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Metal Roofing: Best Ways to Cut

Metal Roofing: Best Ways To Cut

Metal roofing is cut in different ways, depending on what it will be used for. Occasionally, the metal sheet is not cut into the measurements you need by the manufacturer, and it comes in huge rolls. However, some are cut ahead.

Cutting Your Metal Roofing

You have to cut metal sheets for your roofing material.

There are many different ways to cut a sheet. You can choose from any one of the options listed below and cut metal roofing without difficulty.

1. Use an electric drill – This is one of the easiest ways to cut metal roofing. If you have an electric drill, then this method will not cost you much money.

You can use a hole saw or spade bit for cutting holes in your sheets. Holes are used to mount hardware on the sheet by using bolts and screws.

Metal Roofing: Best Ways To Cut

2. Use a nibbler – A nibbler is a great tool. It cuts metal very quickly and easily, but it is dangerous.

Be careful when using this tool because there are many sharp blades that can cause serious injury if you aren’t paying attention to what you are doing.

3. Use tin snips – Tin snips are another popular way to cut metal roofing.

They usually come with an adjustable pivot that makes cutting easy and straight lines possible for all kinds of angles, so it is perfect if you want to make your own custom cuts in the sheet.

4. Use a miter saw – A miter saw is another way to cut metal roofing. It offers three different speeds, so it can be used on thin metals as well as thicker materials.

The blade doesn’t need to be changed when the material changes thickness because there are many blades that come with this tool for various types of metals and each one has a small knob on the end of it for adjusting thickness.

Cutting Metal Roofing by Hand

If none of these methods look like something you would like to use, then you can always cut your metal roofing by hand.

Use a straight edge and marker for drawing lines on the sheet that need cutting. Place an angle grinder at one end of the line with light pressure until it cuts through.

1. Use water – This is helpful if you are using steel sheets because they will not heat up when they are wet.

The water will also help you see the cut line clearly so that your cuts stay straight and even.

2. Use a hammer – If you have a piece of sheet metal, then it is easy to punch holes in it by using a ball-peen or cross peed style hammer.

All you need to do is lay the sheet on a solid surface and use the hammer to punch holes in it.

3. Use tin snips – If you have an old pair of tin snips, then they are very helpful when cutting metal roofing by hand.

Just cut along your line with them after drawing out where you need to make cuts.

How About Cutting Corrugated Metal Roofing?

There are two metal sheets for roofing, the flat one and the corrugated one. The corrugated paper will be more difficult to cut because of its shape.

1. Use circular saw – You can use this method for cutting corrugated metal roofing sheets.

Just remember that the blade is more likely to slip, so you need to take your time and keep it steady while making cuts with a circular saw.

2. Use an angle grinder – You can use an angle grinder to cut through corrugated metal roofing.

Metal Roofing: Best Ways to Cut

Just be careful not to get the sparks on your skin because they are very hot and will burn you if they touch it.

3. Use aviation snips – Aviation snips are another great tool for cutting corrugated metal roofing.

Make sure to use them at a 90 degree angle so that you cut straight across the sheet, not on an angle.

Why is Metal Roofing Hard to Cut?

Metal roofing is made of different layers. The more layers, the thicker and stronger the metal becomes.

A large majority of metal roofs are built with corrugated steel sheets which provides an inexpensive yet durable roofing solution.

When attempting to cut through a corrugated steel roof, there is no need for power tools or even special tools. The only tools required are a metal wheel cutter and some muscle power.

Even if the wheel cuts into the material, it is still difficult to cut through the layers because of how strong they are. Despite this strength, cutting through metal roofs is not impossible!

Cut Metal Roofing Safely

Remember that you should always wear safety goggles, gloves and other protective gear when cutting metal roofing because there are many sharp blades involved.

The equipment can also be dangerous if it is not used correctly or with the proper precautions in place.

To be sure, make sure to take note of these two important tips:

1. Have complete safety equipment – These tools can be dangerous if you aren’t using them correctly, so make sure to have complete safety equipment before making any cuts.

2. Hire a professional – It is always a good idea to hire someone for this job if you don’t know how to use the equipment or simply want it done safely and correctly. Remember that a dependable roofing contractor is not hard to find.

Metal Roofing: Best Ways to Cut