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Pella vs Andersen Windows Cost | Pros & Cons

pella vs andersen windows cost pros and cons

It is important to know the pros and cons of each type of window so you can make a decision on which one suits your needs best. For example, some people prefer Pella windows because they are more affordable than Andersen windows.

Other people may want to go with Andersen windows because they have better warranties and styles. It is up to you!

In this blog post we settle the debate of Pella vs Andersen Windows!

Andersen Windows

Andersen windows are made of wood or vinyl. They come with double hung, casement and sliding styles that allow you to open the top or bottom portion for better ventilation (or both!).

They offer different frame colors (such as white, almond and more) so they can match your current window color if needed!

Pella Windows

Pella windows are made of vinyl. They come in both double hung and sliding styles that allow you to open the top or bottom portion for better ventilation (or both!).

Pella windows come in different colors, such as white, green/tan and grey/blue so they can match your existing window color if needed!

A Closer Look at Both Types – Pella vs Andersen Windows

Pella and Andersen windows are a great choice for new construction as well as replacement.

When it comes to windows with new construction, the frames are designed with a nailing fin that is used for securing them against exterior sheathing.

A replacement window doesn’t require the exterior to be cut out and replaced. It’s secured through a side jamb, so there is no need for any disruption or rearranging of siding on your house!

When it comes to exterior makeovers, there is no wrong choice. 

If you’re doing a complete replacement of the siding on your house then either type will work depending on what style and color scheme fits best with current or desired design aesthetic goals!

Installation Cost

Window installation costs are never an easy decision.

That is why they offer window replacement with warrantied labor and any supplies required for all types, double-hung casements to fixed windows at very affordable prices!

  • Bay/Bow window installation can vary in price depending on the size and style you want, but it’s usually between $400-$750 per window.
  • Vinyl window installation costs $250 to $400 per window, with fiberglass being the same case.
  • The installation costs for a wood-frame replacement window can vary depending on the size and brand.
    • The average price ranges from $350-$800 per window, though it may be more or less as labor varies with each project too.

The cost of window installations for new construction projects is lower than it would be in an old building with traditional frames. 

One reason why the price comes down so much when installing windows: there’s no need to replace all those nails and screws!

1. Removing old windows is tricky. With the exterior sheathing on your home, you have to first take them off before nailing in place any new ones that are going up – it’s very fast-paced work!

2. Installing replacement windows in older homes can be a long process if you have shifting or warped frames. Because of the delays, installation costs will increase.

Return At Resale Value

The cost-to value ratio is a measure of how much your home will be worth when you sell it. It doesn’t take into account any benefits from energy savings and/or other upgrades, so make sure to add those in if they are important for you!

A home with new windows will make the buyer feel more at ease. They won’t have to worry about paying for expensive repairs in 15-25 years because it was an expense when buying a house as well!

The windows of your home are an important selling point. If they’re in bad condition, then you may not be able to sell it for what is needed because potential buyers will see through all the cracks and find themselves walking away from this deal.

It’s best to give buyers an allowance sufficient so that they can purchase mid-grade new windows just like the Andersen 200/400 Series or the Pella 350 high-end vinyl/Impervia Fiberglass.

The buyers could purchase a premium window series, which would be covered by the sellers. The money saved from not having to pay up front can go towards purchasing your favorite kind of windows!

Andersen Vs. Pella Window Comparison

Pella’s window series are a little more diverse than Andersen. If you’re looking for a great window replacement, go with Andersen.

If price is an issue and Pella is more affordable then check out Lowe’s as well!

For those who are looking to save money, there is an Impervia Series that can be ordered from Pella.

The price will differ depending on which series you choose but all four of their solid wood options come at about the same cost as one Fibrex 100 Series window while providing comparable quality and performance in your home or business’s needs.

It’s true that Impervia is a mid-tier fiberglass window series line from Pella, but Fiberrex has more advantages than just the material.

The comparison between these two companies’ products would be unfair without taking into consideration which one you’re buying!

You might not know this, but there is a huge difference between Andersen and Pella. For example; while both companies make three vinyl window lines (with 1 fiberglass-frame) they also offer different products for homes with other types of needs!

Pella Impervia is a series of fiberglass windows that sit right between the wood and vinyl products based on Pella’s pricing tier.

The Andersen Company, a manufacturer of windows made from wood and plastic composite materials called Fibrex in its production process.

The company 32% recycled material by weight for their proprietary product which helps them not only be sustainable but also eco-friendly!

There are also windows made by Andersen called Renewals, which can be purchased at a higher price point for those with an appreciation of quality.

A replacement, or secondary window is a great way to increase the value of your home. RBA offers these as well and will even install them for you!

With the Renewals by Andersen offering, you can get your windows renewed and replaced with top-of-the line models.

Different Types of Window Frames: Wood vs Vinyl vs Aluminum

Aluminum windows are lightweight and rust-resistant. They won’t corrode, warp or rot like wood frames tend to do over time (unless they’re damaged).

Vinyl windows are good for those who want something that will last a long time and is affordable. However, vinyl can be easily dented if bumped into too hard.

Wooden window frames come in many different styles, finishes and colors. They are durable but can warp over time due to moisture damage or extreme weather conditions (i.e., high winds).

Different Types of Window Frames: Casement vs Double Hung Windows

Casement windows open like a door on hinges along one side of the frame. These types of windows create an unobstructed view and they can be opened from inside or outside of the home.

Double-hung windows have two sashes that move up and down within a single frame. You will often find these types of frames in older homes – not because they’re outdated, but because people want to preserve the historic look!

What are Windows Made Out Of?

Many people prefer wooden windows, but in recent years, vinyl has become the most popular type of window.

Aluminum is also a common material for windows because it is lightweight and doesn’t need to be painted like wood does (wood requires regular upkeep with paint).

Some people may want to go with Andersen windows because they have better warranties and styles.

Pella windows are good for those who want something that will last a long time and is affordable. However, vinyl can be easily dented if bumped into too hard.


Window replacement is often a tricky task, but this window line by Andersen has all of the features you need.

Andersen Architectural Collection E-Series

Andersen Architectural Collection E-Series are high quality windows that can be customized with a variety of colors and types.

All exteriors come in aluminum cladding, making them perfect for any exterior design!

There are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to interior casing and plinth blocks.

There’s also standard blinds for all different types, shades within the home windows as well!–multiple screen sizes that can be fitted with grille styles or profiles depending on your needs–and wireless veriLock security sensors which integrate seamlessly into smart home systems!

The A-Series windows by comparison are a bit more durable and practical, with their fibrex exteriors.

They come in fewer options as well; there’s only one choice for now which is 60% PVC vinyl 40% recycled pine blend material that provides all the weather protection your home may need without being too heavy on costs or maintenance worries!

The appearance of the Andersen A-Series Fibrex windows is very wood-like.

These are stronger and more stable than their counterparts made from natural material, which makes them perfect for homes with high winds or other weather conditions where they need to stand up against harsh elements in order keep you safe inside your home.

Andersen 400 Series

The 400 Series window was created to appeal on a personal level. It has an affordable price tag and comes in many different styles so you can find the perfect fit for your home!

You’ll be more than satisfied with the accessories on our patio doors. Matching gliding and hinged models are available, as well as multiple screen options in both profiles and sizes to match your home perfectly!

You can also add Wireless VeriLock security sensors if you want additional protection from intruders that might try breaking into one of those pesky windows – they integrate seamlessly with smart systems so it’s easy for homeowners like yourself to maintain control at all times without having an expert handy when needed most (or ever).

Plus you expect a 10-year warranty against non-glass manufacturing defects or 20+ years coverage period should there arise any problems related exclusively involving glasses used during production time.

Standard awning and standard casement windows are available as well as gliding picture or bay/bow window options that can be ordered for coastal areas where high winds are common in the climate zone you live in.

One of the most popular choices among customers who want their home to withstand any weather condition they’re sure to face is stormwatch glass which has an extra protective layer on top so it will keep its clarity even when exposed directly against rain drops!

The additional cost per square inch increase may seem steep at $50-$75 more than regular Regular LowE (low emissivity) Safety Glass but each piece lasts 2-times longer than conventional windows and also helps to improve the overall energy efficiency of your home.

Andersen 200 Series

The 200 Series is not just a line for people looking to save money. It’s also an affordable product as it offers many popular window sizes and features without any really niche options, making the perfect choice if you need something simple!

The most popular option for glass replacement is tempered.

Tempered windows are thinner than normal panes of the same measurements, so that they can withstand blows and scratches more easily without getting scratched or broken into pieces like an ordinary window would do if hit hard enough to cause breakage.

The next type on this list could be considered specialty glass; it comes in various shapes with specific strengths suited towards certain functions such as thermal insulation (geysers) or soundproofing qualities (sound moderator).

Accessory options include 3 grille types–this includes mesh metal ones which filter out sunlight but let air circulate underneath them effortlessly while keeping bugs at bay through ventilation holes along its perimeters; wire versions sporting smooth finishes.

Andersen 100 Series

The 100 Series window frames are an exciting improvement in comparison to vinyl! Fibrex, which is made of fiberglass and epoxy resins by Andersen Corporation.

It has been said that these materials make their product twice as strong while being environmentally friendly too thanks to its vegan construction process.

Fibrex is like having the beauty and durability of natural wood with the insulation benefits you expect from siding.

It’s made using 40% reclaimed fibers, giving it that rich look without taking up too much space on your property- perfect for those who love architecture mixed in style!

Because of their dark colors, Andersen 100 Series windows are the perfect choice for those who want to create a more sophisticated look.

Renewal by Andersen

These luxurious Fibrex replacement windows are exclusively sold through a select group of certified independent dealers. The world of real estate is so much more than just looking at brochures online.

To view the entire selection, you need to provide complete contact information before accessing them!

It’s important to know that Renewal by Andersen franchises sometimes use high pressure sales tactics and outlandish quotes.

Andersen Warranties vs Pella

The warranties we’ve listed are for the window frame materials and other non-glass parts like hardware.

The biggest difference between our company and others in this industry is that when it comes to Warranty work, ours covers everything!

Pella and Andersen both offer a range of warranties, but when compared to Pella’s longer initial warranty it’s clear that there are some tradeoffs.

Here are a few more factors to consider when comparing Pella and Andersen window warranties: 

  • Window warranties are so exciting! Pella has a 2-year transferable labor warranty that backs their windows, and it specifies they have the option to repair or replace any defective window.
  • Andersen’s 10-year wood and fiberglass warranties are transferable with full coverage. Pella’s lifetime warranty becomes a 10 year maximum when the home is sold, which means you can pass it on for generations!
  • Pella’s lifetime glass warranty is for the original homeowner. The coverage becomes 20 years from installation date if they are selling their home, and there’s a very simple process in place to make sure this happens!

Pella’s warranty coverage is better than the competition. With Pella windows, you can rest easy knowing that your home is protected with the best materials warranties.

The lack of labor coverage in most warranties is a clear advantage for Pella than Andersen.

When interviewing sales agents, ask Andersen reps if their local company will give you a labor warranty even though the manufacturer does not.

When Does Pella Become a Better Choice

The Pella windows are a step above the Andersen, but they still can’t match up to wood cladded or stained variety.

  • Pella Impervia is the best choice for those who want to invest in their home’s exterior and avoid costly repairs on multiple properties.
  • We don’t know how these windows will hold up past their 10 year limited warranty.
  • The vinyl window industry is a competitive one, so it would be wise to explore and compare other brands before you make your final decision.
  • Pella has many warranties to provide you the customer with worry-free protection.
  • Pella is a great choice for vinyl windows, especially since they come at such an affordable price. Plus the company has been known to offer excellent customer service in case you ever need it!

When Does Andersen Become a Better Choice

If you’ve had Andersen windows in the past, or know others who have and they are still going strong after all this time then there is no reason why you shouldn’t go with what has already been proven to work great.

  • The Andersen Architectural Collection offers a good range of interior paint and stain choices.
  • Window film is the perfect solution for when you want to match your windows with wall or siding color. It’s also easy-to-use, comes in many different styles and patterns so it will fit right into any style home decorating initiative!
  • The exterior of your home can be customized to suit you in all the ways that make a difference, whether it’s an interior color or one for both inside and out.

Customers are more likely to post negative reviews about your company if they have a bad experience.

Whether you’re looking for Andersen window or Pella review, both companies get trashed on the internet with people sharing their experiences online for everyone else in this world who is willing enough!

This trend is seen not only in the product lines listed above, but also in roofing and other parts of your overall home’s requirements.

Which is The Best? Pella vs Andersen Windows


Pella Architect Series Reserve

These are custom-made windows designed to be historically authentic. Pella says of their Architect Reserve Series: “Each window is intricately crafted for your design vision, and they’re made by architects who take pride in creating a product that can stand the test against time.”

The materials used in the creation of this natural home range from pine, Douglas fir to mahogany. White oak and red oaks can be found amidst cherry or maple woods for that traditional feel you’re looking for!

The Pella Architect Series is a line of products that will give your home the perfect look. With nine different stains and four paint colors, you’re sure to find something for every room in your house!

Pella Lifestyle Series

These are the coolest windows I have ever seen. They’re made from beautiful wood and come with all sorts of features, plus they look like something you would find at top-of-the line prices!

Pella Lifestyle Series windows are a great investment for your home. They have triple-pane glass and an energy efficient design that reduces street noise, making them perfect to enjoy the tranquility of silence!

Pella Lifestyle Series is the perfect complement to any home. Not only do you have a variety of materials and hardware options, but also interior colors that can be customized with nine stain finishes for every room in your house!

The exterior cladding color palette offers 27 aluminum finish choices as well so there’s no need to worry about painting again anytime soon – unless it needs something new like an all black look or even two different shades on top.

It gives some visual interest between them both which looks especially sleek when combined together at night time by way lights shining through these beautiful windows onto their respective panes. There’s also an unlimited lifetime warranty.

Pella 450 Series

These used to be competitively priced wood windows with aluminum-clad exteriors. The 450 Series was Pella’s line for professionals who needed a reliable product at an affordable price, and they were referred to by them as “the Proline.”

It has been around for quite some time, and it’s still used by many window contractors. The Pella 450 Series are a great way to get the most value for your money.

With only basic options, these windows have an excellent reputation with homeowners who want something simple and functional without breaking their budget!

Pella has released a new product line that is sure to please homeowners. The Pella Lifestyle Series wood windows are made with the same quality and style as their discontinued 450 series, but at half of what they were previously selling them for!

One of the most popular options for installing new windows is to use acrylic. Acrylic offers great benefits, such as increased insulation and energy efficiency because it blocks out heat but lets light in so you can see what’s going on outside easily!

Some people might be concerned about how they look – they offer more than one style with matching grille patterns or screens that will help cover any flaws while still maintaining an aesthetic appearance throughout your home.

Pella Impervia

Pella is one of the most durable windows out there, with contemporary looks that will fit right in your home. Pella’s Impervia Series offers the look of a glued-on, painted wood veneer.

Fiberglass windows are more durable than other types of glass, making them perfect for homes with children who play on the lawn or any activity that involves being outside.

They also have improved resistance against water so you don’t need to worry about moisture seeping into your house while it rains heavily anytime soon!

You can choose from eight different colors including five interior options along with exterior paint jobs in either same color schemes as well as some dual matches which include two shades matching each other perfectly – these combinations make up 4 out 5 possible choices when picking between standard grille style metal guards and screens available at Pella.”

Pella 350 Series

The Pella 350 Series is a well-renowned brand for doors and windows.

If you’ve been looking for an affordable, high-quality vinyl window that can compete with some of the most expensive models on the market today then Pella has just what you’re looking for.

With features like tinted glass and aluminum frames this product will not only save homeowners money but also offer them peace of mind knowing their investment is protected by industry leaders in quality manufacturing!

Despite its affordable price, the 100 Series Fibrex windows still compete with more expensive models like Andersen’s. Window efficiency is important, and the Pella 350 series windows make it easy to keep your home cool without costing too much.

Exterior and interior colors are available in a variety of shades, including white. You can also customize your window style with 9 exterior color options when choosing the perfect vinyl material for your home!

Window types include single hungs; double-hung casements or awnings which open upwards at one corner like an American flag – these windows come complete with locking mechanism so they’ll stay closed if left unattended while still being able to offer extra space inside during ventilation season time whether its cooling off from hot summer sun outside or heating up too quickly during winter months.

Pella 250 Series

These are the perfect windows for any home. Even if you’re not sure what type of window to get, these mid-range options with standard double pane glass and triple panes insulation will be just right in every way!

You can find the perfect window to fit your needs with these incredible options. The vinyl material and interior colors are sure to make everything look great, as well as giving you complete control over how it looks from inside out!

With 9 solid color exterior frame colors available in addition 2 additional patterns on top of white or almond covering for exteriors (with an option like fiberglass screens), there’s something here no matter what style appeals most: single hungs; double Hungs; sliders and more!

Not only do they offer standard sizes but also custom-made ones upon request too so don’t wait another minute before picking up one today!

Encompass by Pella / ThermaStar

The Encompass by Pella windows are also called ThermaStar, depending on where they’re sold. These affordable models provide superior efficiency and thermal stability at an understandable price point for most homeowners!

Homeowners can find many varieties of windows to suit any need at an affordable price from the leading window brands, including Andersen.

Selling vinyl lines in stores is becoming a thing of the past with more people switching over and demanding higher quality materials that will last longer than traditional plastic options on offer today!

With vinyl options for both the interior and exterior, you can make your house more of a home with these great looking windows! White or almond solid color frames are available on either side.

There’s also 2 finish choices which will give it that extra touch to choose from – white+almond or black+.

Alhounding hardware comes standard including dual-pane glass as well as window sensors so no need to worry about people breaking into this beauty while inside.

Your options include standard, custom-fit windows. Standard sizes are manufactured in increments of 1/8″ -1/2″. Custom fabrication is also available on all the products for a more customized look!

After taking precise measurements of each window opening, custom windows are designed to be a perfect fit. Custom-made windows are more costly than standard ones by 15% to 50%, yet they’re well worth the extra money!

With so many window options, it can be difficult to find the perfect fit for your home.

Custom-fit windows are required in a very small percentage of homes and usually older custom built ones with narrow or deep sills – but they’re worth checking out if you want an extra special look!

Therefore, it’s a good idea to order window samples in advance and take our time in making a decision on your purchase.

For the best possible fit, measure each window several times to be sure of correct measurements before going ahead with a purchase!

With the right window, you can enjoy more light and view of your surroundings. It’s also possible to lower utility bills for many years to come with a little investment in insulation and an excellent window!

Which is Better? Pella vs Andersen Windows