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7 Steps on How to Shingle a Gambrel Roof | Helpful Tips

7 Steps on How to Shingle a Gambrel Roof | Helpful Tips

The gambrel roof, also known as a barn roof, is a sloping roof with two slopes on each side. The upper slope is typically far more steep than the lower slope.

In this blog post we tell you How to Shingle a Gambrel Roof to ensure a sturdy roof to protect your home!

In order to shingle this type of roof, you will need to first identify which sections are shorter and which sections are taller.

This way, you can start with the longer sections of your gambrel roofs before moving onto the shorter ones. For an example of how to shingle a gambrel roof step-by-step, check out this article!

What is a Gambrel Roof?

The gambrel roof is a distinctive style of roof with two different pitches on each side.

They are common in barns and warehouses where they allow for tall, straight walls with optimal storage volume below the upper space without adding too much extra height that would require a steeper pitch to be safe from snow accumulation.

Gambrel roofs do not provide good protection from precipitation and can result in water pooling on the upper flat section of roof.

To remedy this issue, the lower portion may include dormers that lead to a vertical wall with no obvious pitch which would allow for maximal storage beneath it while directing water away from the top of the structure.

How to Shingle a Gambrel Roof (For Barns)

Tools Needed:

Hammer, brush, nails, chalk line, roofing paper (1) and gas-powered roofing gun (2).

Note: For large shingle jobs it is advisable to rent a power roof gun. This will save time and the work of heating up your arm over an extended period of time.

1. Measure your slope’s length and width and identify how many shingles are needed.

2. Shingle the roof during a sunny day so the shingles have time to dry.

3. The shingles should be laid starting from the bottom of a Gambrel roof. You can secure your shingles to the roof with galvanized nails. Then cut the extra shingles.

4. The second layer of shingles will have a left-most/right-most shingle that is trimmed in half. Lay the shingles across your roof, overlapping them.

5. Place shingles in the third layer of the roof following the same placement as the first layer. Then follow the second layer for the fourth layer, and so on.

6. Place shingles until you complete from end to end. Repeat the process 1 to 5 until you have done the different slope.

7. Install the ridge cap at the end once you have reached the peak.

Benefits of Using a Gambrel Roof

A gambrel roof has two different slopes on each side, as the name suggests. It is often used because it can accommodate a wider and higher structure than other types of roofs.

The top part of the roof is shaped like a triangle while the bottom half is rectangular in shape.

So what are the benefits?

The gambrel roof is good for homes and garages, and it can also be used in commercial buildings such as churches.

  • One of the benefits of a gambrel roof is that it allows for more storage space.
    • A garage which uses this type of roof will have more room for cars because there is additional headroom on the inside of the garage.
    • Not only that, but there is also more storage space because the ceiling or roof can be used to store items such as boxes and other things which typically wouldn’t have been able to fit under a sloped roof.
  • Another benefit of a gambrel roof is increased strength.
    • With two slopes rather than one slope on each side, this type of roof is able to provide much more structural support.
    • This means that the entire structure will be stronger and less likely to collapse.
    • In addition, a wider structure which might typically have been in danger of collapsing can now use this type of roof without worrying about being dangerous or unsafe.
  • One final benefit of using a gambrel roof is increased headroom.
    • The design of the roof will allow for taller ceilings inside the home or garage which is beneficial to anyone who likes increased height.
    • There may be some downsides, but overall there are many benefits associated with this type of roof.
  • Bonus – you can use this idea for your pet’s house, such as a dog house because it provides more headroom and it will be easier for your pet to enter.

Installing a Gambrel Roof means you have to hire a professional. If you want to hire a professional roofer, contact local companies and ask for estimates.

The Gambrel roof is good because it lasts a long time.

7 Steps on How to Shingle a Gambrel Roof | Helpful Tips