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Pros & Cons of CertainTeed Shingles & Costs

pros and cons of certainteed shingles and costs

CertainTeed shingles are made of high-quality materials that last for decades, but they do come with a hefty price tag. Read this blog post to learn about the pros and cons of CertainTeed shingles so you can decide if they are right for your home.

CertainTeed is the best when it comes to shingle quality. They have been around long enough and their products are top notch, which means you know they will last not only through your lifetime but into future generations as well!

CertainTeed Shingles

CertainTeed offers the largest selection of luxury roofing shingle lines, including midgrade architectural or dimensional products. They also carry basic 3-tabs & strip styles for every budget!

The Grand Manor and Presidential Shakes are two of the most popular roofing shingle models in existence.

They’re known for their premium quality, which you can see with every detail on each tile including an intricate design that offers more than just basic color options like white or black when paired together they create a visually appealing image unmatched by other brands.

CertainTeed’s Landmark PRO roofing shingle is a traditional architectural design that appears fuller and more dimensional than the flattish-looking 3 tab, or rigid plastic style.

With dimensional shingles, you can get a thicker and heavier roof to protect your home against the elements.

CertainTeed is the champion of heavyweights. It’s shingles are made from more asphalt than most, so you know they’ll be tough enough to stand up against any weather condition.

CertainTeed shingles may be the best choice for your home. They weigh 200-plus pounds per square and offer even more durability than other brands because of their weight, which ranges from 250lbs up to 480 lbs depending on what you choose!

Certainteed’s roofing tiles can provide great weather protection with a minimum amount of installation time. You’ll never have to worry about your roof again. Other brands’ shingles weigh 160-280lbs per square, but ours only weighs 100!

How does the price compare to other brands? It’s not a secret that all CertainTeed is the most expensive.

But what about their warranty policies and customer service? Sometimes, people have complaints with shingle manufacturers in general but not just for Certainteed specifically.

Should You Consider CertainTeed Shingles a Best Option

CertainTeed roofing is a popular option among those researching shingle repair, but there are also some horror stories.

Pros of CertainTeed Shingles

The company has an excellent reputation in the industry.

The clientele of this brand are very satisfied with what they get from it, and would gladly recommend their services to other people who might need them!

CertainTeed is one of the most trusted brands for roofing needs, with products to suit every need.

  • Roofing paper is a traditional material that can be used to cover roofs.
    • There are two different options: WinterGuard waterproofs and TarPaper which does not add any extra protection from the elements but instead provides an aesthetic touch at no cost other than installation costs (which vary based on location).
  • A great way to keep out the cold is by using WinterGuard. If you live in an area that has harsh winters like Colorado, this product can help protect your home from ice dams and other damages caused.
  • A layer of protection against ice and wind-driven rain, the Starter Shingles come with your choice of color.
  • The Shingles: Now you can have a roof that complements your home. The next layer is made up of the many different types and styles offered by CertainTeed, so there’s sure to be something perfect for every situation!
  • The best way to keep your home warm during winter is by venting heat and moisture from the attic.
    • This helps avoid rot that can happen otherwise! The vents in the roof deck provide a practical and aesthetic solution to trapping air for ventilation.
  • Specialty roof shingles come with Ridge and hip vents.
    • These durable, reliable products cover the ridges of your home or building’s exterior as well as its vertical surfaces that don’t have outlets such as gables and dormers.
  • There are lots of different shingle lines to choose from, so you’ll find the perfect match for your house.

It’s important to give your roofing contractor the confidence that they won’t have issues with leaking or other problems.

Selling them Integrity’s product line can help avoid these risky situations in future, and even produce a more watertight sealant!

CertainTeed Cons

When it comes to CertainTeed asphalt shingles, there are a few disadvantages worth mentioning. 

Cost – Though the prices may be higher, certainteed has some of the best products in each category.

You pay for durability and quality with an unfortunately lower resale value when selling your home as well- but if you need long lasting protection against hail storms or other disasters now could be a good time to invest because there will always eventually come up again!

Extended Price Coverage – The price difference between the Extended warranty and non-extended warranties can be significant.

For example, if you choose to keep only CertainTeed materials then they will cost more than similar products from other brands due in part because certain types of plywood are used that carry an elevated price tag.

The cost of extended coverage can be 15% more than the purchase price.

We recommend you stay away from this unnecessary expense and only buy what your home is worth to protect against any possible damages that may arise in time or space!

The cost of extended coverage can be 15% more than the purchase price.

We recommend you stay away from this unnecessary expense and only buy what your home is worth to protect against any possible damages that may arise in time or space!

Warranty Hassles – The number one consumer complaint against CertainTeed and all other shingle brands is denied claims. It is difficult to prove a defect in the roof when it has been put together well.

You might think that you’re getting the runaround if your new installation is denied. But it’s not always poor workmanship – sometimes they just don’t like how much time and money was spent on something else!

More Information on CertainTeed

CertainTeed has upgraded its warranty to rank with GAF’s among the best. 15 of 19 lines now have lifetime guarantees against defects, up from 10 before!

An extended warranty is a way to increase the value of your home.

When you have an Integrity Roofing System installed on all four sides, it’s possible for one purchase three different types of coverage: 20 years at 3 stars which includes labor and tear-offs; 50 years with disposal under 4 Star rating or again 50 more years but this time in addition offers workmanship protection as well!

You should always make sure that your roofer has the appropriate credentials to do their job.

Hiring someone who isn’t licensed or insured can put you at risk for damages in inclement weather conditions, so ask about these requirements before starting work!

A CertainTeed ShingleMaster contractor has completed training programs to ensure they properly install the roof.

When to Use and Not to Use CertainTeed

For those who want a premium product and plan on staying in their homes indefinitely, certainteed/malarkey are the top choices.

It’s never too early to start planning for the future of your home. With CertainTeed, you can choose from a variety of options and get premium shingles if living in an upscale neighborhood is expected!

For some people, the name CertainTeed has “snob appeal” because it’s one of those names that you know is quality and also sounds prestigious.

If you want to be sure that your shingles will last the test of time, then CertainTeed is a fantastic option.

It’s always a good idea to do your due diligence when hiring an installer. The Free Estimate has screened and licensed contractors who offer you the peace of mind that comes with knowing they’re insured, too!

When interviewing roofers, start with the questions we linked to earlier.

Once you’ve narrowed your list of potential contractors and checked their online reviews from sites like Yelp or BBB (Better Business Bureau), be sure not only ask for references but also call them before signing on any dotted line!

Why Home Inspectors Love CertainTeed

Inspectors walk a roof and only notice the quality, not how it looks.

Is the roof performing well after 10 or 20 years? Did it resist recent storms, such as hail and wind. Is there any algae growth on your building’s surfaces that needs attention in order to protect its materials from corrosion damage?

CertainTeed is known for their premium, high-impact resistant shingle lines. They have 11 different types of these products with warranties that will cover your home in case anything goes wrong!

  • The Northgate Shingles are a great way to protect your home from wind, water and snow.
    • The IR-versions of popular Landmark and Presidential Shake roofs provide greater safety by resisting impacts that could cause damage during storms or other weather events with low visibility conditions such as heavy rain showers.
  • CertainTeed is a heavyweight brand – literally.
    • Its shingles contain more asphalt than most, and they’re guaranteed to last for decades with proper installation by an expert professional like you!
  • The more weight a shingle has to hold, the better it can withstand different factors. For instance: wind and weather conditions; even impact from large objects like baseball bats or golf balls!
  • 160-280 lbs per roofing square is an average weight. Some brands are lighter or heavier than this amount, but it’s a good place to start when looking at different options for your home improvement project!
  • The brand uses granules with copper to fight algae and protect your lines. Come get a stain warranty on every boat!
  • Most other brands only offer a warranty on select lines. Algae warranties are available for 15 years and 10 respectively, with most lengths being 6-8 months at best.
  • Only atlas shingles are guaranteed to last longer. Their lifetime warranties on three premium lines ensure that you won’t have any problems with algae or other pests ever again!
  • The shingles that are made by this company will protect your home against the wind and rain.
    • The 3-tab varieties have a warranty for 60 mph, but it’s not available on all other designs which means they’re only average in terms of durability under high winds at 110 mph speeds or less than that if you buy an item with these types of guarantees.
  • The upgraded warranty is a big boost to the car’s top speed. Other leading brands offer 130 mph, but that’s not all!
  • The XT 30 IR is a 3-tab shingle with an impressive 70mph wind warranty that you won’t find in many homes.

Why Homeowners Like CertainTeed

Homeowners love CertainTeed shingle quality and durability. Here are a few favorites unique to buyers:

Sure, there are other brands that make luxury shingles. But when it comes to super-premium and high end asphalt products, CertainTeed has perfected their craft in the industry with years of experience under its belt; they’ll be hard pressed beat them out!

  • Cool roof shingles are the latest in cooling technology, offering homeowners an eco-friendly way to keep their homes cool.
  • The Solaris series from Presidential and Landmark both rate at a high level by Cool Roof Rating Council standards for reducing heat gain!
  • Solaris roofing is perfect for hot and humid climates, where the sun’s heat can make your home’s air conditioner struggle.
  • With Solar roofs you get a cool attic to keep things in their place without having an oversized A/C costs!
  • With a Class A fire rating, Surefit Shingles are guaranteed to provide protection against heat.
  • If you decide to sell your home, let buyers know that the CertainTeed shingle warranty can be transferable too to the new owner

This extended warranty is a win-win for homeowners!

When you purchase our product, not only are your shingles guaranteed to be durable and long lasting; if anything goes wrong with installation or materials — such as nails breaking due to bad weather conditions like freezes – this policy protects against those things too.

Final Thoughts on CertainTeed Shingles

When it comes to your home, sometimes you get what you pay for.

There are lots of great shingle brands that can be found in the market today; however, not all offer warranties or guarantees that last as long as CertainTeed does!

For this reason alone it’s worth calling local roofing contractors and comparing quotes between them so you know you’re going to get the best value for your money.

CertainTeed Shingles Pros & Cons