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13 Best Gutter Cleaning Tools for a Two-Story House

13 best gutter cleaning tools for a two story house

A two-story house is a great place to live, but it can be difficult for homeowners to clean the gutters.

Gutters are often located on the second story of a home, which means that you have to find some way to reach them.

Fortunately, there are many different types of tools available for this purpose. In this blog post, we will discuss the 13 best gutter cleaning tools for a two-story house!

Tools for Gutter Cleaning

First, let’s discuss the tools used to reach the gutter. Most homeowners use ladders when cleaning their gutters.

However, using a ladder can be very dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. Cleaning gutters on the second or third floor can be easy and safe with the right tools.

The safest way for two-story house owners to clean their gutters is by using a telescoping pole system.

The following are the 13 best gutter cleaning tools for a two-story house:

1. Gutter Cleaning Rake with Telescopic Handle: This tool has an extendable handle and rakes that comes with the gutter cleaning kit that allows you to remove debris from the corners of your gutters.

You can use it to remove all types of debris, including leaves and pine needles.

2. Gutter Cleaning Ladder: This tool has a telescoping handle that allows you to reach the gutters without using a ladder or stepping on your roof.

It can fit in small areas since its foot pads are adjustable. You should only purchase this product if you have a solid roof without any loose shingles, as the vibrations from using it may cause damage.

3. Gutter Cleaner with Telescopic Pole: This gutter-cleaning tool is great for removing debris and other particles from your gutters.

You can adjust its telescoping pole to fit different areas of your home and remove leaves or moss from the gutters.

4. Gutter Cleaning Brush: This is a helpful tool for homeowners who live in areas with trees and moss, as this gutter cleaning brush can remove both of these things from your gutter system without damaging it.

It has a long handle that allows you to access hard-to-reach spots at the top or bottom of your roof.

5. Gutter Scraper: This brush has a wide blade that allows you to remove moss from your gutters without damaging them.

You can use it in low-light conditions or at night since its handle is reflective and the blade is orange. It weighs less than one pound, making it very lightweight!

6. Gutter Cleaning Tool with Telescoping Pole: This is a great tool for cleaning debris from your gutters.

You can use it on both flat and curved surfaces, as the pole extends to over 20 feet long. It has 14 brushes that work together to remove dirt particles from any type of gutter system.

7. Gutter Cleaning Tool with Extension Rod: If you don’t want to use a telescoping pole, you can opt for this product instead.

It has an extension rod that allows homeowners to reach up to 13 feet high without using any other equipment. The tool also features four brushes and is very lightweight at only one pound!

8. Gutter Cleaning Tool with Telescopic Handle: This product comes with a telescoping handle that reaches up to 18 feet long.

The gutter-cleaning tool also features three different types of brushes: nylon bristles, rubber blades, and rotating brushes.

9. Gutter Cleaner with Telescopic Pole: This tool has a telescoping pole that reaches up to 23 feet and brushes that remove debris from your gutters.

It weighs less than four pounds, making it very lightweight!

10. Gutter Brush with Extension Handle: If you don’t want to use an extension rod or a telescoping handle, this product is another option for you.

It features a long handle that extends to over 20 feet and two different types of brushes for removing debris from your gutters.

11. Gutter Cleaning Tool Pressure Washer: This pressure washer wand has a telescoping handle that reaches up to 20 feet and is great for homeowners who want to clean their gutters from the ground.

You can use it on all types of gutter systems, including vinyl, aluminum, and metal without damaging them!

12. Gutter Cleaning Duster: This product is the best option for homeowners who want to remove debris from their gutters without using any equipment.

Simply attach it to a standard pole and clean your gutter system!

13. Gutter Cleaning Laser: This laser light can help you see where there’s dirt in your gutters at night or during dark, cloudy days.

You just point it at your roof and it emits a beam that helps you locate leaves, pine needles, or other types of debris.

Gutter Cleaning Equipment for a Two-Story House

Some Well-known and Best Gutter Cleaning Kit Brands

GutterMaster Pro Telescopic Gutter Cleaner – The tedious seasonal job of gutter cleaning is made simple and quick with this telescopic water-fed pole. It eliminates the use of ladders and all manual cleaning that is required. 

Guttermaster water wands are great for removing pine needles and leaves from the winter.

All you have to do is clean out your downspouts before proceeding with the spraying of the horizontal gutters. A 16′′ fully extended curved wand is included in the kit. 

This is long enough to reach most second-story gutters when combined with your own height.

The water pressure from the pole is determined by the water pressure in your own hose and can be adjusted using the variable flow control valve.

DocaPole Extension/Telescopic Pole – This is one of the most adaptable and highly-desired multi-purpose telescopic poles on the market.

It may be used on any type of roof, and its long reach makes it ideal for high and difficult-to-reach gutters that would require pricey ladders or many poles. 

It is also extremely light at just 30 pounds. Made of lightweight, high-quality aluminum, the pole is both strong and long-lasting.

jOYjOB Telescoping (A 24ft Power Washer Wand) – To keep water from leaking, the JoyJOB pressure washer wand is composed of thicker aluminum tubes.

It’s also made of aluminum, which makes it lightweight and long-lasting. 

The power washer spray gun has an ergonomic handle and may extend from 6 to 18 feet, making it simple to use. You may clean your 2 or 3-story home with ease from the ground. 

This tool comes with a pressure washer harness, which helps to reduce arm strain. The handle is comfy, allowing you to work for long periods without becoming weary.

Ezy Flo High Reach Gutter – This gutter cleaning tool has a retractable pole that reaches up to about 16 feet, making it ideal for cleaning gutters high above the ground. 

It’s a powerful washer that cleans debris and even clogged gutters using high-pressure water ejected from an adjustable nozzle. 

The stiff brush that comes with this tool may also be used to clean sticky dirt. The equipment is constructed of high-quality aluminum metal, making it sturdy and light.

Telescopic Gutter Cleaning Wand Tools – Water pressure is used to clean your gutters with cleaning wands.

This is a retractable cleaner that may be extended to cover a significant area from the ground, for an orbit cleaning, for example.

It’s designed specifically to clean the hard-to-reach nooks and crannies on the roof, such as gutters. 

It includes a 4-point ratcheting head and a sweeper nozzle for thorough and simple cleaning. This nozzle is composed of zinc metal, which makes it highly durable.

AgiiMan Gutter Cleaning – This gutter cleaning tool is constructed of long-lasting brass and stainless steel, making it simple to use, install, and remove.

Pressure and temperature of up to 4,000 PSI 140 ℉ are supported. 

The AgiiMan cleaning tool has six straight rods for easy positioning. One curved pole is included to allow you to easily access hidden surfaces.

The rods may be extended to a total length of 102 inches (8.5 feet). With five high-quality nozzle tips, including a 40° soap nozzle and four other nozzles ranging from 25° to 15°, this shower head is ideal for many purposes.

Little Giant Velocity & Louisville Ladder – Some gutter cleaning equipment can reach gutters on two or three-story homes. Because of this, you’ll need a sturdy, safe ladder that is tall enough to make getting on the roof simple. 

Louisville and Little Giant are just a few of the ladder brands that you can trust. The ladders from these two companies are OSHA and ANSI compliant.

UNGPIPE – StarDuster Pipe Brush – This brush has a steep angle and is durable. It’s perfect for removing leaves from gutter covers or guards.

It can be used with standard extension pole threads. You’ll need a longer extension pole or a ladder for two/three-story-house gutters.

Leaf Blower Extension – To clean gutters on a two-story home, use a leaf blower or a vacuum. Unfortunately, operating your blower or vacuum at heights may be quite difficult.

Extension kits alone or in combination with a ladder are the answer. The Husqvarna Leaf Blower Kit is one example. 

This is a blower accessory that may be used to clean gutters of dry leaves and twigs. It has four extension tubes that may be attached to extend the length to 12 feet from the ground.

This implies that in order to access the taller gutters, you’ll need the assistance of a small ladder.

Water Rocket Eavestrough – This is a small gadget with an unusual rocket pattern that may be utilized to clean gutters using high-pressure water.

The force of the water rocket moving through the gutters flushes away leaves and debris and clogs that are blocking them. 

The high-pressure nozzle is connected to the water garden hose and placed on the gutter. The remaining portion is completed automatically as the spray nozzle works its way down the gutters and eaves.

The unit is also used to clean showers, drains, and blockages. The inlet valve allows you to connect any garden hose to the nozzle.

Benefits of Using a Gutter Cleaning Kit

Gutter cleaning kits normally cost a fraction of the price of hiring someone to clean them for you.

They also mean that you can save yourself the hassle and inconvenience of arranging time off work, or taking time out from other activities.

  • This means that you will be able to quickly and easily complete the task of cleaning your gutters without having to worry about arranging alternative transport or childcare, or waiting for the next bank holiday before they are cleaned once more.
  • By using a gutter cleaning kit, you can save yourself time and money, as well as help the environment by reducing landfill waste.
    • If you want to keep your home in good condition without having to go overboard with costs, purchasing a gutter cleaning kit is a great way of achieving this.
    • Not only does it save you time and money, but it also reduces your carbon footprint by reducing landfill waste.

There are many different companies that sell high-quality gutter cleaning kits at competitive prices. This means that you do not have to spend a lot of time and money on your gutter cleaning.

Reasons Why Gutter Cleaning is So Important

Gutter cleaning is so important because the gutters are what help your house. Your gutter’s job is to keep water off of your foundation, which can cause damage if not done correctly.

When you have raised foundations the gutters need to be sloped just right or they will start to form ice dams that can cause roof damage.

If your gutters aren’t cleaned then you risk damage to your foundation, roof, and landscaping.

  • Gutters get dirty for a number of reasons.
    • Leaves falling from the trees will get stuck in them and start to decompose, this creates gunk known as “gook”.
    • Once gook starts to build up it can become heavy and fall on your roof and cause damage.
  • If the gook falls on your roof then it can clog up your drain spouts, which will back water into your home or pooling around the foundation
    • Leaves falling in the fall are expected but there are other types of debris that can get caught in them as well such as dirt, bird droppings, and twigs.
  • All of these reasons are important for why you should have your gutters cleaned before winter comes along, but there is one more reason that some people don’t think about.
    • If you want to help save our planet then clean your gutters because it will keep material out of landfills.
    • Gutter cleaning participants remove over 20 million pounds of debris from US landfills each year and keep it out of our oceans and waterways.
  • If you’re looking for a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to make sure your house doesn’t sustain any type of damage, gutter cleaning is the best option for you.
    • Some homeowners don’t think about these things until it’s too late and end up paying for much more expensive repairs.
  • Not only is it important that you get your gutters cleaned in the fall before winter comes, but it’s also important to make sure they’re cleaned in the spring before leaves come back around.
    • Gutter cleaning can be looked at as an investment because if you don’t clean them then you could end up having to pay for costly repairs.

Gutters are one of the most important parts of your home because it’s what help keep water off your foundation and more importantly, keep you safe.

Remember that it is falling now so make sure to get your gutters cleaned before winter comes around!

If not, then you could end up spending much more money on costly repairs or damage to your home.

Why Is a Gutter Important?

Rain gutters exist to deliver rainwater away from your roof and home.

They do this by gathering water at the edge of your roof, then channeling it into downspouts that transport the water away from your foundation.

You may be wondering why you should even care about rain gutters if they are on your roof collecting water rather than sitting in your yard.

The fact is, gutters provide insulation for your home.

The water they collect helps to cool the roof of your house while also protecting your home’s foundation from damage by absorbing rainfall that would otherwise collect on the soil around the structure.

Gutters are an important part of protecting your home and should be kept clean at all times.

What Happens If You Don’t Clean Your Gutter?

Gutters help provide safety and help protect your property. They direct water away from your foundation where it can do the least amount of damage.

  • Leaking Roof – If your gutters are not working properly it can lead to problems with the roof.
    • Water that builds up in the gutter can back up under the shingles and seep into the roof.
    • This will eventually lead to mold, rotting of beams/rafters, warping of wood & rusting on your metal roof.
  • Warped Doors – If water builds up behind doors or moves past doorways it could cause them to warp.
    • Warped doors can be extremely difficult to open and close.
  • Stains – Clogged gutters and high levels of water running over the foundation can seep into the bricks or foundation causing permanent stains.
  • Root Damage – If your downspouts are not extended from the house, tree roots have a chance to grow in the gutter system which could damage your gutters.
  • Water Damage – Water backing up in your gutters can cause big problems like flooding basements or damaging floors, drywall, and framing in your home.
    • The slightest amount of water damage could lead to major structural damage to your house.

What Causes Your Gutter to Be Damaged?

Your gutters are responsible for protecting your home from the dangerous effects of water damage. Therefore, it is important to keep these channels clean and clear at all times to prevent unnecessary accidents.

Gutters are damaged by two main factors: poor installation or inadvertent physical contact. Let’s take a look at each factor individually to discover how they harm your gutters.

Poor Installation

Your gutters are only as good as the installation you use. If they are not installed correctly, then sooner or later, water damage will be an issue for your home.

The two most common mistakes that occur during installation include:

1) The channel has not been properly primed before installation. Without this step, moisture can gather in the channels.

When this happens, water begins to seep through your gutters and into your home.

2) The wrong downspout has been installed on your gutter system. Some homeowners have their gutters connected directly to their foundation whereas others have it attached to an opening in their siding.

Regardless of which option you chose, the spout has to be properly sized. If it is not, water may pool around your home and seep under the foundation.

Inadvertent Physical Contact (Accidents)

Just like any other part of your house, your gutters are also vulnerable to physical damage. This includes damages such as:

1) Wear and tear: Your gutters and downspouts will eventually succumb to damage over time. When this happens, they can become damaged by falling branches or flying debris.

2) Poorly placed plantings: If you have landscaping that is too close to your gutters, it is easy for them to be damaged when plants drop their leaves or are otherwise touched.

3) Snow plow accidents: If your gutters are located in front of your driveway, it is easy for them to be physically damaged by snow plows during the winter season.

If you notice any physical damage on your gutters or downspouts, contact a contractor immediately to get the issue fixed.

Don’t let any damage go unattended because it can lead to much worse problems in the future.

Now that you know what causes your gutters to be damaged, keep them well maintained to avoid any issues in the future!

What are the Best and most Durable Gutter Materials

Gutter materials come in a variety of shapes and forms. It’ll be tough to choose which one is the very best because everyone has his own reasons to justify their preferences.

If you’re having trouble deciding, keep reading and we’ll present gutter materials according to durability and cost.

For the Best Durability: Steel Gutters

Steel gutters are, without a doubt, the most durable material that can be employed for making gutter systems. One of their major benefits is the fact that they’re made from recyclable materials.

If you’re looking forward to having a long-term investment, then steel gutters are probably the best choice. Most folks would agree that steel gutters are also the most expensive.

For Most Durable: Copper Gutters

Copper is another metal material considered to be among the more durable ones in terms of gutter systems.

However, they’re not as resistant to rusting and corrosion when compared with steel gutters. Copper gutters are also recyclable.

For the Cheapest Gutters: Aluminum Gutters

Aluminum is a metal that’s lightweight and cheap. It’s less durable than steel or copper, but it performs well as far as shedding off rainwater goes.

Most aluminum gutter systems come with protective coatings to make them corrosion-resistant. They’re also recyclable.

For Least Expensive Gutters: Plastic Gutters

Plastic gutters are the cheapest of all choices, but they’re somewhat flimsy. They’re corrosion-resistant and quite sturdy when compared with traditional gutter materials like aluminum, copper, or steel.

If you don’t mind spending more time getting your gutter system back into shape after it gets hit by strong winds, then plastic gutters are an excellent choice.

For Most Popular Gutters: Vinyl Gutters

Vinyl gutter systems are some of the most preferred ones for homeowners. They’re fairly durable, come in a wide array of colors and look good when installed.

The main problem with vinyl gutters is that they require being painted to stay durable. Vinyl gutters are also quite popular because they’re cheaper than other materials.

For Most Eco-Friendly Gutters: Rubber Gutters

Rubber gutter systems are probably the most eco-friendly option among all gutter materials. They’re made from 100% recycled rubber.

The downside of rubber gutters is that they’re not very sturdy. They won’t be able to handle heavy rains and strong winds well.

For Least Expensive Gutters: Fiberglass Gutters

Fiberglass (or fiber cement) gutters are the cheapest gutter materials available in the market, but they’re also the least durable ones.

While fiberglass gutters are extremely lightweight, they’re not very sturdy and can be easily damaged. Fiberglass gutters also don’t look as good as other options available.

Your gutter system enhances the overall look of your home and protects it from rainwater damage.

If you have a vinyl or rubber gutter system installed, then you’ll need to know how to clean gutters. If you have a copper, steel or aluminum gutter system, then you’ll need to know how to repair gutters.

To conclude, it is really important that you get your gutters cleaned out and maintained by a professional.

Not only will they help to protect against costly repairs, but it can also prevent damage on your roof which could cost up to $1000’s of dollars in damages!

Gutter Cleaning Tools for a Two-Story Home