How Much Does a Bundle of Shingles Weigh

When you plan to replace or get a new roof, you sometimes forget that roofers will not handle the removal of their current roof. 

The contractors are the ones who will remove the old roof, and you’ll be the one to get a dumpster that is right the size. 

That said, you have to know how much does a bundle of shingles weigh and get an estimate. That’s why in today’s article, you will learn about how much does a bundle of shingles weigh plus tips to save money.

how much does a bundle of shingles weigh

Estimating Bundle of Roofing Shingles Weight And Save Cost

At first, you would try to compute what size of dumpster you’re going to rent to properly fit all the shingles that will be detached from your roof. But you can’t do this if you have no idea how much a bundle of shingles weighs. 

That’s why you need to understand and identify the weight of the shingle bundles removed. Of course, you also need to consider additional debris that would possibly be included in the dumpster. This extra debris comes with a price as well. 

Understanding the Roofing Square

When it comes to shingles in terms of roofing, the most basic unit when they measure things is in 100 sq. feet, not a square foot. So, if you will follow that logic, a 1000 square foot roof is about ten roofing squares. 

However, this is not the unit that shingles come in, as shingles come in a bundle. So, theoretically, a 1,000 square foot roof that comes in 10 roofing squares is about 30 bundles of shingles. Therefore, it’s about one-third of a roofing square. 

You should know that it’s not enough computation since you also need to consider the durability and thickness of the size. Usually, the sturdier and the thicker the shingle, the less area it covers. It can also be reduced to a quarter of a square in other circumstances. 

  • Calculating the Weight of a Shingle Bundle 

The ideal way to estimate your old shingle’s weight is by determining the number of bundles on your roof. You can do this by calculating the amount of bundle by using the roof’s square foot. 

Each bundle measures 33 square feet, and if the size of your roof is 1,200 sq. feet, it means that there are about 36 shingle bundles. For the weight, each shingle bundle varies on the kind of shingles that you have. Most modern shingles bundles weigh between 60-80 pounds. Here is a sample breakdown of the usual roofing materials. 

How much does a bundle of shingles weigh?

  • Asphalt shingles: weigh 50-80 pounds each bundle 
  • Metal roof: weigh 60-100 pounds each bundle (depends on how strong they are) 
  • Clay tile: weigh up to 300 pounds each bundle

How much do 45 bundles of shingles weigh? 

You can use the above figures to compute the weight range if you want to identify how much the new shingle will weigh. For instance, 3-tab shingles usually weigh less than the architectural shingles, and that usually come between 45 to 60 pounds each bundle. 

Knowing how much a bundle of 3-tab shingles will help you, especially if you want to compute the removal debris since most shingles were removed about three-tab variety. With that, these figures are ok to get started. 

And since you already have an idea about it, don’t let it be at your discretion as to the material you’re going to remove from your house. As long as you know the size that your roof has, you will know the factors that will determine the total. 

Types of Shingle that Affect the Weight 

You should know that shingles are not created equally. It depends on the kind of shingle you’re going to order or the type you will haul from your roof. That said, it can impact how much debris will be formed. 

Aside from Asphalt, you might also want to know the weight of other types of shingles. Check out these shingle types and know which is the heaviest. This is important since the type of shingle is a contributing factor to identify the shingle bundle weight. 

  • Slate Shingle

When you notice that your roof is made of rocks, then it’s probably called slate shingle. Then being a rock means it’s a heavy shingle type. It’s made of natural material that varies its weight that would depend on the slate sheets used to make the materials. 

In most cases, slate shingles that will be hauled off your roof are about a century old. These are heavy and often weigh more than 1000 pounds per sq. And since slate roofs also come different, you may also guess for calculating the weight. 

When it comes to renting a dumpster for a slate roof, perhaps you’re stuck between 2 sizes. However, it is recommended that you go with a larger dumpster to be sure. 

Also, see to it that the contractor that will remove the slate roofing must be a professional and has insurance for removing rock roofing can be dangerous. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact contractors near you.

  • Wood or Cedar Shingle  

Perhaps you’re familiar with wood shingles. Its weight varies the same way slate shingle weight. The cedar or wood roofing is natural, not consistently uniform, especially with older roofs installed more than centuries ago. 

It’s going to be difficult to know the precise weight. That’s why it is advisable to air the auction’s side and estimate how heavy it is rather than its lightness. 

Nowadays, you can purchase wood shingles that weigh 200 pounds in every bundle, but not more than 700 pounds per bundle. You will need about 3+ bundles of wood shingles per sq. roofing, and the entire weight per square is wide. It’s between 600-2100 pounds per sq. 

Important Note: If you’re computing the weight to remove cedar shingles, you have to see the number of shingle layers on the roof. It could probably look like a single layer on the ground, but there are at least two layers of cedar or wood shingles attached when you check the roof. 

What Do 10 Squares of Shingles Weigh?

We all know why roofing contractors commend architectural shingles rather than three-tab shingles. They’re sturdier and come with better restriction appeal than the 3-tab. However, architectural shingles come with added weight, as it weighs about twenty pounds more than a bundle of 3-tab that come in sizes that are the same.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that the higher quality of shingles often weighs more than the ordinary quality. This time, we will know how many squares of shingles can fit a dumpster. 

When you rent a dumpster, you can fit anywhere from 4 to 20 squares of shingles in the container, depending on the dumpster’s size and the type of shingles you’re tossing. Here is a sample illustration: 

  • Asphalt Three-Tab 

Up to 15 squares for 10 yards 

Up to 15 squares for 15 yards 

Up to 20 squares for 20 yards 

  • Architectural Asphalt 

Up to 10 squares for 10 yards

Up to 10 squares for 15 yards 

Up to 15 squares for 20 yards 

  • Slate 

4-6 squares for 10 yards

4-6 squares for 15 yards 

 6-7 squares for 20 yards

If you’re having large roof tear-offs, you can schedule an empty and return service, or you can just rent more than one dumpster to prevent overloading the container beyond the road’s safety limits and to prevent overage fees. 

Considerations in Choosing a Dumpster 

Like what was mentioned earlier, the type of shingle is an aspect of the total weight of debris. However, it is not the only aspect to consider when it comes to renting a dumpster. Here are some of the considerations that will help in choosing the dumpster. 

  • Knowing the number of layers that the roof has

The simplest way to estimate the number of shingle layers your roof has is by looking at it sideways. You will know if there is only one layer if the shingles will look even with the wood under. However, you will know that there is more than only one layer if you notice that the shingles are thicker. 

If this happens, you can count and check the layers loaded on top of each layer. You can also climb using a ladder for closer inspection and a better view. And when you get a better visual assessment up there, you can pull each of the layers back little by little to check if there is another underneath. 

  • Numerous layers of shingles will require you to rent more than one dumpster 

Whenever you’re getting a quote from roofing establishments, usually include 1- to 2 layers of shingle disposal at no added cost. However, if you see that there are two layers, expect that the cost will increase. It’s because each additional layer doubles the quantity of debris. And if there are two layers of shingles on your roof, it would also double the number of the shingles than one layer. 

Also, if you intend to complete the removal process or re-roofing on your own, see to it that you already know precisely the number of shingle layers that you are removing. Again, this is to avoid getting added costs when the project is ongoing. 

  • Dealing with rotted or sagging plywood decking 

When you’re done removing the shingles from your roof, there’s a possibility that there is damaged plywood that exists underneath. Perhaps the rotting or sagging could be minor, but about 100 sq. feet of wood must be replaced most of the time. Again, just set an arrangement with the contractors that this would be free with your roofing project. 

Just a piece of advice, you must plan at about 100 sq. feet (minimum) of additional wood in your dumpster. For you to be sure, inspect the attic first before the contract with the dumpster gets finalized. Then, when you see big covers of damaged plywood inside your attic, then perhaps you can rely on the additional damaged wood of the dumpster. 

  • Surcharges and weight limits of dumpster company

Many dumpster businesses have weight limits that might fall less than the actual amount that a dumpster can hold. Just because the dumpster you rented fits tons of debris/shingles does not mean you have to fill it to its maximum capacity. 

 You should know that you will be charged with other surcharges once your dumpster is hauled away when you exceed limits. To keep yourself protected, ensure that you check the company where you rented your dumpster and get the list of possible surcharges. That way, they could explain to you and for transparency.


Knowing the weight of the shingles bundle will help you when you need to order a dumpster. It might be difficult at first, but once you finally know how to compute it the right way, you can plan accordingly.

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