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How to Clean Gutters with Leaf Blower | Helpful Guide

how to clean gutters with leaf blower

Gutters can be difficult to clean, especially if they are in an area that is hard to reach. In this blog post we show you How to Clean Gutters with Leaf Blower!

A leaf blower can make this job much easier by blowing leaves and other debris into the gutter where you can then vacuum them up with a wet-dry vacuum.

This blog post will outline how to use a leaf blower for gutter cleaning!

What is a leaf blower?

A tool that propels air out the nozzle which can blow or vacuum up materials. The leaf blower is great not only for home, but also commercial use.

It’s commonly used to clean gutters because it gets gutter cleaning done quickly and efficiently, saving you time and effort.

How to Clean Gutters with Leaf Blower?

Gutter cleaning with a leaf blower is simple.

First, attach the extension poles to the nozzle, which will provide you with higher reach while cleaning out your gutters.

Then, use it like any other vacuum or broom to suck up any debris in your gutters.

You can also use this tool to blow dry leaves, pine needles, and other debris out of your gutters.

Why choose Leaf blower?

Leaf blower is a powerful yet lightweight product. They are pretty inexpensive and they provide fast results.

There are mulching, gas powered and cordless leaf blowers to choose from depending on what you will be using it for.

Leaf blowers are also easy to start up with minimum hassle involved. Their air speed is high and they can remove leaves or limbs from the gutter in a matter of minutes.

There are several brands to choose from when looking for a leaf blower. Some popular brands include B&D, Black and Decker, Craftsman, Echo, Ryobi and Toro.

Things To Look For When Shopping for Leaf Blower

You need to look at the following factors when buying a leaf blower.

1. Safety Features – The gas powered leaf blowers are more powerful and since they are multi-task machines it is crucial that you choose one with safety features such as lock off switches which prevent accidental starting or leaks.

You also want a leaf blower which has a cord containment system to keep the cord from tangling up in the machine when it is in use.

2. Noise Level, Air Speed and Air Volume – You need to look at what you plan on using your blower for and how long you will be using your machine.

If you are going to use your blower for a long time you need to choose a powerful leaf blower.

If you are going to be using it in your backyard, to clean up leaves or small branches, then choosing one with good air speed and volume is the way to go.

3. Maintenance Requirements – Some types of machines require more maintenance than others when it comes to cleaning.

Gas powered machines require a lot of maintenance, because you have to clean the carburetor and if you let them sit for a long time they can become unusable since their engine oil can dry up.

If you plan on keeping your blower for a long time then look at the machine’s warranty as well as its power output.

Steps in cleaning gutters with a Leaf blower

Having your gutters cleaned is very important to prevent them from overflowing when there are heavy rains or snow.

However, it is not always practical to hire a professional to do the task as they might charge you high fees especially if your gutters are hard to reach.

Cleaning the gutter manually could be time-consuming and difficult as well, but using a leaf blower could make this process simple and quick for anyone at any level of expertise.

All you have to do is follow these steps:

Step 1: Find the downspout

The first step of how to clean gutters with a leaf blower is to find the downspout that leads from your roof into your gutter.

Once you have identified it, remove it from its position in the house.

You can do this by unscrewing or pulling it from its place. If there is a water knob below the downspout, turn it to shut off the flow of water.

Step 2: Prepare the leaf blower

Now that you have your downspout disconnected, next find your leaf blower. You will need a powerful one to ensure the job gets done quickly.

Connect your leaf blower to where the downspout is now empty.

Make sure you have attached it properly, as this will be what moves the leaves from off of your roof and into your gutter or yard.

Step 3: Clear gutters from roof

Turn on your leaf blower and move it back and forth over the gutter. Keep to one side rather than moving it across the roof in a zigzag pattern.

If you clear the gutters from one side of the roof, you can then turn around and do the other side without needing to move your leaf blower.

Try to aim the leaves into one particular area of your yard or gutter, if possible. If you accumulate too many leaves in one place they could become a fire hazard.

Step 4: Remove accumulated leaves

  • Once all the leaves are blown from your roof, look over your yard for any spots where there might be loose leaves.
    • If you spot any, use your leaf blower to blow those leaves into a pile where you can pick them up together.
  • With the bulk of the leaves gone from your yard, now you can move on to cleaning out the gutter.
    • Put on some gloves and attach a water nozzle (a pipe with a valve at the end) to your spigot.
  • Turn on the water and direct it at the lowest part of your gutter (the downspout may also be near this area).
    • Once you have turned off your water, use a long-handled shovel or other garden tool to push all the loose debris into one place.
    • You can then scoop this debris into a bag for removal.
  • If you find that leaves and other organic materials have fallen down past the gutter, you will need to remove them by hand.
    • First turn your spigot back on and hold the water nozzle firmly against the object so it becomes saturated and easier to grab with your hands.
    • Use a long-handled tool to pull the leaves or anything else out of your gutter.
  • Turn off your water and use a hose with a nozzle attached to remove excess moisture from the gutters.
    • Once you’ve finished, you can put your downspout back in its place as well as reconnect any other drainpipes that lead from your roof.

Congratulations! Your gutter is now clean and you have preserved a healthy amount of water in your house’s gutters.


Is leaf blower gutter cleaning safe?

Yes! Using a leaf blower for gutter cleaning is safer than using the ladder or any unsafe platforms.

Instead of leaning over an edge to get close enough to your gutter to clean it, you can stand on the ground and reach up with this tool.

Leaf blowers can also apply air pressure which is an added safety measure when cleaning your gutters.

What are some benefits of leaf blower gutter cleaning?

Using a leaf blower for gutter maintenance has many benefits. When compared to using a regular broom and ladder, leaf blower gutter cleaning:

  • Is faster: it can clean out your gutters in seconds.
  • Is safer: you don’t have to climb up any ladders or put yourself at risk by standing on unsafe platforms.
  • Blasts through built up leaves and debris better than brooms and dustpans.
  • Is more powerful: with up to 400 mph air speeds, it can even work at removing stubborn dirt that other tools would ignore.
  • Leaves the gutter clean: leaves and debris won’t be pushed out of the gutters, but will go into a bag or bucket where they belong.
    • This way the gutter stays cleaner for longer, and you don’t have to clean it as often.

How much does leaf blower gutter cleaning cost?

When compared to hiring a professional gutter cleaner, leaf blowers are relatively inexpensive. These tools can be found at home improvement stores or online, starting around $50.

What are the disadvantages of leaf blower gutter cleaning?

There are very few disadvantages associated with this method. Some people feel that using a vacuum attachment is more effective, but this varies depending on your gutters and debris.

If you have flat roofs or metal gutters there’s no reason not to use a leaf blower- it will still clean your gutters better than a broom.

Another argument against blower gutter cleaning is that it creates a lot of dust, but this can easily be solved by using a leaf vacuum or putting a cloth filter over the nozzle opening.

What are the other methods in cleaning a gutter?

Other methods in cleaning a gutter include:

1. Using a shop vacuum and cleaning its filter after every use.

2. Renting or borrowing a pressure washer for home use, not the kind used in construction sites.

3. Brushing it using brooms or rakes.


Leaf blower gutter cleaning is an easy and safe method for keeping your gutters clean.

It can clean them faster than any other method, and it has the power to blast away even the thickest debris.

It’s an inexpensive tool that is worth considering for your gutter cleaning needs.

Using a Leaf Blower to Clean Your Gutters