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How To Cut Shingles | 3 Simple Methods

How To Cut Shingles | 3 Simple Methods

Shingles is a type of roofing made from overlapping rows of asphalt and fiberglass. In this blog post we show you How To Cut Shingles to assist you on your next home improvement project!

It typically consists of three layers: an inner layer that provides insulation, a reflective, heat-reflective mineral surface known as granules (also called gravel or sand), and an outer covering to protect the other two layers against water damage.

Shingles are a good roofing product, but cutting shingles into specific shapes and designs need to be done with great care.

The shingles that are used today have improved in quality and design over the years, making it easier for homeowners to cut them into different shapes or designs themselves without having any experience doing so.

There are three simple methods you can use to do this: using a sharp utility knife, scoring cuts with an asphalt cutting blade, and using a special template to make cutouts.

Three Methods on How To Cut Shingles

Here, you can find 3 methods for cutting shingles.

Utility Knife

One of the best methods for cutting shingles is to use a utility knife.

Utilizing this method, you will need to put on safety gloves first so that your hand does not get hurt while holding onto the shingle. Then, take out small portions of the nail from each corner until it pops off.

Circular Saw

Another excellent way to cut shingles is by using a circular saw with a high-tooth blade installed on it.

First, you will need to measure the length of your window and draw out that measurement onto the shingle itself so that you know where to start cutting.

Then, make a mark on both sides to make sure that you cut the right amount.

Make a shallow initial cut through the top portion of the shingle and then finish cutting it with ease.

Reciprocating Saw

The final way in which you can cut shingles is by using a reciprocating saw, also known as an oscillating tool or simply a Sawzall .

This type of saw is able to cut through nearly any material, so it can easily handle shingles. First, you will need to put on safety goggles and gloves before beginning the process.

Then, simply press down firmly on top of the shingle while moving your Sawzall back-and-forth across it. Once that section has been separated, you can cut down the remaining portion of it using the same process.

What Is the Best Method of Cutting Shingles?

Utilizing any one of these three methods will allow you to cut different shapes and designs into the shingles on your roof with ease.

Make sure to choose a method that you feel comfortable using and follow all of the safety guidelines provided in order to prevent injury from occurring when cutting shingles.

Step by Step Guide in Cutting Shingles

Following the steps below will allow you to cut shingles with ease:

Step # One: Put on safety gloves and goggles before beginning the process of cutting shingles.

Step # Two: Shallow initial cut along top portion of shingle using a utility knife or sawzall, making sure not to go too deep into it so that you don’t damage your roof below.

Step # Three: Cut the remaining portion of the shingle using the same process.

Step # Four: Once all portions have been separated, cut down the remaining part with ease while holding it down firmly by pressing on top of it.

Step # Five: Separate each portion of the shingle carefully to make sure that it does not get damaged.

How Can You Cut Shapes in Shingles?

You are able to create many different designs and patterns by cutting out shapes into your roofing shingles using any one of these three methods described above, depending on which one you feel more comfortable using.

What Is the Best Way to Cut Out Shapes in Shingles?

To create a circle shape, measure your circular object on top of the shingle and then draw it onto the surface itself with a marker or pencil so that you know where to start cutting.

Then, simply use either a utility knife or sawzall to cut out the circle. For a triangle shape, measure and mark both sides of it on top of the shingle before drawing an outline for cutting purposes.

Then, use either a utility knife or sawzall to create your design by following along that line as you go.

What Are the Tips to Do Before Cutting Shingles?

Make sure to cut the shingle from the bottom. If you make a mistake or your blade gets jammed, do not try to force it off as this could cause damage to both the roof and the saw.

The right tools for cutting shingles: choose them based on their capacity and sharpness of blades. Utilize safety gloves, goggles, and clothing to prevent injury while cutting the shingles.

What Are the Tips for After You Cut Shingles?

After making cuts on your roof with any of these methods , it may be hard to tell whether or not they were done correctly.

The best way that homeowners can check if their measurements are proper is by using a straight edge like a leveler to make sure that the lines are completely even.

If not, they may need to redo their measurements and/or cuts in order for them to be accurate.

Final Thoughts

After reading this blog post, you should have a better understanding of how to cut shingles.

We hope that you can now feel confident in knowing the difference between these methods and which one would be best for your project – or at least know enough to ask your contractor what they recommend! If you are still confused about cutting shingles.

How To Cut Shingles | 3 Simple Methods