Roof Replacement Cost In Florida: New Roof Cost Explained In Detail

roof replacement cost in florida

Are you considering a new roof for your home in Florida? If so, then this article will provide you with some of the key factors to consider when determining what type of roof is best for your property. We’ll also give an overview of new roof cost in Florida and discuss some common questions homeowners have.

Before diving into specific details…

What’s the cost of a new roof in Florida?

In Florida, the average cost for a new roof or replacement roof is $7,000. Most people pay between $4800 and $11,000. The price of the roof can go up if it’s different from your old one or you want to use a different material. But read on to know how much it will cost for your specific situation.

Signs That Your Roof Needs Replacement 

Sometimes, the roof of the house will reach the end of its useful life naturally. It happens, and it is inevitable in most cases. 

If you’re not a licensed roof contractor your insurance company won’t reimburse you for the repairs.

Perhaps your roof looks worn out and old, and since you’re doing preventive maintenance on your home, you would think that it would be better to replace it to prevent bigger problems down the road. But you need to know the roof replacement cost in Florida so you’re now left spending more money than you should. Before making the decision to replace your roof, watch out for these signs…

  • Bald Spots: This happens when granules are missing. If this is the case, a replacement should be done.
  • Older than 20 years: Since many shingles today are produced sturdier roofing, some factors increase the aging of shingles. For instance, if your roof is not ventilated properly, it may negatively impact your shingles and roof.
  • Dark Streaks: Did you know that airborne alga can cause dark streaks on your roof deck? Even though these dark streaks can’t harm the shingles, it still doesn’t look good.
  • Curled Shingle Edges: This happens when shingle tabs are cupped.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Roof on a 2200 Square Foot House?

The demand for roofing has increased over the past year. And as a result, manufacturers have good reasons why there is an increase in materials prices. Many companies in Florida offer roofing services for all types of property, whether commercial or residential. Florida contractors make sure to comply with the Florida building code to ensure compliance.

So, if you’re living in Florida, perhaps you want to know how much the roof replacement cost is and get the best possible deal in spending your hard-earned money. Let’s start with the 2200 Square foot house.

Roof Replacement Cost Range 

In America, the new asphalt shingles that measure around 2,000-2,200 square foot houses can range from $9,500-$16,500 once it’s fully installed. This includes stripping off and disposing of the worn-out parts of about two layers.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Roof on a 2000 Square Foot house in Florida?

In Florida, the estimated replacement of the roof is around $7000-$7200. Homeowners could expect more since the costing may vary depending on the choice of contractor, as there are factors to consider. Such factors are the difficulty of the tasks, the size, and your local real estate market condition. 

You have to be aware that the estimates could also vary on the overall difficulty and the type of system you prefer to install.

For the roofing contractors to install a new asphalt and gather materials on a 2,000 square foot roof, you would expect to pay around $8,000 to $16,500. This is just an estimate for a single-story home. If you’re going to break it down, the average cost would be around $4.00 to $7.00 per square foot.

They calculate this in every 100-foot square. Moreover, like many places and in the US, there are also some things to consider for a roof design. You have to know that the more complex your roof design is, the more planning and time you will take to get the project done.

Why Roofing Is So Expensive? 

Whether it’s repair or new replacement, we all know that roofing cost is a bit pricey. Most people are already aware of this, but that doesn’t stop them from wondering. 

The truth is, for anything to be pricey, some factors influence the price. The most important factor is the type of roofing material being used. To know why roofing is expensive, here are some factors to consider and that is:

How do I estimate roof replacement cost in florida?

To make it easier for you to estimate the cost of replacing a roof, let us know the factors contributing to the price.

  • Square Footage

One of the main aspects that assess the cost of roof replacement is the size. This is being measured in square feet, with 100 square feet counted as one roofing square. Therefore, each square roofing can cost between $100-$1000 per square foot, or even higher depending on the material you prefer.

  • Labor Costs 

Another aspect of estimating the price of having a new roof is the labor of the workers. Roofing contractors must pay their workers, and it’s a part of their estimate. The labor costs vary on the size of your house, the type of material you want, and the difficulty of the project. Perhaps you must prepare around $150-$300 per square for the labor and keep in mind that it could increase depending on how complicated the project could get.

  • Materials 

There are so many types of materials you can choose when you want to have a roof replacement. There may be pros and drawbacks, but these materials do the same thing: protect your home from water elements and heat. Of course, the price of the materials also could vary depending on the brand and the type, and with that, you’re going to prepare an extra budget, especially if you opt for high-end ones.

  • Type of Roofing 

There are three common types of roof: the asphalt shingle roof, tile roof, and metal roof. Among the three, asphalt is the most popular, with a lifespan of 15 years. However, its average cost is between $100-$500 per square, depending on the material it is made of.

On the other hand, metal is also popular because of its durability. It could last for 50 years and does not require too much maintenance. For this, you have to prepare around $100-$1500 per square, depending on the material. If you are looking for a roofing system that is durable, long-term and energy efficient, consider a metal option.

And lastly, a tile is the most expensive type of roofing. It would cost around $4000-$8000 per sq. tile. Though it is expensive, at least it’s guaranteed to last for 100 years or more.


Being a homeowner in Florida, it is important that you know the cost of replacing a roof. That’s why we here at RoofCalc enjoy helping you become more informed of the process.

I hope this article helps so you will not go over your roofing budget when the project is ongoing. It will also give you the knowledge to look for great deals so you will not be paying more. I hope the guidelines have helped you know the roof replacement cost in Florida, and may you enjoy your new roof when the project is done.

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