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What Roof Warranties Cover

what roof warranties cover

The roof is one of the most important parts of a house. It provides shelter and protection from the elements to those inside, and it also prevents water from getting into your home through leaks or other damage.

If you have recently purchased a new home with an HVAC system, then you should take advantage of having a warranty on both the roof and the HVAC system as well.

This blog post will talk about what roof warranties cover so that you can make sure to get all of coverage for your investment in your home!

What are these Roof Warranties?

The two types of warranties that protect a roof investment are from the manufacturer of your materials and your contractor.

Roof Material Warranties

Roofing manufacturers sell warranties to protect their products.

These can vary quite a bit depending on the type of roofing material you have installed, but they will usually cover certain defects that are present in materials or installation at time of purchase for either ten years or twenty years.

For example, asphalt shingles may be covered up to thirty-five years, but metal may only be covered for five to ten years.

The contractor’s warranty will cover the installation of these materials, and this is typically good for at least two or three years after installation.

If you have purchased a home with an HVAC system that has warranties on it as well, then you should make sure that you get this information from the seller.

Any warranty from a manufacturer is only going to cover their specific materials.

HVAC System Warranties

The HVAC system warranty will cover a certain number of parts and labor for repairs to your AC unit, furnace, ductwork, air handler or other related systems.

In order to make sure that you are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, you should make sure to read the fine print on any HVAC system warranties.

This is especially true if you are purchasing a new home and want to get an HVAC system warranty that will cover the seller of your house as well.

There are many different roofs installed in homes across America each year, but not all of them come with a warranty that you can depend on.

If you have recently purchased a home, make sure to ask your seller about what roof warranties cover so you know the complete picture of how much protection is provided by different types of roofs and HVAC systems!

Roofing Contractor Warranties

A roofing contractor’s warranty is a guarantee that the work done was professionally completed. A workmanship warranty is in place to protect the homeowner from careless or lazy contractors.

Roofers should provide you with their installation and labor warranties as well as those from any subcontractors they have used to complete your project.

These can be one or two years depending on the company providing them, but it is best just to ask for them if you are concerned about what is covered.

There is a warranty through the manufacturer of shingles that will cover any damage done to the roof for 25 years. If your roofing materials fail because of improper installation, the contractor is on the hook to fix it.

Be careful when hiring contractors because their workmanship warranty is only as good as the paper it’s written on. So be mindful of a reputable one.

what roof warranties cover

Best Warranties Comes from Local Roofing Contractors

If your roof starts to leak, you can get it repaired or replaced with a warranty. Hiring a local roofing contractor is an even more important step in protecting your investment.

A local roofing contractor will have been working in the area for a long time and know all about any issues with roofs on nearby homes.

There are benefits of hiring a local roofing contractor, especially if they work with an insurance claim. These could be what you should enjoy:

  • They will know the local building codes, what is required for your insurance claim to be approved.
  • They can provide you with a high quality workmanship warranty that other contractors may not have been able to do in the past.
  • A roofing contractor who comes recommended means they’ve done great work on nearby homes and should help reduce any worries about them not doing a good job.
  • They will help you to get the best warranty available for your roof and HVAC system that can cover any defects or damage caused by work done on the house.

An important part of purchasing a home is making sure that it has all needed warranties in place for both its roofs as well as its HVAC system.

That way, you can make sure that the home will be protected for several years in case of any problems with either type of warranty!

Benefits of Immediate Roof Warranty Claim

An immediate roof warranty claim will allow you to get your shingles replaced or repaired. It also can be used for additional repairs, such as damage done to the flashing around vents and pipes that are located on a roof’s edge.

The importance of an immediate roof warranty is getting your home protected so it doesn’t have any further damage. It’s best to get the roof warranty claims handled with a contractor right away so there isn’t any damage done to your home and you can keep it in good condition for years!

An immediate roof claim is important because it offers protection against shingles blowing off of your home due to strong winds whenever they occur during storms, such as hurricanes or tornadoes.

This is important because it means you don’t have to worry about getting your roof fixed before a storm hits and can keep your house safe from any damage!

You should get an immediate roof warranty claim if the contractor doesn’t complete all of the work that was agreed upon in writing, such as incomplete gutter installation, fencing that wasn’t completed, or missing soffit.

If you have any problems with the job being done by a contractor on your home for whatever reason, an immediate roof claim is important because it will help ensure there are no issues!

A local roofing company offers great warranty options to homeowners through their contracts.

They also have years of experience in the community and are able to provide you with high quality workmanship warranty that other contractors may not be able to do so.

The best roof warranties come from local roofing companies because they will know your area well enough to give you any needed information about what is required for insurance claims on roofs as well as being able to provide you with high quality workmanship warranty that other contractors may not be able to do so.

What Roof Warranties Don’t Cover?

A roof warranty will not cover any damage or loss that happens as a result of neglect, improper care and maintenance, lack of repair done by the homeowner, poor weather conditions such as hail storms or rain storms among other things.

Here are also a couple of things that roof warranties may not cover:

  • A roof warranty may not cover any material that was not originally included in the installation.
  • A faulty or defective HVAC system will be a problem with your roofs, so you should definitely get an air conditioning and heating system inspection done prior to finalizing a purchase of a home before going ahead with it!
  • Also, some roofing companies only cover leaks that come from a failure of the shingle. They do not provide any coverage for failed flashing or other protective elements on your home.

You should check with your local contractors and insurance company to find out what they offer in terms of warranties. Make sure you know exactly what is covered and what is not.

Your local roofing contractor should be able to help you find the best warranties possible for your home, so don’t hesitate to ask them!

what roof warranties cover