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Roof Replacement Costs in New Jersey

Roof Replacement Costs in New Jersey

Besides being a functional aspect of your home, a new roof can also significantly increase the curb appeal of your home and raise its value. And if you live in New Jersey, you might wonder how much it would cost you to replace your roof.

So how much does a New Jersey roof replacement cost exactly? 

The average cost of a new roof in New Jersey is $8,845. The most common type of roofing material being installed by homeowners in the state is asphalt shingles which average between $200 and $330 per roof square.

The average cost to replace a roof in New Jersey will depend on several factors, including:

  • The size of your home
  • The materials you pick
  • The contractor you choose to work with

Let’s look at a few important pointers to help you find the best estimate for your roofing replacement project in NJ.

Factors That Determine Roof Replacement Costs In New Jersey?

When it comes to roof replacement costs in New Jersey, there are a number of factors that can influence the final price. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Roof size. The size of your roof is one of the biggest factors affecting how much it will cost to replace your roof. The larger your home’s roof, the more material and labor it will require to complete a successful replacement.

  • Roof style. Another major contributor to replacing a roof is its style (flat, sloped), as this determines how much material you’ll need for a successful installation and whether additional permits will be required from local authorities before construction can begin on your project.

  • The quality and durability level of each material used during the construction process also plays an important role in determining overall replacement costs for commercial buildings as well as residential homes across NJ. 

What Is the Average Cost of a New Roof In New Jersey?

In addition to this material’s popularity, it also happens to be the most affordable choice when it comes to replacing your home’s exterior covering.

If you’re looking for something with more style and durability than your standard asphalt shingle but not quite as expensive as metal or wood shake options on the market, cedar shake might be right up your alley.

This type of shingle has been around since colonial times and still offers great protection against weather damage while looking more attractive than its rubber counterparts.

It’ll cost you around $7/square foot in NJ—a far cry from other types of roofs like slate or cedar siding which can cost upwards of $12/square foot!

Slate roofs are also popular among homeowners because they provide some natural color variation that stands out from other materials available today due to their unique shapes and patterns.

Roof Replacement Costs in New Jersey

What Are the Common Types of Roofs Used for Homes?

There are several common types of roofs that NJ homeowners may choose from when the time finally comes to replace the roof. Some of the more popular options are:

  • Asphalt shingles – These are available in a variety of colors and styles, and they each have varying lifespans. Most asphalt shingles come with a limited warranty against leaks, but this is generally only good for 10 to 25 years (depending on the manufacturer).

  • Metal roofs – In addition to being durable, metal roofs tend to be cool in summer and warm in winter. They also add value to your home by making it look more modern or upscale. The slight downside is that metal roofs can cost anywhere between $950 and $1,250 depending on the provider and the contractor you approach.

  • Tile roofs – Tiles can be made from a variety of materials including clay or concrete. However, most tiles today are ceramic because they’re lightweight and easy to install without causing damage during installation.

You’ll want a tile roof if you live in an area where there’s lots of rain or snowfall, and that should remind you of New Jersey as a state.

However, if you live somewhere where there isn’t much precipitation, then you might consider another type instead since tile is harder than other types when exposed directly to bare dirt (which means erosion could become an issue over time).

Is It Always Important to Replace the Entire Roof at One Time?

While the roof replacement process is no walk in the park, it is worth it to replace your entire roof at once.

The cost of materials and labor may be higher than if you replaced only a portion of your roof before going for another section, but this is due to several factors.

First, there are some materials that require professional installation only—such as metal roofs or high-quality shingles—and if you hire someone who is not properly trained on how to use these items correctly, they could easily damage them during installation and make them unusable.

Second, it’s important that all areas of your home have proper ventilation during hot summer days so that they don’t become too hot or humid inside while you’re away from home; otherwise, mold spores could grow on their own accord which can cause respiratory problems later on down the line if left unchecked! Last but not least…

Where Can You Buy a New Roof for Your Home In New Jersey?

You can buy a new roof from local roofing contractors, online contractors, and distributors.

  • Local contractors may be able to offer you the best value for your money because they have lower overhead costs than an online or national company. Local contractors also have access to more kinds of materials that are specific to your area.

  • Online contractors may be able to offer you lower prices because they’ve cut out many of the middlemen (like distribution stores) in between manufacturers and wholesalers on one side and homeowners on the other—which means less overhead for them too. However, it’s important that any contractor you use has a good reputation so that their work will last as long as possible!

Common Signs You Should Replace Your Roof 

If you have a roof that is showing signs of wear and tear, or if your home has been damaged by severe weather, it may be time to replace your roof.

While it’s a big investment, replacing your roof is the easiest way to make sure your home stays protected and that you’re not leaving yourself vulnerable to future damage.

Here are some warning signs that your roof needs a replacement.

  • Your Roof Becomes Leaky: If your roof begins to leak, that’s a sure sign it’s time to call in a licensed roofing contractor. For example, if the roof is beginning to leak because of a buildup of ice and snow or because of age and weather exposure, this is usually a sign that your roof needs to be replaced. 

Older roofs tend to leak more, especially if they’re not in a well-ventilated and insulated spot. Leaky roofs also let water into your attic, which can cause the insulation to deteriorate or make you susceptible to mold.

In addition, damage from hail, winds, or snow can cause rain and ice to get inside your home, exposing your roof to rot, and leading to even more leaks.

Minor roof leaks can be repaired, but if they become frequent and more unmanageable, it could be best to have the entire roof removed and a new one installed.

  • Sagging roof: When your roof begins to sag because it’s not supporting your home as well, this is another sign that your roof needs to be replaced. If your roof is sagging even a few inches, then you need to be proactive and call in a professional roofing contractor for help. They’ll advise you promptly on whether a new one is needed or the roofing bodywork needs reinforcing.

  • Missing shingles: If the roof is missing any of its shingles, or the shingles are so badly damaged that they need to be replaced, it’s time to take action.

  • Fading or peeling paint: If you notice fading or peeling paint around your windows, garage door, or deck, this is another sign that you need to get your roof fixed. The roof needs to be on an even keel with the siding so that the paint doesn’t get damaged by water dripping or snow buildup. And if it’s beyond repair, a replacement could be necessary.
Roof Replacement Costs in New Jersey

When is the Best Time for a Roof Replacement in New Jersey?

New Jersey is a great place to live, but it’s also subject to a lot of weather. This means that your roof will likely be exposed to extreme temperatures, heavy rains, snowfall, and more.

If your roof is starting to show signs of wear, it’s important to consider replacing it before any damage can occur.

The best times to install a new roof in New Jersey may include:

  • Before the winter months when the weather is coldest
  • After heavy storms have passed through
  • Just after a hurricane or other major storm hits the area
  • When a lot of rain or snowfall is on the way

Ways to Bring Your Roof Replacement Costs Down 

Depending on the location of your home in New Jersey, the materials you pick, the contractor you approach, and other factors, your roof can be replaced for about $5,000 and $10,000, or even more.

In a nutshell, roofing replacement is a huge project – one that can hit your wallet or bank account pretty hard. The good thing is that there are a few ways to save money without sacrificing the quality of work done. Some of these include:

  • Shop around for quotes from different contractors
  • Ask about any warranties that come with the new roof
  • Get involved in purchasing the materials
  • Consider using a contractor who offers financing options
  • Don’t forget to hire a reputed contractor who also gives you room for negotiation.

You can research and find the best estimate for your newly installed replacement roof

The first thing to do is research and find the best estimate for your newly installed replacement roof. You may want to ask friends, neighbors, and co-workers who have had their roofs replaced in the past how much it cost them.

Your contractor should be able to provide you with a price quote based on the materials they will use as well as any additional work that may need to be done such as adding shingles around chimneys or skylights.

The next step is finding a reputable contractor that has experience installing replacement roofs in New Jersey and will deliver on time at an affordable price.

It’s best if the contractor is licensed and insured before you hire them because this ensures that they will follow all state regulations during the process of installation including obtaining permits from local building departments before beginning work on site.

Other Costs Associated with Roof Replacement

While much of what you spend to replace a roof will go towards the materials and labor, roof replacement can attract a score of other charges.

Just so you can include them in your budget, some of these costs may include the following:

  • Building permits
  • Roof inspection
  • Concealed roof defects
  • Teardown and dumping fees
  • Other parts of the home that may need replacement
Roof Replacement Costs in New Jersey


A new roof is an investment in your home that will pay off in the long term. You can expect to get many years of service from a well-installed roof, which will ultimately save you money in the long run.

And for what it’s worth, replacing a roof in NJ does not have to be expensive. If you plan ahead, understand what to look for, and find the right contractor, you can save hundreds of potentially thousands of dollars from a roof replacement project as well as the damage you might have incurred if you stayed with the same old roof.