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Metal Roof Cost in Florida | Important Factors

factors that affect the metal roof cost in florida

Metal roofs are one of the most durable roofing options. They last for decades and can withstand extreme weather conditions and thus are durable.

Metal roofs are not only more durable than asphalt shingles or wood shake but also come with lower installation costs and have good looks.

The metal roof cost will depend on a few factors such as whether you want to install solar panels on your home’s roof, so it may be helpful to consult an expert about the best type of metal roof that is suitable for your climate.

This blog post discusses some of the factors that affect the metal roof cost in Florida including: 1) how many square feet you need installed; 2) what kind of material you require (aluminum, steel); and 3) where you live.

So let’s get started!

How Many Square Feet Do I Need Installed?

The first step to determine your metal roof cost is by determining how many square feet you have in your home or building that requires a new roof.

For example, if you have a two-story building that is 4,000 square feet in size and needs a new roof, your estimated cost will be $7 to $11 per square foot.

What Type of Metal Roofing Material Would You Use?

The next step is to determine what type of metal roofing material you require. There are different types of metal roofing such as aluminum and steel. You can also add to your metal roofing other types of materials such as fiber cement, copper or slate tiles.

The cost for these other metal roofing will vary considerably from one type to the other and it is best to discuss with a professional installer to determine what type of material would work best in your home or building and your location.

Metal Roofing Types

For those looking to save money, metal roofs are a great option. Metal is cheap and durable- perfect for any shed or home that needs basic protection against weathering elements like rainwater penetration, ice build up etc.

The least pricey kind of this material comes from recycled materials which might be an indication of its durability!

Galvanized Steel – This type of roofing is an extremely efficient material to use as it protects your house or building from all kinds of weather.

  • Aluminum Roofs Aluminum roofs are easy to maintain and don’t corrode easily due to their composition. They usually come in light colors so if you’re looking for a darker shade then opt for steel instead which looks similar to aluminum.
  • Stainless Steel – One of the most expensive varieties of metal roofing, stainless steel is a great investment especially in coastal cities or other areas that experience extreme weather conditions.
  • Copper – Metallic, sturdy and resistant to corrosion, copper roofs add a touch of class to any house!
  • Stone Crusted Steel – In this case, steel siding is covered with recycled stone powder that makes it look like a real slate or shingle. It’s ideal for DIY enthusiasts who want to add a contemporary appeal to their homes.
Metal Roof Cost in Florida | Important Factors

Other Factors that Affect the Metal Roofing Cost

  • Number of stories – One-story buildings are cheaper to install metal roofs on compared to two or three story buildings.
  • Sloping – The more sloping a roof has the pricier the installation will be as it requires more material and labor.
  • Pitch – A roof with a shallow pitch needs less materials compared to a steeper one.
  • Size – The more square feet the roof has, the costlier it will be to install metal roofs on your house or building.
  • Standing Seam over Shingle – Installing a standing seam metal roof over shingles can be more challenging as compared to installing a new roof on an existing one.
  • Location – Roofs installed in areas with extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes, heat waves or blizzards cost more than.
  • Eave depth – This factor affects the cost of roofing because more material is required for a roof with overhangs.
  • Flashing – Metal roofing is more expensive if it has an integrated flashing system or membrane.
  • Type of metal – the roofing material also affects the cost of roofing because some types cost more than others. For example, aluminum is cheaper whereas stainless steel is priciest.

Location as a Major Factor in Type of Metal Roofing Choice

Different geographical regions or locations, particularly those with extreme weather conditions, have special metal roofing needs. For example, areas with hurricanes require roofs that are flexible so they can be evacuated to safety if storms hit.

Harsh winter conditions demand metal roofs whose insulation properties protect occupants from cold air and humidity. Areas located near the ocean need metal roofs that can protect against salt water humidity.

In regions with snowfall, metal roofs that do not accumulate ice and snow are a priority as accumulated ice and snow can weigh down a roof causing it to collapse.

If your home is in a coastal region then you need to choose special types of metal roofs that can withstand hurricanes or other storms.

In Florida specifically, metal roofs are popular because they can withstand high temperatures. They’re also easy to install and repair.

When you purchase metal roofing it comes with a warranty that guarantees against defects or problems during material production or installation. Warranties usually last for 10-30 years depending on the brand.

Mostly in Florida, 10-years warranty is offered. Before you choose metal roofing, check the type of warranty it comes with so you know what’s covered and what’s not if something should go wrong.

Metal Roofing Cost Compared to Other Types of Roofs

Even though metal roofs cost more than other types, over time they save money through insulation, protection from storms, and durability.

In Florida, the cost of metal roofing is comparable to tile roofs.

The metal roofing cost in Florida is cheaper than slate and clay tile roofs.

Metal Roofs can last up to 70 years or more depending on the type of material used. So, if you ever decide to sell your home or structure, its value will be greater because of the metal roof.

You save money when it comes to installation as metal roofs have a faster installation period compared to other types of roofs.

Installing metal roofs takes only a few days whereas the installation time for asphalt takes more time, depending on roof size.

The cost of maintenance is lower as compared to slate and clay tile roofs because scrapes, dents, and damages can be easily fixed by applying fresh paint.

The cost of roofing repairs is lower as compared to other types such as asphalt, wood shakes, and slate. This makes your metal roof even more economical.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Metal Roofing in Florida?

Finally, the cost of installing metal roofing will vary depending on where you live in the state of Florida.

Generally speaking, as a rule of thumb, if you live in North or Central Florida (i.e., Jacksonville or Gainesville), the metal roof cost will be slightly less than if you reside in South Florida (i.e., Ft. Lauderdale or Miami).

This is due to the higher cost of living and wages in South Florida which leads to a slightly higher metal roof cost there.

You can expect your metal roofing installation costs to range from $8,000 – $15,000 but the exact price will depend on several factors such as what type of metal roofing material you choose and whether you want solar panels on your roof among other factors.

If you are going to add solar panels to your roofing system and you are using a metal roofing material, you should know that your solar panels may be more expensive.

This means that the metal roofing cost in Florida will be even higher than usual since solar panels are an additional expense to factor into your installation costs.

So there you have it. There are several factors that go into determining how much a metal roof will cost in Florida including the amount of square footage you need, what type of metal roofing material you choose and where in Florida your home or building is located.

You can also talk to a professional and discuss what other factors may go into the metal roof cost such as whether or not you would like solar panels.

As you can see, there’s more to figuring out the final cost of metal roofing than meets the eye. Hopefully this blog post helps you see why it is important to talk with a professional about your metal roofing needs, options and cost.

Metal Roof Cost in Florida | Important Factors

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