Fascia and Soffit Replacement

The fascia and soffit replacement process is a common project for homeowners looking to improve their home’s curb appeal. This article will explore the benefits of fascia and soffit replacements, how often this should be done, what materials can be used, and how much it costs. 

fascia and soffit replacement

What are Fascia and Soffit?

Perhaps you hear these words frequently when you discuss roof replacement or addressing issues about your roof. However, some homeowners are not very familiar with these terms and wonder what soffits and fascia are.

The fascia is the appealing board, along with the side parts of the overhang. It’s like a roof that helps your entire roof appear to finish. Above the fascia board is where your gutter sits, and it works as a transition trim between the roofline and your home. In other words, the fascia supports the shingles and helps you keep the moisture out.

On the other hand, the soffit is one of the overhang parts where the roof meets the siding. It runs down during rain and winter and allows water to flow away from the house. Moreover, the soffit can be found underneath the overhang, between the roof edges and the side of your home.

You should know that not all homes come with a soffit because it varies on the style of the roof. But it’s a common component that every homeowner must be aware of as it helps keep the home’s temperature regulated.

Importance of Fascia and Soffit Replacement 

Fascia and soffits are perhaps one of the most critical yet underrated parts of the roofing system. Many would find it unnecessary and would not play an essential role in the roofing performance. But since it’s important, these are the benefits of fascia and soffit replacement.

  • It gives home exterior and attractive finished look 

Soffits and fascia can help enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. However, when you look at it on the outside, you will see that it gives an attractive finish that some houses lack.

  • It prevents the home from getting damaged 

Another benefit of having fascia and soffit replacement is that it prevents your home from damaging its structure. In addition, it helps keep pests from getting inside the house and prevents moisture from building up that may lead to the growth of molds or rotted sheathing and rafters.

  • It regulates home temperature

The soffit and fascia always protect the roof and allow excellent ventilation for your home. Since cool and dry air is drawn into the soffit vent, the hot moist air is forced out of the roof exhaust vents.

  • Low-maintenance 

The soffits and fascia don’t always require much attention. They are typically maintenance-free especially if it’s being installed to modern houses. The materials are easy to find as well.

When Should I Replace My Soffits and Fascia?

Because of cold weather like snow, rain, and ice, soffits and fascia will be critical in preventing roof and shingle damages. Unfortunately, one of the factors that could damage the fascia and soffits is ice. That’s why the roof must not forget to install the fascia and soffits and have them replaced when needed to prevent them from getting severe damages. 

So how would you know when to have fascia and soffit replacement? In this section, you will be guided in determining when you should replace soffits and fascia. 

  •  When there is rotting wood 

Once in a while, you can check your roof using a ladder. However, when you see rotting woods or notice that there are leaks somewhere else, it’s a sign that it needs replacement. 

  •  When the fascia needs painting 

Over time, the painting of the fascia fades and may look discolored. When you notice it happening, know that it already needs replacement. It should not be repainted; it must be replaced. 

  • When small animals or pests get into your home 

A roof is a place where pests and small animals are likely to stay. When you see these, do not hesitate to call a professional for the replacement. If these issues were not addressed early, it could lead to damaging the roof. 

  • When you need roof and siding replacement

The soffit and fascia issues can be a problem when it’s too late to make a move. However, if you plan on having your siding and roof replaced, then perhaps consider having the fascia and soffit replacement as well. 

How Much Do New Fascias and Soffits Cost?

One way to always keep an adequately maintained soffit and fascia are to have an inspection once a year. And as for the cost, it can vary depending on the size of your house. There are also other factors like the materials needed for the construction and other damages that need repairing. 

In most cases, the fascia and soffit replacement cost per linear foot is around $20-$30 for soffit and approximately $15-$25 for each linear foot for installing the fascia. So you will know that the investment is worth the money you paid, especially when it’s protecting your home. 


Upgrading your existing roof gives an added value to your home. It also helps you improve the looks and feel of your home. With fascia and soffit replacement, it’s not only adding an attractive look to your exterior, but it could also help you in many ways to keep your home in an excellent state. And though the prices for fascia and soffit replacement could vary, it is still a good investment in the long run.

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