating in terms of number and variety for your home or business needs!
  • Shasta White is an Energy Star certified shingle that features a double-layer fabric nailing zone for improved fastener grip, but they only get 110 MPH warranty with the four nails application method.
    • With the 130 MPH wind uplift warranty, you can get your home protected against any leaks or damages that might occur.
    • The 6-nail application is recommended for eaves and rakes along with Owens Corning Starter Shingles to ensure protection from high winds in these areas of a house!
    • If you want a cheap, but durable architectural shingle that can withstand winds of 80 mph or more in your area then Oakridge might be the right fit.

Owens Corning is the brand you can trust for your next roofing project. Oakridge shingles are an excellent choice if you’re on a budget or looking to make some upgrades, with their simple design and affordability being two major selling points!

  • The TruDefinition Duration roofing shingle from Owens Corning has been a popular architectural choice for many homeowners who want something quick and easy to install.
    • This product competes with GAF Timberline HDZ, which is also an appealing option if you’re on time budget crunch but still need high quality vinyl siding or cladding!
    • The paint is available in up to 16 colors including Energy Star certified Shasta White.

The 130 MPH wind warranty for the OC Duration shingle is a result of three layers in the nailing zone as opposed to two. “This unique design provides enhanced durability and performance,” says the company, adding that it’s engineered with their patented triple stitched seams.”

The construction of today’s architectural shingles is very similar to that of other top brands, such as GAF’s timberline series.

  • With the TruDefinition Duration Designer, you can create a shingle with an almost identical construction and profile as that of standard duration.
    • The Duration Designer series is designed to produce a range of color contrasts.
    • The shingles are made up mostly of different shades, but the Aged Copper variety features blues and browns as well for an extra touch!
  • Did you know that hail can damage your home?
    • This is why GAF’s Duration Storm Shingle Line deserves a spot on the roof.
    • It’s resistant, affordable and has an “integrated polymeric backing” which boosts its impact resistance just like their more expensive Timberline (AS) Shingles do!
    • The new shingle is not as flexible in high winds.
  • Duration Flex products are designed to last for longer periods of time than competitors.
    • It has the SBS modified asphalt construction which makes it more durable and lasts even in extreme weather conditions where other shingles will fail quickly or crack before their life cycle is complete.
    • The GAF’s Timberline AS shingles come at a much cheaper price when compared to other brands.

Cost Advantage for Owens Corning

The GAF Timberline HDZ shingles are one of the top-selling products, but they only rank at number two because their overall value and performance tailpipe can’t compete with Owens Corning TruDefintion Duration Series.

When it comes to shingles, GAF is not your only option. With specialty lines like the Hail Resistant Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration Storm and Flex series or even better yet their Timberline AS Series from years ago which were rated for up against bad weather conditions but are no longer in production because they did not last long enough under extreme abuse- you can get more than just value for money with these products!

The Owens Corning brand has a strong cost advantage over other brands.

  • Warranty Coverage – Duration shingles offer a similar warranty, but we acknowledge an advantage to GAF with their two lines that boast an unlimited wind protection policy.
    • The warranty benefits are only really helpful for a small niche of homeowners.
  • Duration Compared to Timberline – Wind Performance! Timberline HD’s reputation for superior wind performance has been proven.
    • We’ve heard from many contractors who say that these shingles offer a competitive advantage in comparison to others on the market today, especially when you want your home or business to withstand strong winds without any issue at all – not just some minor problems like cracks here and there which shouldn’t affect how well it functions as long-term solution anyway.

When it comes to durability, SureNail construction technology blows other shingles out of the water! SureNail tech provides a tough shingle for high wind areas.

The new Timberline HDZ and American Harvest line of roofing panels from GAF were meant to be easier for installers because they employed an adhesive strip, which was reinforced with wider nails.

However this feedback got mixed reviews since Surenails are already strong enough without any enhancements made by other companies!

GAF’s new line of Shingle high-wind performance features are designed to give homeowners peace of mind when they need it most.

As an example, these shingles can withstand winds up at 80 miles per hour on the Beaufort Scale with no problem! GAF is now the best option for those living in windy regions.

  • More Options – With a pleasing array of colors and styles, Owens Corning is one of the most attractive building materials on today’s market.
  • The Duration Designer series from OC compares most closely with GAF’s American Harvest lines and we especially like the nicely varied blends in this collection.

Looking At Some Premium Shingles

With only three designer/premium lines, there’s not much choice when it comes to Owens Corning. GAF offers seven shingle series in the premium category.

The cost of GAF Designer/Premium Shingles ranges from midrange to very expensive.

We believe the top lines should be on par with some of the best premium shingles available, like CertainTeed and Malarkey. The GAF warranty on these can’t be beat!

All seven lines come with limited lifetime warranties that don’t prorate in the first decade, 130 mph wind guarantees and stain protection for as long as you own your boat.

  • These Slateline tiles are perfect for anyone who wants their space to have a bit of old-world classiness.
    • With the tabs being uniform in shape and size, these slates will add style while still remaining affordable enough that you can stock up on as many different colors or patterns as your heart desires!
    • If you’re looking for understated elegance with a roof, this is the perfect choice.
    • It works best on brick or stucco surfaces that don’t have any other style of stone or wood around it because otherwise there will be too much contrast between them and make everything else blend in poorly.
    • The four colors are dark, which is typical of slate.
    • It’s worth stressing that these tiles will be a good value in the Designer category!
  • The GAF Grand Sequoia shingle is a showstopper.
    • The oversized tabs that replicate wood shakes catch the eye and make its muscular profile proud with 7 medium browns, blacks or grays to create an elegant yet understated look for your home exterior – perfect in any situation!
    • Awnings are a great way to give your home an extra boost in heavy weather.
    • They’ll help keep the rain off of you, protect against wind gusts and even act as shade!
  • The shapes of GAF Woodland shingles are seemingly random compared to Slateline.
    • They have more personality and creativity, making them stand out against the classic look of slate roofs in every town across America!
    • The natural edges of the wood itself give it a friendly and inviting appearance, making it perfect for outdoor use.
    • The sturdy GAF shingles will last season after season without cracking or peeling away in your home’s elements!
    • The extra weight should provide enhanced weather protection.
    • With a thick, durable fabric and sturdy seams to withstand the test of time!
  • The goal with Camelot II shingles is to give the appearance that could only be achieved back in Europe before World War I.
    • Think classic 19th century buildings and early 20th century, too!
    • The look of the lower tabs and upper cut is artfully achieved with a differing design.
    • Camelot II comes in 5 dark tones, each one more rich than the last!
    • If you’re looking for a good long-term investment, this is one of the most cost effective options.
    • With coverage that will give your home 20-30+ years in high quality weather depending on local conditions and need not be replaced often because it can withstand harsh winters without damage!
  • The GAF Grand Sequoia AS roof is the best of its kind because it features SBS modified asphalt.
    • This makes for an impact-resistant product among other roofs on today’s market, which will save you money in repairs down the line!
    • The Class 4 Hail Impact Resistance rating can help homeowners obtain a discount on homeowner’s insurance where large hail or wind-blown debris are common.
    • The GAF Lifetime hail and wind protection roof system is a beautiful, durable option that will last your home for years to come.
    • The sleek appearance coupled with quality make this an appealing investment in higher end homes like yours!
  • The Grand Canyon has a thick shingle in 4 colors, and each “color” features an interesting blend of hues that really produces visual interest.
    • The shape of the tabs on GAF Grand Canyon shingles is unnatural and unappealing. Take a look before you buy!
    • Grand Canyon shingles are a great choice for homeowners who want the unique appearance of stone tiles or wood shakes, but not their durability.
  • The GAF Glenwood impact resistant (IR) shingles take SBS modified construction to the next level – or actually, we’re taking it up another notch by adding triple layers of our special material.
    • Homeowners will want to consider a GAF roof installation if they have deep pockets and the time, money or resources available.

If you’re looking for a roof that can withstand hail storms, GAF’s new IR asphalt shingle line is the one.

The material offers better protection from these types of weather events than standard architectural shingles do and they also come at an affordable price with many color options to choose from!

You can save money on your homeowners insurance by getting a class 4 hail-rated policy.

This coverage will also give you great peace of mind knowing that if there is any major storm, it’ll be able to withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at her!

  • Woodcrest Wood Shake Designer Series lines are a better value than the top GAF Timberline series, but less expensive than Owens Corning Duration.
    • If you’re looking to cover your house in a warmer, richer tone of color this winter then the best thing that we can recommend are darker shingles.
    • These are designed with thick profiles and plenty of material so they’ll keep their luster far longer than thin ones do!
    • The new style of shingles provides more shadowing, and the tabs are cut to produce a staggered lower edge rather than straight.
  • Berkshire is a premium slate-look shingle that closely resembles the GAF Camelot II, though it’s available at lower cost.
    • The Berkshire series is just five colors, but it’s easy to tell that the color hues are varied thanks to diamond-shaped granules.
    • Stateline’s UV-protective granules are designed to improve the life of your shingle.
    • This is a 5-bundle per square shingle, which gives you an idea of how thick it really is.
  • The Woodmoor shingle line from OC is a step up from GAF’s excellent offering.
    • The premium series offers more durability and performance characteristics at an even higher level of craftsmanship, so if your home was built decades ago or you have been renovating again lately then these are what will suit best!
    • Woodmoor’s warranty on their windows and doors is limited, but they do have a good selection of vinyl siding.
    • The GAF Woodland shingle line has a wind warranty of 130 MPH with the enhanced installation method, but only 100 for those who purchase its base model.

Major Durability Features of Shingles To Look Into

1. Class 4 Hail Shingles AKA Impact Resistant Shingles

The word “impact” has been used many times to this point, but here are the specifics about impact ratings.

Underwriters Limited or UL tests a wide range of materials for performance metrics including impacts and their strength in various conditions like temperature changes over time.

The UL 2218 tests for damage caused by the impact of large hail, falling branches and wind-blown debris.

What are Class 4 Hail Shingles?

Hail is a form of precipitation that can have significant impacts on our homes and properties. How much damage a hailstorm causes is heavily dependent on the size of the hail, as well as what kind of surface it hits.

There are three classifications for hail: 1-2 inches in diameter, 2-3 inches in diameter, and 3 inches or greater in diameter, with each having progressively worse consequences.

As opposed to sleet or rain, hail is formed when updrafts of wind are strong enough to carry droplets of water high into the sky where they freeze and form balls of ice.

When the frozen balls of ice fall towards the ground it’s referred to as hail.

Hail is created when updrafts of wind are strong enough to carry droplets of water high into the sky where they freeze and form balls of ice.

However, it’s not until these frozen balls of ice fall towards the ground that hail is officially formed.

How Does Hail Affect Your Shingles?

Hail can cause damage to your roofing, or the shingles on your home. Areas most susceptible to hail are those with roofs that have a greater surface area and/or more exposed edges (such as dormers and valleys).

However, hail doesn’t necessarily need to hit your shingles to do damage; it can affect your home in other ways, such as:

  • Cracking or splitting of your shingles
  • Removal of granules from your shingles
  • Direct impact on the roof and underlying materials (such as steel)

Types of Hail Damage to Shingles:

The most common types of hail damage include:

  • Cracked or split shingles
  • Damaged and missing granules
  • Small holes in the shingles (which can lead to leaks and additional damage)

Hail damage is most often caused by larger hailstones, but they don’t need to be huge – even small stones can do significant damage.

Shingles are commonly composed of three layers, with the outer layer being referred to as the “tab” or “cut”. This is the section that accumulates most of the damage when hail hits.

Since shingles are made up of organic components (such as wood), they can be compromised even if they aren’t completely destroyed in a storm.

If your shingles are older than 20 years, then there is a good chance that they could be vulnerable to hail damage.

How Can I Tell if My Shingles Have Been Damaged?

You can use the following questions as guidelines to determine if you need to get your roof inspected after a hailstorm:

  • Are there areas on your roof that don’t appear to be as reflective as the rest of the surface?
  • Do you notice small holes in some shingles (and not others)?
  • Are there spots where granules have been removed and bare spots show through?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you should have your roof inspected by a professional.

2. Energy Star Certified

ENERGY STAR certified and/or Cool Roof rated, solar-reflective roofing products can help reduce the amount of air conditioning needed in buildings.

It’s been estimated that by using these materials you could save 10-15% on peak demand from your HVAC system!

The most reduction in energy use is enjoyed when the sun shines. Solar shingles are a great way to get your money back!

What Does Energy Star Certified (Minimum 25 SRI Score) Mean?

A home building or remodeling project can earn points towards the ENERGY STAR certification by meeting certain green standards.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established a rating system called the Home Energy Rating System (HERS).

HERS provides national benchmarks of energy efficiency for both new and existing homes.

Understanding the HERS Index

A home’s HERS index is based on the difference in how energy efficient it is compared to a reference home. A reference home meets the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).

The IECC is established by the International Code Council, an independent organization that focuses solely on developing model building codes and standards.

The HERS index is useful to help you determine whether or not your home is energy efficient.

If the score of your home’s HERS index is lower than that of a reference home, then it means your house requires more work in improving its efficiency.

If you are building a new home, be sure to consult with an ENERGY STAR certified professional to help you design a home with an efficient HERS index.

Minimum Energy Star Standards for New Homes

All ENERGY STAR homes must meet the following requirements:

  • At least 20% better than homes built to meet the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC)
  • A home that earns an HERS label index of 100 or less
  • At least 50% better than homes built to meet the IECC with no label
  • A home with a HERS label index of 8.0 or less

All new homes must meet the requirements set forth by their local building code, as well as those established by ENERGY STAR.

In addition, any new home or home renovation project that receives an ENERGY STAR label must meet the following standards:

  • The HERS index must beat homes built to meet the IECC by at least 20%
  • The HERS index must be 100 or less
  • The HERS index must beat homes built to meet the IECC by at least 50% and have no label

When you are looking for a new roofing shingle, one of the main things to consider is if it will stand up to hail. In fact, this should be the first thing on your mind when considering a new roof installation.

Energy efficiency too is an important factor in shingles. If you are trying to conserve energy, it is possible with the latest technology to get both your roof and energy efficiency done at one time.

Hire the Right Owens Corning and GAF Roofing Shingles Contractor

Homeowners often do not think about their roof until it is damaged.

Oftentimes, this is due to poor hiring practices; homeowners put off hiring a contractor because they are too caught up in the minutiae of insurance claims and simply get frustrated when trying to compare different contractors’ bids.

A better approach would be to hire a reputable roofing contractor in the beginning.

The two most popular roofing shingles brands are Owens Corning and GAF. If you have either of these types of shingle, then that is a good start.

However, there are many other factors to consider when hiring a professional roofer to replace your shingles.

So make sure to do your assignment – find the right shingle or hire a contractor and trust their advice.

Remember that it usually takes a professional several hours to successfully complete the installation of a new roof.

So if you don’t want to waste your money, then you should be hiring a professional contractor.