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Do Roofing Shingles Burn

do roofing shingles burn

Do roofing shingles burn? Yes, they can. Shingles are made from various materials such as asphalt and rubber that will easily catch fire when exposed to high heat.

When this happens, the intense flames can quickly spread across your roof or home. So what should you do if your roof is on fire? Contact a qualified roofer immediately for help!

Roofing Shingles Does Burn

When a fire starts on the inside of a home and spreads to the roof, both shingles and roof decks might burn.

The resistance to fire of the roofing shingles are classified by how strong they are. The classification rating links to the various flame propagation ratings.

The 4 Classification Rankings

Class A Grade – A grade A shingle is the best you can get. A fire resistant material can be used in areas where a wildfire is likely to occur.

These shingles can withstand fire for a long period of time. These shingles are good for fire-proof roofs because they can withstand the heat.

Class B Grade – A Class B shingle is less resistant to fire. These shingles can resist a small flame for a short period of time.

Class C Grade – These roofs are the least resistant to fire and will give out if exposed to flames for too long. The material used in these roofing shingles aren’t as fireproof as the other two.

Unrated – Unrated roofing shingles are made from asphalt or fiberglass. They can easily catch on fire and burn down your house. This is the reason why it’s important to check for a Fire Resistance Rating label on your shingle bundles before installation.

When exposed to heat, these materials will start melting and dripping off of the surface if unrated shingles burn.

You should avoid using unrated roofing materials because they are less resistant to fire than rated products.

Roof Shingle Fire Damage Repair

A lot of damage can be done when your roof is on fire, so it’s important to get help from a professional if this happens.

When the heat reaches the point where the shingles are no longer able to resist, it’s time for you to leave. If your roof is burning, call 911 immediately!

If there are any fires in or near your home and you have a wood shake roof with exposed wooden decking, this will burn much easier than asphalt shingle roofs without an exposed deck.

The longer you wait to evacuate, the higher the risk of injury and death.

Once fire crews arrive on scene, they will begin their operations by extinguishing all flames near your home while also protecting it from further damage.

The firefighters might try to access your roof in order to remove any smoldering debris that’s left behind after a major blaze has subsided.

The roofing shingles that have been exposed to a lot of heat will most likely break apart and fall off the roof as they cool down, leaving your home with a bare surface after all is said and done.

If you want someone to help with any damages caused by fire damage or water from firefighters putting out flames, contact a roofing contractor.

Do Roofing Shingles Burn

Roof Shingle Fire Damage Insurance Claim

If you have insurance, check with your agent to see what’s covered when it comes to damage caused by fire.

Most home insurers require prompt notification in the event of a loss or claim, so be sure that you follow up as soon as possible if there is any sort of damage that results from a fire.

  • If you have homeowners insurance, your policy will determine the extent of coverage for roof repair or replacement costs.
    • Most policies do not cover acts of nature such as lightning strikes and fires, so it’s a good idea to review your policy carefully before filing any claims.
    • If there is no damage done to shingles or the roof decking, your insurer might not have to pay for a new roof.
  • In most cases, home insurance companies will expect you to replace the old material with an identical grade and style of shingle that was damaged in order to retain its original warranty.
    • If this is going to be done as part of a claim settlement process, your roofer of choice can provide you with an estimate of how much it will cost to have the replacement work done.
  • However, some homeowners might be able to get away with just having their shingle’s fire resistance rating label checked and replaced if necessary for a claim settlement without having to replace entire bundles or rolls of roofing materials.
    • Your insurer will have to approve this kind of claim settlement in advance before you begin the work, so be sure to check with them first.
  • If your roofing shingles are made from fiberglass or asphalt, they can easily catch on fire when exposed to extreme heat for too long.
    • The material used in these shingles is much less resistant than those made of organic materials like wood, so they are not suitable for use on roofs that receive a lot of direct sunlight.

Cedar roof shingles tend to burn slower than other kinds because the material has an oil content and is naturally resistant to fire damage.

You can tell if your cedar shakes have been exposed to heat by looking at them closely. If you notice that they are starting to smolder or discolor, it’s time for you to get out of the house immediately!

Do Roofing Shingles Burn