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Atlas Shingles | Pros & Cons

pros and cons of atlas shingles

Atlas roofing shingles are a popular choice for homeowners. This is because they come in different colors, styles, and materials to fit any budget. But are these the right type of roofing material for your home?

Atlas’ roofing shingle brand ratings make it a top-five choice for homeowners and professionals. In this blog post we will go over some pros and cons of Atlas Shingles so you can decide if they’re right for your home!

What are Atlas Shingles?

The best part about Atlas Shingles is their value. With a reasonable price and quality that’s above average, it really can’t be beat!

Atlas shingles come in a variety of styles that include architectural, dimensional and laminated.

These various types give homeowners the opportunity to choose what’s best based on their roof’s condition, style preference and budget.

What are Atlas Shingles Made Of?

Atlas Roofing Shingle brands use high quality materials for all their products including fiberglass and asphalt, which is petroleum-based. This ensures that it can stand up to the weather elements all year around!

What Are Some Pros of Atlas Shingles?

Atlas shingles are some of the most affordable on the market with their high quality materials. They also come in different styles that fit anyone’s needs and preferences which adds to their value.

  • Installing the Atlas Signature Select roofing system won’t automatically produce a better roof than one constructed from quality materials from mixed brands.
    • However, if you want to enjoy years of reliable protection for your home and family, this is an excellent choice!
  • A good roof can last your home for years. That’s why hiring an experienced, proven contractor is just as important to get the job done right!
    • The roof of your home protects you from the elements, so it’s important to find an experienced contractor who can install superior quality materials.

The best thing about the Signature Select system from Atlas Roofing is that it offers a better warranty.

Homeowners Benefits from Atlas

Of course, homeowners like the warranty upgrades and trained installers. But there’s more to installing a roof than just that – it also needs durable materials which will last for years of use in any weather condition!

Atlas Shingles are also available in different styles and colors, allowing homeowners to find the perfect style for their home!

  • The Atlas company has a wide range of products, from two affordable 3-tab options to four top quality designer shingles.
  • You’ve got your choice of colors and blends for the perfect output tone you desire.
  • Four Atlas roofing products come with lifetime warranties. With a 50 year warranty, it is like your home was built to last.
  • Your Atlas warranty can be transferred once, but only during the non-prorated period. It’s a great way to have peace of mind that your premium protection will last as long as you need it to!
  • For many shingle manufacturer warranties, only the materials are covered.
    • Atlas offers one of the best in this respect with its 7-year limited warranty on workmanship and material for as long as you own your home or business property! The contract includes all the important details, such as labor and disposal fees.

It really depends on the type and size of your roof. You can expect a 5-year warranty with most installations, but larger roofs will require more time before they’re finished for good!

What Are Some Cons of Atlas Shingles?

When it comes down to price, there’s no arguing that Atlas roofing shingles are affordable and budget-friendly.

However, the low maintenance required for them can be a bit concerning if you’re not used to maintaining your home or don’t want to.

The downside is that the better warranty isn’t available, if you’re adding a second layer rather than simply tearing off your existing shingles.

What Else Should I Know About Atlas Shingles?

When it comes down to choosing a roofing material, there are many factors you must consider.

Before deciding on anything else, think about the style of your home and any exterior changes that may be made in the near future if you’re looking for a perfect match.

Atlas shingles are great because they will match with any exterior changes, but there is nothing stopping you from choosing a different type of roofing material down the road. It’s all about what best fits your budget, needs and preferences!

Contractor Program for Atlas Pro

The program provides roofing training, tips and techniques for installing Atlas products. Certified contractors can advertise this fact too!

The Atlas certification is a seal of quality for roofers. It ensures homeowners know the company has expertise and integrity in their field, which will help them get more out of your home’s sheltering abilities!

  • The best roofs are not just about how strong they look, but also the warranty.
    • Most Atlas architectural shingles come with a 110mph base warranty that can be upgraded to 130 mph if you install it correctly and follow all instructions carefully!
  • Cementless nail installation is efficient and cost-effective.
  • With a patented design, this product is unparalleled when it comes to durability.
    • Made with SBS and asphalt modified for handling large hail or wind-driven debris the Atlas StormMaster slate and shake shingles can protect your home from even Mother Nature’s most damaging conditions

Why Home Inspectors Love Atlas Shingles

Home inspectors who find out they like Atlas have inspected thousands of homes for potential buyers, evaluated storm damage and advised homeowners on whether to repair or replace their roof.

The Atlas Pro line is the most preferred product for many inspectors, as it’s designed to be durable and withstand up to 130 mph winds.

Asphalt roofing shingles are easy to install! The three tab design makes them extremely lightweight compared with other types of roof materials. Whether you’re a DIYer or professional contractor, Atlas shingles are easy to install and work with.

Concerns of Home Inspectors

Atlas Shingles are great for homes that have rigid foam insulation.

However, the shingles can cause blisters and cracks when installed over them because they’re not as pliable on their own without another layer of material between them and your home’s surface .

  • To keep the heat from reaching your home, use rigid SPF insulation. This will stop radiant energy from entering through cracks in a thin layer of asphalt or wood chips on top and causing more problems down below!
  • Atlas has a new policy that will change the way you insulate your home. They say if installation over spray foam insulation voids its warranty, it’s not covered by any sort of return or exchange process at all!
  • If there’s a chance you’ll be in an area with frequent hail, stay far away from this line or don’t use Atlas.
  • A number of inspectors have noted that StormMaster Shakes are prone to premature granulation, which can lead them being less effective than. other brands.

This is the process where granules fall off of your shingles due to wind, rain or extreme heat and can be a huge problem for homeowners if not covered by warranty!

Atlas Shingle Warranty Is Not Transferable

The warranty can be transferred once, but only during the non-prorated period. It’s a great way to have peace of mind that your premium protection will last as long as you need it to!

For many shingles, the warranty is only valid under new ownership. However with Atlas shingles you can transfer your warranty to a new owner if they are replacing older roofing materials!

The warranty can be transferred to a new owner, but only during the non-prorated period.

Why Are Atlas Shingles Preferred?

Atlas architectural shingles come in different styles and colors that will enhance your exterior design! They’re durable and help protect against serious weather conditions like thunderstorms or heavy winds without breaking the bank.

The Atlas Pro line of products is preferred by inspectors and contractors, as it’s designed to protect your home from a 130-mph wind! They’re also lightweight which makes installation easy for either professionals or DIYers alike.

Atlas shingles are transferable during the warranty period but only if they’re being replaced for a new owner! This is great for peace of mind and helps you avoid paying twice if your roof needs repairs.

The warranty on Atlas architectural shingles can be transferred to a new owner during the non-prorated period, but only once per installation.

Moreover, it’s transferable even after the standard prorated period expires, if your warranty is still valid.

Why Some Homeowners Don’t Prefer Atlas

Warranty claims are denied at a high rate for all shingle brands.

This has led homeowners to foot the bill when something goes wrong with their roof in most cases, since they have no guarantee from manufacturers about repairs or replacements if there is an issue after installation.

The number one complaint against both Atlas and other brands is that they don’t cover everything.

The warranty terms are very narrow, meaning you might be denied if your claim doesn’t meet some specific criteria in their list of exceptions – which means we all need to learn more about what those things actually mean!

Some common reasons for denying a warranty claim include:

  • Poor installation – this is almost always the case if they deny your claim, since warranty claims are denied at a high rate.
  • Failing to follow installation guidelines – even these small details matter! Most roofs fail because of mistakes made during install rather than anything else that happens after.
  • Attic is not properly vented – they will deny your claim if you don’t have proper ventilation in the attic.
  • Atlas Shingles Cost More Than Other Brands – Atlas shingles are an economical choice compared to other brands, but they come with a higher price tag than many homeowners expect!
    • While their mid-range and premium lines of products serve as an affordable option for those
  • Installed with unapproved underlayment – this is something that’s not always stated in the warranty, but can be an issue if you’re using a contractor who doesn’t have proper licensing or insurance.
  • Installed with substandard materials – this falls under poor installation and should never happen because it voids your warranty! It’s important to choose a reputable roofer for Atlas shingles or any other brand.
  • Shingles aren’t sealed – this is something that’s not always stated in the warranty, but can be an issue if your roof isn’t sealed right away.
    • You’ll want to make sure this happens within a week of installation or you might get denied for a claim down the road.

It’s not uncommon for an asphalt shingle manufacturer to deny your claim.

You have two options: accept it or go ahead with the lawsuit, which has a high risk of losing because these companies are usually very expensive and can afford better lawyers than you might be able to!

More Tips When Using Atlas Shingles

A roof is a vital component of your house. If you have any concerns about the condition or installation of one, call an experienced professional as soon as possible for help!

  • There are many potential pitfalls when installing water softeners.
    • We recommend that you request written estimates from three licensed, insured and experienced installers to make sure your investment is worth the risk!
  • When you’re in the market for a new roof, be certain to ask about their experience and reviews. By checking references as well as asking other people who have used them before can help assure that your job goes smoothly!
  • Get the installation guidelines in writing and make sure your installer understands them.
    • This way, if there are any problems with service or workmanship on site they can be resolved quickly and efficiently without having to go back through an entire process again!
  • As summer approaches, it’s important to avoid the problem of shingle failure.
    • Make sure your attics are properly vented at eaves and ridge posts so that air can flow through them without restriction in all directions – even up towards gables or off-ridge vents on very large roofs!

Your chosen roofer should know whether ventilation is adequate or what must be done. The condition of the deck will affect their ability, so it’s important that you find out ahead of time if there are any problems with this before hiring them!

So then, if you want to install Atlas, then you should definitely hire a professional roofer to do it for you.

Atlas Shingles Benefits and Drawbacks