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How Much Do Pella Windows Cost

how much do pella windows cost

Pella windows are known for their durability and high-quality construction. Pella offers a wide selection of styles, colors and options to choose from so you can design the home exterior that fits your personal style.

The installation is very simple which means minimal disruption to the household while it takes place.

Once installed, Pella Windows will provide protection from the elements and a secure home for years to come.

Brief origin of Paella Window

Pella was founded in 1955 by Bob and Bill Pella. The company started out as a small family business that specialized in manufacturing metal windows for commercial buildings.

As time went on, the demand for high-quality replacement windows grew tremendously throughout the US so they decided to enter the residential market too.

Soon after, their reputation became known nationwide as the “best place to buy replacement windows”“.

Today, Pella Corporation is a manufacturer of quality products for both commercial and residential use. They have been recognized as being one of the largest window manufacturers in North America with distribution centers throughout the US.

You can learn more about their company history here .

How Much Do Pella Windows Cost: Valuable Guide

What Are the Types of Paella Windows?

Pella makes a variety of windows that you can choose from. They have their own Pella Signature Series, Architectural Collection and many other options to fit your style and budget needs.

Some of the most popular styles they offer are:

Casement Windows – This is one large window which hinges on the side so it opens by swinging out.

Double Hung Windows – This is a window that has two large windows, usually with one on top and bottom so they can both open up from the center at the same time by sliding vertically past each other.

These are good for ventilation in rooms where you want some fresh air coming into your home but still need to keep out bugs and other debris.

Bay Windows – This is a window that juts out slightly from the wall and often extends to the roof line of your home creating an exterior alcove with three windows together in one opening.

Similar to bow windows but are more angled than curved so they create different shapes when combined with other styles like casement or double hung.

Bow Windows – This is a deep window that extends out from the wall at an angle usually with three windows together in one opening.

They are often curved but can be flat as well to fit into certain areas on your home where you want some additional space for decoration or room dividers.

Tilt Turn Windows – These offer easy cleaning capabilities by tilting in on the bottom so you can clean both sides of your window, inside and out. The top opens slightly for ventilation purposes as well.

They are usually hinged at the side but is also available with a double hung mechanism so they open from top to bottom or vice versa depending on what suits your needs best.

Picture Windows – This is a large window that has the appearance of two smaller windows next to each other.

Often they are square or rectangular shaped and usually protrude from your home’s exterior wall with only one opening so you can look out at your view.

Awning Windows – These offer ventilation options like double hung style but extend the top portion out instead of sliding up and down.

This type of window has the appearance that you are looking at your view through an arm or projecting out from your home to provide coverage for shade, weather protection or decoration purposes.

Storm Windows – These can be added on top of other windows so they have double panes which helps insulate against temperature fluctuations in both summer and winter.

They are also available with safety glass so they can provide you some added security if needed.

Is the Pella Window Durable?

Pella windows are made with some of the highest quality materials to ensure they last throughout many years.

Their best warranty is offered on their Pella Signature Series which provides coverage against any manufacturer defects for as long as you own your home and up to a lifetime for parts.

This means that if anything goes wrong with your window, it will be fixed or replaced for free.

How Much Do Pella Windows Cost: Valuable Guide

What Are the Price Ranges of Pella Windows? 

The cost of Pella windows varies depending on the style, size and type that meets your needs along with installation costs which will vary by dealer.

They can range anywhere from $200-1200 per window installed including materials and labor with the average being around $300-400 per window.

The cost of a Pella window can vary from one dealer to another depending on your location, energy efficiency features you require in addition to other factors such as installation costs.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Paella Windows?

The pros of Pella windows are that they offer a high quality product which is durable and will last for many years. They are easy to clean and maintain which is nice for anyone who does not have the time or desire to do this on their own.

Their design options make it possible to find a window that fits your needs whether they are purely decorative, provide ventilation in areas where you want some airflow but need protection from the weather, keep out bugs or other debris or are designed for safety purposes.

Their customer service department often runs promotions to give you the best value possible when it comes time to upgrade your home or buy new windows.

They also have different financing options available so you can spread out the cost over time if necessary.

The cons of Pella windows are that they can be costly especially if you have many to order or live in a remote area where finding dealers is not an option.

They also do not offer custom options so your selection will only include the types offered by the company which may limit what you want for certain areas on your home.

They can be a bit expensive compared to other companies in the same market space depending on your location and energy efficiency features you require.

You may not get as much value when it comes time to upgrade or buy new windows so this should be taken into consideration before making any final decisions about which company to purchase from.

Details of the Window Installation Process

Detailed step-by-step instructions will be given by your dealer for installation of your Pella windows. You can do it yourself or hire someone to help you depending on the number and type of window that needs installed.

The average cost is around $300-400 per window but this will vary based on factors such as size, location in addition to other factors which are taken into consideration by your dealer when they provide you with an estimate.

Tips for Doing It Yourself

Depending on the number and type of Pella windows that need installed, this can be a job that is best suited to do yourself instead of hiring someone else.

Make sure all measurements are accurate before ordering your windows in order to avoid any delays or additional costs when it comes time for installation.

Wear protective eyewear and gloves when cutting into your home to avoid any debris or damage that can occur.

Tips For Hiring Someone to Do It Instead

If you are not comfortable doing it yourself or have too many windows that need installed, hiring someone else is the best option in most cases when it comes time with Pella windows.

If you do hire someone make sure they are experienced and know what they are doing so you don’t have to worry about any potential problems or additional costs that arise due to mistakes.

Make sure they are insured in case anything happens while working on your home.

How Long Does an Average Job Take?

The average time needed is around three days depending on factors such as size of windows and if storm windows need to be added as well.

The steps involved include order placement, installation of the rough opening with a flashing kit for water resistance, siding preparation and wood shims to make sure everything is level before adding your window into place.

It typically takes around three people but this may vary depending on factors such as location or other circumstances that are taken into consideration by your dealer when they give you an estimate. 

When it comes to windows, Pella is the best. Not only are their windows more energy efficient, they also come with a lifetime warranty and have been around for over 100 years.

Pella windows are beautiful and durable, but they also provide a lifetime warranty. This means you can feel confident in the quality of your purchase for years to come.

Additionally, because pella windows last so long and require little maintenance, they save homeowners money during their lifespan. Get peace of mind today by getting one or more pella window products installed on your home!

How Much Do Pella Windows Cost: Valuable Guide